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  1. ARetardedPillow

    ACMs+ Won't turn on

    Another update on this thread, I have opened up the motor and found that one of the phase wires were ripped and one of the sensor wires also ripped. Prior to this I did have an issue that seemed like bad shims or a loose axle nut. I found that to not be the issue, the problem was that the key that was holding the axle in place with the motor stator was actually shattered so the axle was loose from the motor itself. I will fix this issue and update this thread again soon
  2. ARetardedPillow

    ACMs+ Won't turn on

    Thanks for clearing up the ACM confusion, but I connected an mcm4 motor to my acm 2 control board and everything works smoothly. I think my acms+ motor is the issue
  3. ARetardedPillow

    ACMs+ Won't turn on

    Because the motor control board can't tell which motor is it, since the only things connected are the hall sensors and the 3 phase wires. The control board only controls the motor and apply current I'm going to attempt to connect a maytech 6374 motor in a couple hours and see what happens
  4. ARetardedPillow

    ACMs+ Won't turn on

    If anyone know that the acmv2 is compatible with the acm2 control board and it is an issue with the hall sensor please let me know, would be much appreciated Also, does this forum have the ability to edit posted messages?
  5. ARetardedPillow

    ACMs+ Won't turn on

    Update on this thread, I bought an ACMS+ control board but recieved an acm2 control board, installed it but are getting hall sensor errors, will open up the motor and check if it is the motor problem or if it is the control board being not compatible with the motor which I don't think is the issue I will also be using a vesc to test out the sensors before I take apart the motor for inspection
  6. ARetardedPillow

    EUC Open Source Controller Board

    Is this based off of the VESC? I don't know too much about electronics but I very much support this!
  7. ARetardedPillow

    So glad I found this forum!

    Hello fellow forum member! Can't wait for you to build your wheel
  8. ARetardedPillow

    ACMs+ Won't turn on

    All these ACMs are so confusing haha. I guess I will get the acms+ control board for now and then try to mess around with it after I have enough money for my second wheel I've been wanting the MSX so bad but its just so expensive. Need to sell my kidney for one of those wheels
  9. ARetardedPillow

    ACMs+ Won't turn on

    Hmmm, I think my control board has issues then, do you think an acmv2 pcb or tesla pcb would work on an acms+ motor? Or do you think that would cause problems
  10. ARetardedPillow

    Any Riders In Queens NY???

    There is an NYC EUC collective, another branch to NYC eboarding. Is it against the rules to post the telegram link?
  11. ARetardedPillow

    ACMs+ Won't turn on

    @Marty Backe I've already checked the power button, I shorted the 2 pins and it still doesn't work, it just seems really dead. I've also checked for a shorted motor but that wasn't the case. Do you think there's an smd fuse on the pcb that has been blown? The conformal coating on the pcb is still in tact and everything looks brand new but it just won't power on
  12. ARetardedPillow

    ACMs+ Won't turn on

    My ACMs+ won't turn on after taking it through a ride in the rain, It has been a couple weeks and I opened the wheel up to check for blown stuff and water. Surprisingly there's no visible damage to the wheel and nothing is wrong. Help and advice would be greatly appreciated
  13. ARetardedPillow

    Onewheel with Gotway MCM4 Control board

    Where did you find a mcm4 controller? I have a broken mcm4 and I'm looking to replace the pcb