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  1. Daniel Clopton

    ACMv2 vs Tesla ?

    All good points. Of course external handles also break easily in even minor crashes, so I suppose all trolley handles are susceptible to damage. I suppose the best compromise is the V10. An externally mounted, but centered trolley handle. Too bad it doesn't have the battery or top speed I want.
  2. Daniel Clopton

    ACMv2 vs Tesla ?

    I don't think it's unreasonable with modern wheels to ask for a balanced trolley handle in a 1600Wh wheel. I didn't complain about weight. I know it will be heavier than a 1000Wh wheel and I don't care. I want the ability to ride to the next town over and easily wheel it through stores while holding a shopping basket. Anyway, it sounds like I'm not alone in that desire if an 18XL is in the works.
  3. Daniel Clopton

    KS-18L: Bigger Batteries?

    The KS-18L checks every box on my list of requirements for my next wheel except for the 1600Wh battery. The 18XL would get me to buy into the new generation if they keep all other features. Central trolley handle, lift sensor or button, and a max speed equal or greater than 30 MPH.
  4. Daniel Clopton

    ACMv2 vs Tesla ?

    Gotway makes it so difficult for city riders. I'm in the market for the one wheel to do it all. I already have a V8, but I want the ultimate urban wheel that I can take on long trips. It could be 16" or 18", but the real holy grail for me is in a wheel that has a 1600Wh battery and an integral, centrally located trolley handle. The offset one in the MSuper would make me too nervous walking through the wine aisle at the grocery store. One little distraction or bump and it's falling into people or product. The Acm2 is close, but lacks the handle requirement. The KS-18L lacks the battery capacity, as does the Tesla. Guess I'm waiting to see what comes out in 2019.