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  1. This would be great if it's not too involved! Sounds like you already have a lot of things you are working on.
  2. Wheellog rocks! I wanted to share my experience so far with my Note 8 and Glide 3. Wheellog "pre playstore update" - could only connect to read batt voltage, real-time telemetry would read for a second or two at best. Wheellog currently on playstore - connection much better but would stop showing telemetry after two or three minutes. Wheellog v2.0.28 - rock solid connection and evrything works! Kept connection for a 17 mile ride no problem. Thank you Seba for all your time and hard work! Is there a way to get Tizen to display mph? I display mph in the app but my watch only shows kph.
  3. Are any of you local guys thinking about selling a wheel this fall or next spring? My son is really starting to get into and needs something bigger than a glide 2.
  4. I have 450 miles on my glide 3. My experience is with the slider set at 18mph, I first get sign has of tilt back at around 16 mph depending how smoothly excelerate. Uphill I notice at 15ish and downhill at 17. This is with 80-100% battery. If you continue to accelerating while experiencing tilt back to reach a top speed of 18.6. Tilt back will increase more and more as you approach Max speed. I ride at 16-17 because I find tilt back is harder on the legs. Also seems a bit less stable with tilt back turning in and off. I can ride backwards finally. I recommend learning by stopping and transitioning to backwards. Paying close attention to body position with respect to the wheel while transitioning and riding backwards is what made it all click for me. Also, learning to dismount cleanly (just like when learning to ride forward) gave me a new confidence level.
  5. Let me know next time you go. I want to ride Green Lane Park sometime but don't know if it's euc friendly. It's between Allentown and Philly, sort of. Ever been there?
  6. Thanks Mono! That was a really good read. That was the first I heard of rear up which is not the same as tilt back. So that's what happened the other night, I hit full rear up followed by full tilt back while accelerating quickly over a crest in the road. As soon as I past the crest this happened. Scary with the beeping and all but saved my butt. I'm glad I made this purchase. Most fun I had in a long time.
  7. First ride on the glide 3 tonight. Set speed limit to 14 and felt tilt back at around 12-12.5. I think the tilt back helped stretch the legs while riding. That was awesome. Riding switch stance helped a lot too. Does it heat up the board or eat more power if you "ride" the tilt back?
  8. What are you getting in the mail, the 3? I like the z10 and that fat tire. I have 25 miles on the 2 lite already. It drug me up some ridiculously steep hills without alarms. I was keeping the power output below max but was down to 6 mph. This little thing is tough! Can't wait for the 3 to show up and power up those same hills!
  9. I have the lite coming in the mail today. Would have got the glide 2 at half price had I known. Oh well. It may be a perfect trainer for my daughter. She's almost 5. The glide 3 isn't coming until Monday?. I hope to learn the basics on the 2 lite this weekend if it's powerful enough. Already thinking about which 1500-2000 watt wheel I would want for next year.
  10. Thanks fgads. I decided to go with the bundle after all. I figured a second wheel for that cheap will allow the family to learn together instead of having to sharing and beat up one wheel. Is the glide 2 going to be okay for me to learn on and scratch up at 180lbs or should I go straight to the v8? Also, to anyone who got these bundles, do they come with covers or a handle for the glide 2?
  11. Thanks for the replies. Sounds like I should save my money and start with just the v8 and see how it goes and who is into it.
  12. Hi everyone! I'm about ready to purchase my first wheel. I convinced myself the solowheel v8 would be best for me and the family to learn on. I just saw you can get a glide 2 for 50% off when purched with a glide 3. I can't find any reviews on the glide 2 lite and wanted to hear from you guys if you think it's worth it or if it's too under powered and I should just avoid it. I know it's lacking in speed and range but my wife may prefer a lighter wheel, my 15 year old could maybe tag along (he will want something faster for sure)I and five year old is young but maybe ready to start? Also, I'm 185 pounds, could I tool around on flat ground without concerns? If anyone knows of any used for sale in Pa, please let me know. Scott
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