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  1. Hi, can you tell me specifically which of these two are: *quietest, both motor noise and alarms that cannot be turned off? *best handling at the slowest speed and offroad? Much appreciated !! (with hopeful intent, in advance)
  2. Welcome @Irina. Well done on the photographs, very inspiring!
  3. OW is the unintuitive, but widely-used, abbreviation for Onewheel. Unfortunately, it probably contributes to people writing "OneWheel" or "One Wheel", both of which are not correct.
  4. Yes, if you are using the app, it will warn you, otherwise the user has to be aware of their charge level if they start out on a hill..
  5. Training a short time each day in a controlled environment will gradually increase your skills and your confidence. Then as confidence increases continue to limit your speed. It takes a while to become one with the machine.
  6. The leverage created by the Onewheel geometry makes it pretty easy to overlean and slam down one end, but the stance also makes it easier to save an overlean once the rider is well-trained. The battery capacity vs. weight and size compromise is a choice that certainly has pros and cons, but also with experience all of these factors become innate. Things get very predictable with enough use, if the rider has aptitude for the sport and the right kind of common sense. They call it tiltback, as well, and it is possible to overpower the motor before tiltback can respond. Sometimes the tiltback is also hard to recognize. An audible warning would make sense, so that riders can learn quicker what the limits of the machine are.
  7. There is an aftermarket kit that makes an apparently good claim to effectively waterproof Onewheels. I'm sure that they run a bit warmer..
  8. Yes, apparently the XR is less tolerant of water than the earlier models. It generally takes a good heavy wetting to chance affecting anything, but it can't hurt to be cautious.
  9. There is no random switching-off, other than very rare electromechanical failure which any PEV may have. The idea you are perpetuating is a bit of mis-information created by riders who are confused by the sudden faceplant and/or unwilling to admit over-powering the board's ability to keep them upright.
  10. It's skiing vs. snowboarding. EUC vs. Onewheel.. There is no winner. It's all about use and sport. The float achieved with the super-wide contact patch of the full-size Onewheel (maybe almost 6" wide x 4" long, at 17 psi, low-ish pressure) allows the rider to surf terrain with amazing low speed control. One may stop and stand still. The action stance, like a martial artist, provides a much high resolution/range of body movement input for the machine, and it feels super groovy. The compromise is limited range, limited climbing, and limited top end. If I were looking to get into the Onewheel sport as an enthusiast, I would buy a hardly used Onewheel+ for like $1100, or so, and if I really wanted more than the 6+ miles of useable range provided (remember, the + charges in twenty-ish minutes), then I would buy a double battery Charge-n-Ride kit for the flexibility of up to 20 miles, or so, without ac power.
  11. The action stance form of the Onewheel (note correct spelling/capitalization) matched with it's capability of standing completely still, are excellent attributes for an EPAMD.
  12. I try to carry a re-used flimsy plastic grocery bag, or two, especially if on personally important routes/trails. Once the first piece of offending trash goes in the bag, the focus becomes trying to fill the bag quickly and to efficiently beautify a section, then dispose of the collected clean-up and get on with the adventure without too much delay.
  13. Yes! If you wear kneepads over pants, you should have dedicated pairs that are approximately two inches longer in the inseam than you would normally wear, for reasons both form and function... All hear this!
  14. Right, but through experience comes a calm gut, and by intentionally pushing your limits in a controlled way, you can gain the ability to hold your own when it counts.
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