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  1. Mmhmmm

    What speed is safe to ride?

    When most experienced people see someone doing something dangerous without proper safety gear and precautions, don' t they think to themselves, "bad idea!"? Why people think it is cooler to not wear gear is hard to understand. Professionals and experts in any field learn the best methods and then become very proficient in their application. Having the very best safety gear for any situation is a mark of intelligence. In actual use, it takes less time to put on and take off gear as you get better at using it. Any injury will take up more time and money than what is spent on gear. My motto is All The Gear, All The Time; ATGATT. It should be a personal badge of honor to not take short-cuts with safety and also to ride carefully, attentively, and without being incorrectly over-confident. Each of us has the opportunity to be a good example to others and to promote a positive opinion of our sport for the general public.
  2. Mmhmmm

    Wheeling Sickness

    When learning to perfect a new and dynamically performed full-body action skill-set, the developing brain-usage pattern becomes a pleasure path, which we desire to repetetively stimulate. There are many vitalizing benefits to this sort of brain redesign during a lifetime. Of course, moderation and variety are important in order to limit the flashback side-effects that you describe. Maybe mix it up with skiing, stand-up paddleboading, scrambling, glissading, or the sort.
  3. https://www.alpinestars.com/a-10-full-chest-protector I've been thinking that this one looks interesting, especially with the shoulder and bicep protection..
  4. Mmhmmm

    Noob first try - meh

    People who are right-handed usually kick a soccer ball with their right foot. We become used to planting our weight with our left foot to make actions with our right/dominant foot. Right-handed skateboarders usually ride using "regular" stance with their left foot forward, steering with their right/rear foot. Mounting an EUC, most people should find it easier to place the non-dominant foot on first and then push off with the dominant foot.
  5. Generally speaking, I think we are referring to over-powering the motor causing shutdown or accidental dismount, which anyone can do by placing too much weight forward or backwards. Actual mechanical/electrical failure is very rare, comparatively. Onewheels are easier to over-power because of the greater leverage created by the fore and aft platforms vs. the shorter pedals on an EUC which have less leverage. Fortunately, the Onewheel's platforms can sometimes lightly skid in an accident, slowing you down and allowing the move to be saved without dismounting. Conversely, if the edge of the platform bites the ground, the board will stop suddenly. There are third-party suppliers of roller accessories for the edge of the board that help with sliding in these situations. The action stance used by Onewheel riders is actually more of a diagonal stance similar to what is used in martial arts. It is very stable and is a very good starting position for moving forwards or backwards, hence good for running out a mishap. Also when balancing normally this stance allows for more range of forward to backwards weight distribution while still remaining steady. Onewheels are very good at standing still or moving very slowly, and the stance itself makes it harder for the operator to lose their own balance. Of course, the more powerful a motor is, and the larger a battery's capacity is, the less likely an operator of a certain weight might be to over-power a motor in the first place. Also, the faster you go, the less likely you are to have time to react and the more momentum you will have to deal with during a dismount. A lot of our safety relies on ATGATT: all the gear, all the time.
  6. Mmhmmm

    Hey folks, need some advise.

    A Onewheel+ allows you to mount and stand perfectly still, then creep foward, stop, backwards, stop and wait, etc. Action stance is very stable and used on these sports. Onewheel+ XR If you learn carefully, everytime with ~$200 of safety gear and calm realizations, slow speed errors can be run off without injury, rolling onto your shoulder and back rarely. no problem EUC's are amazing sport machines, but with your list of needs, a new OW+XR is 18hundo, I think. Is that the US price for a Z10?.. not sure. Best of luck with your adventure quest!
  7. Mmhmmm

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Right, or just ride around a little bit before you go downhill. People who live on a steep slope generally develop some sort of a quick detour habit before they head down their hill.
  8. Absolutely true.. I've been using Stan's for a while, seems really good. One thing to remember is to always shake the sealant well absolutely just before squirting it in. The active particles are in a suspension, and if not shaken well a dose might not have enough of the ability to seal if it is too diluted.
  9. Slime does eventually dry inside of a tire, depending on different variables. Sometimes a thing called a "slime monster" forms, which is a oddly shaped rubber ball of dried slime that can eventually start rolling around inside the tire and presents itself as a whirring noise when spinning. Old dried slime can be rubbed out of the tire when necessary, but often just adding a couple of ounces of fresh slime through the valve stem is the simple solution for slime that is starting to dry out or if there isn't enough to fix a puncture. Be sure to clean inside the stem threads before screwing the valve stem back in. Tubeless tires with slime very rarely get flats compared to innertubes..
  10. Great tips, everyone! I might add that innexperienced riders can sometimes cause their accidents by bailing. If a tricky situation happens don't prematurely try to get off your machine. Try to have nerves of steel and ride it out. Stay loose and low, and you may not crash. Bailing only guarantees that you will crash without learning or gaining confidence. Then when you get good, don't get over-confident. Always respect the limits of the Wheel and your environment. Wear protective gear everytime..
  11. Mmhmmm

    Should I order the Z10 - I am a newbie :-)

    IMO, if the people around you while you are riding feel the need to stop or alter their walking direction, then it is likely to be bad PR for the sport. I try hard to not ride too fast in places where pedestrians may be disturbed. Similar to a man running through a crowd, an EPAMD suddenly appearing in someone's peripheral view, or from behind, can be disturbing. Does anyone have any particular speed rules that they like to follow? Perhaps it is polite to to only ride 1.5 to 2 times the general walking speed when directly adjacent to pedestrians?
  12. Mmhmmm

    Gotway Tesla vs Onewheel Plus

    Hi Keith, thanks for the welcome. My point is that the first Onewheel production units were delivered approximately four years ago.
  13. Mmhmmm

    Gotway Tesla vs Onewheel Plus

    Onewheel (sp.) launched successfully on Kickstarter in January 2014.
  14. Mmhmmm

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Hello, everyone. This is my first post. I've been reading for a long while, thank you for your hard work sharing information... Relevant to freezing temperatures, I have heard that people have had good luck with taping hand/foot warmers (chemical type) in places strategic to the batteries, so that they don't get too cold.