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  1. That is a pretty good idea. What I think have noticed from having a prototype cover is because the cover is under light tension when stretched over the wheel, any uneven cutout will stretch slightly differently based on how much material there is to spread the load. So a flap style cutout also creates a slight "gap". That might have to be addressed as well for a super clean look (or not). See the crappy drawing below. But similar to your idea, what if there was just a 3M style velcro strip stuck directly on to the charging port flap of wheel, and velcro stitched onto the underside of the Bodyguard flap? Then the cover would stick directly to the case, but wouldn't need the extra loop mechanism in your idea? Not sure if it would be better or worse, just another possible way. [Edit], actually you might still need the loop... in fact what I'm suggesting is barely different to what your video shows, now that I think about it more, other than attaching the velcro directly to the wheels charging port flap.
  2. Despite trolling their Customers, they do an amazing job. Really happy with it, already turning heads on it's first day out.
  3. I don't think these will slide as well as the Triple 8/Protec style. That's a trade off I mentioned, but for portability and the fact they are made for motorcycles from a brand that seems reputable even if they are entry level, I'm still happy enough wearing them. I don't have any issue with slipping.
  4. My custom order is in production and I am super hyped... Swan Song logo on one side, Ingress logo on the other. Will be red sides and black thread, although this red on black test looks way meaner I think...
  5. I ride at modest speeds, usually 25-35kph and take my wheel everywhere I can. This means I need my protective gear to be quick to put on regardless of what I'm wearing and when I take it off I need it to be easy to carry with me in a bag. Hopefully at those speeds I make the choice that don't need the most protection in the world (not saying that still isn't wise though!). Even the Triple 8/Protec style knee pads with the plastic knee caps are a bit big in a bag (for me), when you add elbow pads, wrist guards (I use the Flexmeters) as well. For anyone else with a similar requirement, I have recently been using the Icon Field Armor Street Knee pads. Intended for light motorcycle use from what I can tell, they are strap on, they have D3O inserts as well as a hard cap, and what is great is they have an otherwise pretty flat profile when not being worn, which makes them very easy to carry in a bag compared to many other options. http://www.rideicon.com/gear/mens/protective/field-armor-street-knee/black Would recommend them, but also keen for anyone else's tips/recommendations for similar use cases. I know they won't offer the best protection available but I believe it's a good compromise. Cheers!
  6. Well, I am happy to add my praise for the EUC Bodyguard and being local I have been able to see their care and attention to their product first hand. Lots of work goes into them, and it shows, in my view. I can't imagine buying a wheel without one. Sometimes I miss the look of a naked wheel, but every time it takes a tumble, there is a huge amount of relief that it's likely the wheel came away unscathed.
  7. My very limited testing on the FW side for anyone interested. Riding weight 95kg. 1.06 50% battery at rest, smooth acceleration, throttling (please decelerate) at ~31/32kph according to GPS. 1.07 40% battery at rest, smooth acceleration, no throttling at ~31/32kph according to GPS. Happy with that.
  8. Yeah the connection does not release, but if you have released the connection, in my experience there is definitely a risk of WheelLog applying different settings to the wheel than the KS app (or vice versa). This only happens if you open the settings in WheelLog, but when you do, the settings seemed to get pushed to the wheel straight away (this was the Play store version, have not tested this on the EUC World version.) If you are testing settings but also switching between apps, I'd make sure the settings in both apps match to be safe. If I've misunderstood the behavior I'm sure someone will correct me!
  9. I''m lucky enough to have an all black prototype and I got to see the red one above (improved in fit and finish compared to the version I have) in person today and all I can say is it looks bloody fantastic. I've had a Bodyguard on my 16S for a year and can't imagine what my wheel would look like without it... (I'll give you a clue it would be beaten to pieces!). I'm hanging out for the final production version of the 16X Bodyguard and will be buying it "Day 1". I think it's better all round than my 16S version, they are definitely always improving the cover from what I've seen.
  10. Well after a year on the 16S and a harrowing number of weeks watching this thread dishearten and excite me, I rode the 16X and the 18XL for a solid half day a few days ago, in a wide variety of surfaces, gradients and locations and I bought the 16X and am loving it. The 18XL was compelling in some scenarios but the 16X suited me most. Stock tire, 1.06 FW is all I have experienced and I have no reason to be unhappy. Yes there is a gyro effect above 25kph or so and I don't really like buying into some of the issues the gyro topic has covered but it absolutely rides different at speed in sweeping turns compared to the 18XL (or 16S). I actually preferred the 18XL in that scenario but almost everywhere else the 16X won out for me, and it's not bad, or worse, it's just different. The unfamiliar will become familiar. For any New Zealand based riders, new or experienced, Roll.NZ looked after me very well. Just like I see so many people here praise eWheels in the US, I'd say the same for Roll.NZ. Super happy with the 16X. No wheel is perfect, but it's a great ride. Thanks to everyone who has posted here, while it hasn't been the most positive thread it's still been where I have had to gather the majority of opinions from, as I'm sure is the case for many other prospective 16X riders, whether new or old to the EUC Community. I can only say I'm enjoying mine and it's a great riding evolution from the 16S in what I hope is one of many still to come for me as I stick with this hobby. Cheers!
  11. Agreed, That video came out the day before I was getting to test ride both a 16X and an 18XL and I hoped it would give me some additional insights in advance, but it didn't! That said, in many ways, there really wasn't much between them, so in some ways his recommendation isn't inaccurate. I swapped between them for half a day, and yes they absolutely have their differences but for me it came down to nuances, not massive night and day differences. I may try and make a post on my experience in a few days, but aside from all the 1st batch/FW complaints that have dominated the 16X thread, anyone that has given any constructive comparisons between the two has probably already covered anything I could. (Edit, I picked the 16X)
  12. I may have helped test it yesterday... it's looking good! So good in fact I had to buy a 16X to put in it! I also tried the gloves, they are pretty good as far as an all in one solution goes. Well made.
  13. I just want to point out that while it seems to be an issue for many people/wheels based on comments I see about speed measurements across these forums, my KS16S is bang on +/-1km only.... compared with phone gps speedometers, and even roadside speed signs that display your current speed as you pass. PSI variances between 30-40 don't seem to have a material impact either.
  14. I saw this on the website the other day actually. Specs below.... what would be a meaningful charge you'd actually get from something like this? Power Bank for Personal Electric Vehicle Input AC 80~240 V, out put DC 42V (2A/5A) Proper temperature: -10℃/+60℃ Net weight: Approx. 4.5Kg Maximum output power: 420W Size:177mm(H) x284mm(L) X 90mm(Max width) Output ripple:<50mV Efficiency:>90% Include:One charger / one manual / one warranty card, / certificate, / all-in-one output cable All-in-one output cable:Small aviation plug (1 positive 2 negative), large aviation plug (1 positive 3 negative), flat mouth plug (inside negative external positive), DC plug (inside positive and negative). (Note: Please confirm that the positive and negative plugs and the polarity of the product input are correct before charging.)
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