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  1. I'm a Bodyguard owner and really happy with it. You re right it isn't cheap, but it's very well made and delivers on it's job of protecting my EUC. It's a strong and thick material. I'm sure I could let my KS16S just get "beat up" and show off my battle scars, but the Bodyguard shows no signs of wear yet, so overall it also offers me a much a tidier/consistent aesthetic as well as providing protection.
  2. I have recently bought the Bell Super 3R, and was comparing it with the Gyro, among others, so this review was reassuring at the very least in that I was looking at helmets which were ones that others in the EUC community also had. Thank you for the very detailed comparison, and from the shop floor evaluations I made at least, the comments seem really bang on about both helmets. I chose the Bell because I try and take my EUC everywhere, and so the safety gear also needs to be easy to carry around. I also thought the Bell looked a little more "friendly" than the Gyro, as far as being open and not intimidating/storm trooper-ish - which just fits my aesthetic preferences better. The lighter weight and maybe (can't remember now) slight smaller profile was the primary consideration and any full face helmet was better than what I started with, which was just a bike helmet. I don't like the fit of the chin guard on me when riding for extended periods however, it was applying too much pressure to my jaw so maybe I should have been more careful in my fitting and I've had to find some very low profile padding to replace what the helmet came with. I would encourage any others to really take their time in store to make sure the comfort doesn't decrease if you have the helmet on for a while. I don't have an issue with the chin guard attachment mechanism and I like I can remove it and stow it in a bag for slow ride times. It means I don't need to have more than one helmet depending on the circumstance which was another reason why I was interested in the convertible style over other options. I definitely feel much safer riding my EUC now, and would certainly recommend any full face/chin cover helmet over a standard bike helmet to any riders considering it, or new to the EUC obsession.
  3. Thanks, then yes the instructions as they were posted a few messages up do the job, and my Pebble Time works as much with Wheel Log as it currently can based on what actually works within Wheel Log. Unless you have an out of date OG Pebble firmware that the new Rebble service can't migrate to, which was the case for my OG Pebble Steel... in which case this link may help anyone: https://github.com/Freeyourgadget/Gadgetbridge/wiki/Pebble-Firmware-updates
  4. I have a Pebble watch working with Wheel Log, but only the main screen (speed, temp, battery). The second screen with ride time, max speed etc won't update. Sometimes the BT disconnect icon is displaying top right of the watch face even though the speed is still updating. Today was my first attempt. I have a Pebble Steel and a Pebble Time, and currently can only get things working on the Pebble Time. I think that is related more to Rebble functionally than anything. The Steel has been in a drawer for years, the Time probably was connected once after the Rebble service took over but also not my current smartwatch. I'll be troubleshooting them and will share if I have any success, but otherwise also adding that I'm a user and keen/appreciative for any tips. I was just pointed to this thread, so will read back of course. I can say even what I have got working is great. I haven't been riding long (700km) but I do already have a gut feel of what 20/25/30 kph feels like, however it's super cool having the speed, temp, battery on your wrist all the same. Would recommeng anyone else who has a Pebble giving it a shot.
  5. I see the discussion has moved on, and I'm probably a novice rider in comparison (600km) but agree with what's been said about the long pedals/foot plates. They are instantly more comfortable, easier to reach higher speed, more stable the odd time you hit an unexpected bump and your feet lift, and as someone has already suggested... smooth all round. Any new wheel I buy that didn't have longer plates would get the upgrade by default.
  6. I was about to start a thread kinda similar so will add my question here, but not intended to derail the OP. I thought having speakers on an EUC was an unnecessary feature, likely to be terrible sounding and cheapen other peoples impression of EUCs as I ride by. So I thought I wouldn't use the feature, but I actually enjoy having music playing (sometimes) and many people respond to it, perhaps partly because EUCs are also still a very rare novelty where I ride and the fact it plays music too, seems even more amazing to them. So, I wanted to really cheese it up (for times when it was appropriate) and build a themed playlist about "rolling/riding/wheels" etc - any song that has a distinct lyric that could relate to an EUC theme or generally car/road themed also but where lyrics ware still loosely about travelling in some way. No preference on music style; hip hop, pop, classic rock or anything.... Some examples in my playlist so far: Riders On The Storm (Doors), Ride Wit Me (Nelly), Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan), Low Rider (War), Ridin' (Chamillionaire), Bicycle Race (Queen), Road To Nowhere (Talking Heads), CHIPs Theme (TV Show), Runnin' Down a Dream (Tom Petty), Life In The Fast Lane (Eagles), Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac), Highway to Hell (AC/DC), Life Is A Highway (Tom Cochrane) and yes I'm sorry to say even Rollin' (Limp Bizkit) (I can't believe I typed that!). So anything goes, as long as lyrically it has a theme about riding, rolling, bikes or road trips/travelling that isn't heavily car orientated and it would sound amusing seeing an EUC rolling past while it's playing - "Travelling Without Moving" (Jamiroquai) is another example... Any suggestions?!
  7. Thanks Keith, found both of those resources already. Cheers.
  8. I'm new to researching these products and still find the same challenges as the original post - did anything like this (if not this one) ever get built?
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