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  1. Congrat's on the new wheel :) mine is 2 weeks away
  2. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these wheels from the swift completion of their appointed rounds
  3. He has also got new pads for msx now on https://www.eucguy.com
  4. here you can buy slime i sweden:) https://www.kopbarnvagn.se/sv/artiklar/slime-punkteringshjalp-till-barnvagnsdack-473-ml.html
  5. you can do that on his site, and probably here to ,
  6. he did a totally makeover on his site, probably you can choose color , i don't know yet, but other things he had, you could choose the color, like the mud flap
  7. like drawing a new car, takes time to get used to hope it get here faster EUC GUY have some new pads coming soon,You should check it out, he's planning on two types og pads,thicher pads and tilted pads, I'm just waiting for him to get them done
  8. have a ACM to, or had, sold it before i had my new wheel to a friend of mine regret that a lot , tok him a week to learn how to ride it, but now i am sitting here end have no wheel ,and he is wheeling around god for him so he can ride with me when I'm getting mine.or i have my first wheel a airwheel Q3, but that is shit to ride whit and I'm not doing that . terrible ride you say? how? and how do you feel about it now? still can't wait to i get mine
  9. congrats on your new wheel, can't wait to get mine 1/9 they say it is coming
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