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  1. I bought my V8 in the same store in Belgium, could you keep us posted on how they handle this issue?
  2. I spoke with a reseller yesterday who claimed all the v10's and v10f's he had in stock already had the battery enclosures. I was still a bit sceptical. Especially with the news that the august delivery is pushed back... In the meantime inmotion France went into a bit more detail on the water issues: They waited for the second batch before stocking. Their first order was 190 v10f wheels. Something went wrong at inmotion and 20 of the 190 wheels they've sent inmotion France were actually from the first batch. Those are the wheels that are being recalled.
  3. Don't want to stir up more uncertainty and drama, but inmotion France issued a recall on the french forum. I'll include the message below, the serial numbers listed are to be recalled. It seems some 125... Series are affected as well. " Chers clients, Nous avons constaté un point de faiblesse au niveau de l’étanchéité d’une petite série de V10F, issue de notre réseau de revendeurs officiels (http://www.inmotion-france.fr/revendeurs-new.php). Cela ne concerne que les V10F et absolument pas les V10. Vous trouverez ci-dessous la liste des numéros de série concernés : - 1251885FEFBE010E, - 1251885F51BD0126, - 1251885FC87C012B, - 1251885F49BF0106, - 1251885F377C013F, - 1251885F6DB80176, - 1251885FC47D013B, - 1251885F1DFC0139, - 1251885F467B0143, - 1251885FCAFA014D, - 1251885F6CFB0145, - 1251885F1F7A015F, - 1251885FAC3B0154, - 1251885FED380168, - 1251885F137B014F, - 1251885F4B390160, - 1251885F917D0137, - 1251885F1238017C, - 1251885FA03A0144, - 1251885F9EB90172. —> Si le numéro de série de votre V10F n’apparait pas dans cette liste, votre produit n‘est pas concerné par ce message et vous pouvez l’utiliser en toute sécurité en respectant les précautions d'usages. —> Si le numéro de série de votre V10F fait partie de cette même liste, merci de nous contacter sur sav@newwalkings.com en nous communiquant votre facture, votre numéro de série et vos coordonnées, afin que nous puissions prendre contact avec vous et solutionner ce problème. L’ensemble des frais occasionnés par cette mesure sera pris en charge par la société New Walkings - Inmotion France. Par mesure de précaution, nous demandons aux clients concernés de respecter les consignes suivantes, afin d’éviter de sérieux dommages : - Ne pas utiliser la V10F sous la pluie ou sur revêtement mouillé. - Si vous l’avez utilisée dans des conditions humides, ne mettez plus le produit en charge. Nous sommes conscients de la gêne occasionnée, nous souhaitons mettre tout en oeuvre dans les meilleurs délais, pour vous permettre d’utiliser nos produits en toute sécurité. Merci de votre compréhension, Le sav New Walkings sav@newwalkings.com" Inmotion France confirmes no v10's are affected, only the v10f. I've decided to leave the v10's be until all the kinks are worked out. V8 owner since yesterday... Seems a Nice wheel to start with.
  4. What also would be helpfull is a disassembly video of a v10f from the latest batches, so we can verify that the water Ingress issue has been dealt with. Let's hope someone with a recent wheel and a camera needs to change a tire soon ?. At the moment I'm not confident investing in a v10f is a good idea... I've been looking at the market since the v5f+ was the holy grail of euc's. Every time I'm on the verge of jumping in, a new development is just around the corner. Should've bought a v8 a year and a half ago ?.
  5. First post, been lurking here and on the french forum for a while as I'm interested in buying a v10f. On the french forum espritroue.fr there's some new information on the issue. One of the users was contacted by his reseller to check the serial number of his wheel. His wheel is also affected and is recalled by inmotion. His reseller stated all serial numbers (on the barcode under the tire) starting with 124 are from the first batch and are to be recalled. Inmotion France seems to have not sold any first batch wheels, they have waited for the revised units. Might also be the reason almost no users of the french forum report issues, including the overheating issue.
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