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  1. Thank you all for replying. So this morning I did a further forward calibration (for the 5th or 6th times) and it suddenly started working. However, one thing fixed and another one seems to be broken. Namely, now the handle button has no effect on the wheel. Whether I press it or not the wheel stays always balanced. I have tried to play with the various functions from the app by switching them on and off but I got nowhere. Also, lights still do not work. I can switch them on and off but I cannot apply any light effect (after downloading, transfer and apply). I really do not understand wel
  2. Not at all. The wheel has been in my flat completely dry.
  3. Hello, My V10F has stopped completely working after a forward adjustment. It basically results completely disconnected from motor (does not self balance vertically after you turn it on). Things I have tried: Factory reset Clear cash Do again forward adjustment Multiple times on and off Any help would be highly appreciated please. It seems I am completely unfortunate with me wheel, or I am not able completely to understand the app. Thanks a lot
  4. Hi guys, I am totally new to electric unicycles. I have recently (last Thursday) received my inmotion V10F. I am trying to learn now slowly how to balance on it. I have a couple of issue with the wheel that I thought some more experienced users may have already encountered: LED lights keep flashing red. I cannot apply any of the light effect. I get an error like "Light effect failed"; What worries me the most is the fact that if I push the button on the handle bar, the wheel starts spinning like crazy until the wheel shuts down, instead of disconnecting from motor (which is what
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