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  1. Find the seam. The top (small part) is actually like a lid. You have to slide a knife or other thin sharp object around the lip to separate the seam. Try not to break the lip so you can re-close the pack. I did not actually re-glue. Used duct tape to seal so I can do maintenance on the pack at a later date.
  2. Sorry, the ebayer from Russia was the only one I have heard of except for some individuals doing their own. Sorry to hear your bad experience with the one from Russia. Since the PTRs are no longer being marketed in the US, I suspect the few being sold as new have batteries almost past their useful life. I am in my fourth year and have rebuilt one of three. Expecting failures soon. Lithium cells only last so long Please post if you find someone willing to rebuild.
  3. Check here for more detailed info. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1334/4853/files/Ninebot_PTR_and_Elite_Error_Codes.pdf Keith
  4. One more thing, the potential replacement BMS cited earlier in this thread had a discharge at 30AMP. I know the original 450 Watt Pack were designed at 20 AMP discharge rate. Not sure the rating on the 620 packs (elite +) .
  5. I know the packs are separate, but the power control board sees them both and can tell difference in output, and I am not so sure about the half and half approach. If I do not allow the charger to completely charge my packs and shut down, the pack will never get fully balanced between side 1 and side 2. I will get the output 1, or output 2 error on the same pack until I let the pack fully charge (ie the charger turns itself off). Thus in my opinion, you could not use two different (strength) half packs together on the some power control board. Note, I am not sure about this and if in a pinch would certainly have tried that approach as well. I see no one else seems to know for sure - ohhh, my kingdom for an electrical engineer!!! Please post if you ever get that combo to be accepted by the machine. Interesting thought about one motor to pack side, but the dual redundancy premise is that if one side fails, the other side of the pack provides the power needed to come to a safe stop. Just like the single cells wired in parallel, if one fails, the other cell next to it will carry the load. Keith
  6. Good to hear from you. Sounds like you are experiencing all the same issues I did. Yes, my welder also tripped breakers. I only succeeded when I found an isolated outlet on a circuit that was rated for 30 AMPS . The outlets in most kitchens are rated 20 to 30 AMPS due to toasters, ovens, coffee makers, etc.) Others in the house are usually 15 AMPs - these will usually trip when you try to make the weld.
  7. Fold them on eBay (US SIte) . Just search for pure nickle stripping. I used the ladder style and trimmed as needed
  8. Are you talking about the NINEBattery app or the Ninebot App. We have no problem connecting with Bluetooth to the Ninebot App. If you did get a connection to the NINEBattery Apps. Were you able to view the voltage on all 60 cells in the battery pack? What cell phone did you use? Thanks for any info.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ninebot-BMS/332785626857?hash=item4d7b91aee9:g:O2wAAOSwj2Ra-mkE Shows he has at least 10.
  10. I have had the same query out there since October 2018. So far, no one has replied that they were successful with the ptr elite or elite+. I have had the same results as you with three different android phones. Even ran a BLE checker to ensure the cell was compatible with BLE. ANYONE????
  11. There is a BMS on each side of the dual pack. 30 batteries each side
  12. I know that there is a Russian selling the BMS for the PTR Elite on ebay. Not too expensive if you know that yours is toast. Once you rebuild the pack (one side), attach the original BMS and give it a chance to reset. I had to connect and disconnect (power lead) three times before it reset from showing failure voltage (about 13 Volts) and reported 55Volts. For the 450 battery, Found the exact OEM 18650 LG Cells out of Korea for $230USD for the 60 cells. They are 2100Mah . Pure nickel stripping and cell holders cost another $30, but was able to reuse the original 15S2P BMS's which both reset nicely. I already had the spot welder. The "new" LG cells were from a 2016 mfg batch and equally charged at 3.7Volt give or take .04. Have been using pack for a little less than a year. Still takes full charge and balances if left charging until it shuts down on it's own..
  13. I only know that they stopped selling and marketing them in the US last year. I am talking about the two wheel PTR Elite+
  14. Trying to use the NINEBattery App using a newer android. and a PTR Elite+. I would love to hear if you are successful in getting the Bluetooth on the android to connect to the PTR Elite Bluetooth.. Minis have connected, but I have not heard of anyone that has got the app to connect to the PTR Elite.
  15. My packs on two Elites that I bought in 2017 were made with cells manufactured in Oct 2015. Both packs still in use. I have to be careful not to overcharge now that they are getting old. If I let them on charger too long, I get error code 37 . I drain them with a 100 watt bulb to get them down to 55 volt. Then they work well, but only about 16 km per charge. I had to rebuild a third pack. Can get about 21 Km on the rebuilt. I imagine you got a Ninebot from the first China shipments. Few dealers have the time or resources to keep batteries charged . They sit in the boxes in the warehouse and if any of the individual cells in the pack get below 2 Volt, they will likely be degraded and the pack performance will suffer. If you buy a new replacement battery - demand fresh stock. .
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