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  1. Thank you so much for putting it in paragraph form for for me that was very kind. I actually did the same thing earlier and added some new information and then the site crashed.here is the extra information. Riding without side pads does not seem to be the answer. The wide body and angular top corner of the shell digs into your lower calf. I would love a very thin pad like the stock ones but better quality. Maybe euc guys pads are the answer. The video I have seen about making the pedals larger is intriguing. Has anybody had success in this or does anyone know where to find more information? The only downfall I see is more pedal scraping which is a more than fair trade off. Is it possible to add some sort of Bluetooth device inline between the circuit board and the speaker that can send a signal every time power is sent to the speaker indicating the 80% warning? Or is there some other easier was to get the beeps into a Bluetooth headset? Thanks.
  2. Update. Here is my opinion and experience now having ridden the 84v and the 100v. As far as speed and acceleration go and pedal angles,range etc. I have not and do not notice any difference in acceleration between the two wheels at all. They ride exactly the same. Top speed I did notice a difference. I am 230-235lb without gear and I seem to consistently get beeps at 50kmh on the 84v. Now this will differ according to your weight and the wind and the incline etc. I live in Florida which is pretty flat and this seems to be pretty consistent.Now on the 100v I did not get the beeps at 50kmh but I also could not bring myself to push it much past this speed anyway because it is fast and with wind resistance etc I feel like 50kmh is a good top cruising speed. Now I will do further testing and like others have said I am sure the wheel can go faster than 50kmh downhill or with the wind at your back etc without the beeps. I just wanted everyone to know that the wheels are identical to me in everything other than top speed and if you are not almost 250 lbs like me then you should get a higher top cruising speed on the 84v than I do. When I received the 100v I destroyed the stock side pads instantly with normal use in the first day. They also are very grippy and stick to your legs and pull all of your leg hairs out. Now thanks to Jason at eWheel we have the replacement pads which I installed and seem to he much better quality. Like others have shown you peel the old ones off and sand down the little nub that is left from the plastic molding process and apply the new pads. Now the new pads do not fit inside of the groove like the old ones or the ones you can buy aftermarket they actually cover the design depression which seems to me like it would leave a small week spot between the side pads and most of the adhesion area in the center so I filled that space with two layers of double sided carpet tape and then applied the pads. I also filed down the pedals as shown in some videos and pictures bringing them down from 15° dihedral angle to 10°. I still experienced foot pain and cramping extensively and I know me being 70lbs overweight does not help tye matter. With the wide body of the msx and the additional side pads I feel like my feet are going to fall off the pedals not from front to back but off of the outer sides. When I received the new 84v msx I quickly removed the original side pads but I did not put the new ones on and I did not change the pedal angles yet. I am enjoying it in this form. I feel like I have less protection for the wheel without the side pads but my feet do not hurt as much even with the increased pedal angles I think because my legs can get closer to the wheel. I would love a very thin pad that just barely exceeds the mold depression kind of like the original ones but better quality. I wonder what euc guys aftermarket ones are like as far as how far they stick out. I went on a long distance ride yesterday and here are my numbers. Traveling at 40-50kmh the entire trip with the 1300 watt msx 84v and being a rider of 235lbs under normal wind conditions and a nice warm temperature I was able to travel 20 miles at high speed. Without having hearing the beeps below 45kmh. Now this number is under max cruising speeds the entire trip and I could go further if I were to travel slower the entire journey or even travel the same pace up to 20 miles and then start reducing my speed. I just wanted you all to know with my weight and at top cruising speed I get 20 miles. Now I will definitely be upgrading to the 1600 watt hour battery packs and eventually be adding onto that as I like to travel at top cruising speed on long stretches of open road. Well thanks guys and any recommendations on tire pressure etc are welcome I haven't changed any of that since it came out of the box. Hope to talk with you soon.
  3. my charge and ride system was a 36v hoverboard battery that i connected to a solar charge controller which can change the voltage for me from the 36v of the hoverboard battery to the 67.2v of my kingsong 14d. if you connect it to the charge port before you turn the wheel on it wont drive but if you turn the wheel on first and then turn the charger on it will drive while charging. I also installed an on/off switch in between that i could reach while riding so i can toggle the power on and off while riding. it was a huge success and doubled my full speed usable range. I had the idea and could find nobody who had done it and then i came across the video of a one wheel skateboard device who had done the experiment successfully so i ordered the charge controller they used and bada bing bada boom. I am not telling anyone to do this but i believe in having options and i have a good understanding of what i did and possible risks and i feel my risk was manageable and i would be happy to explain my thinking further if anyone is curious.
  4. You definitely bought a great first wheel. My previous wheel is the ks 14-d and it was great for learning and it is nimble and I will keep it to teach other new riders so they don't destroy my msx but the limitations become glaringly obviously very quickly. Overall it was worth the money because it was not to expensive to keep me from getting into the sport and I can get others interested with it. If I had bought a Tesla as my first wheel I might have been happy enough with it for a while not to have wanted something bigger. I became proficient at riding my 14 inch kingsong on rough terrain and although the msx does it much better I still use and need the riding skills I aquired riding the smaller wheel the larger msx does not remove the danger or difficulty of riding rough rodes and terrain it only alleviates it. Maybe you can get a wider tire for your Tesla or do some modifications to it to keep your interest in it peeked. I have been loving modifying my msx where as on my first wheel I never really considered it other than my external charger I carried in my backpack and could plug in while I ride to extend my range. Now my eyes have been opened to all I can modify and customize my wheel. Cheers! Always wanted to say that eeven though I an American I always liked the greeting.
  5. i was loving the look of the tesla and still would love to ride one I am guessing it is more nimble than the msx. the msx drives in a straight line really well and feels very planted. my smaller euc feels like ice skating as some people say.the battery thing is complex at first but go watch some diy videos and learn what series and parallel mean and how to build a pack and come back and read this and it will make sense.
  6. I do have a piece of information I think is worth mentioning. on my kingsong as the battery drops and my speed is limited by beeps it is also limited by the tilt back of the pedals. I think this should be an option you can turn on and off on the gotway. when i have 35% battery and I am pushing my msx and it hits the 10% under load spot and I cant hear the beeps because I am going 40-50kmh I would love to have a little tilt back to tell me my machine is beeping when I cant hear it like the kingsong does.
  7. I think you are right about starting with 1600 watt honestly if i can cruise at 50kmh thats all i want. and i have been told they can both do it. with me the top speed has more to do with range oddly enough because when under intense load of weight and speed I can see the battery go down 30% so since I can only charge it to 90v I am only starting at 45% battery and within a few minutes I am hearing the 10% beeps. range is really what I want as well and 40kmh is my normal speed as well so I am going to go with range and switch back to the 84v. then I will have a pretty good comparison between the two wheels as well. thanks for the help from everyone.
  8. Honestly you do not need a battery management system at all. if you are competent enough to build the pack then you can balance charge it yourself every so often and hook up sensors to monitor cell voltage etc to keep an eye on drift. I think battery management systems that fail are a bigger cause of cell failures then cells without such systems because there is no way to connect to or monitor the battery management system to make sure it is doing its job. while i have you here meepmeepmayor and you gave such a great response last time i have the opportunity to switch the 100v back for the 84v original deal and jason is shipping the 84v to me asap so for my situation maybe i should just go with the flow and go back to the 84v one and upgrade to the 1600watt when batteries are available... what do you think? now that i actually have gone 50kmh I would like my ceiling to be around 60kmh. can the 84v do that? i don't care as much about acceleration as i do about cruising speed but you gave a good defense to more cells in parallel and the current available. one more wise speech would put me at ease about going back to the 84v msx.
  9. you can look it up on YouTube. 18650 battery pack diy videos. jehugarcia has some and many many more. you can solder or spot weld. everyone who builds e-bikes does it as well as well as diy powerwalls and electric cars. the voltage is just the individual battery cells of 4.2v multiplied together to make the voltage. for example 4.2vx24=100.8 volts or 4.2v x 20 = 84v etc. there is a lot to learn honestly but if you take it slow and dont rush you will pick it up eventually.
  10. update. I received my msx and it turned out to be the 100v version by mistake. Jason's employee sent me the wrong wheel! an expensive mistake. I also do not have the charger which stinks but he is sending one to me now and it should be here soon.In the meantime i have been able to partially charge it with a solar charge controller that can change voltage from 12v all the way to 90v. so i am able to connect it directly to the battery and get about 45% charge which is fun for 10 minutes or so before you get really nervous about cut offs because at the speed i ride at the load on the motor is huge and i can make it drop 20% plus at those speeds you cant here the beeps which makes it worse. the faster you go the less safe it gets in every way including warning you. I would like to remount the speaker facing up toward me somehow and maybe a more powerful speaker? the wheel does not have Bluetooth connectivity to a headset which to me would be ideal because i could always hear he beep in my ear.the battery capacity is disappointing as i was hoping to have 1600w eventually but I have been researching building battery packs the last 6 months and I think with the space inside I will be able to make myself a 1600w 100v msx which in the end will be the best of all worlds!
  11. Thank you for your quick response.The fast charger that Jason at ewheels sells is 5amp and on the website is only available for the 84v. does anyone know if he has a fast charger for the 100v he is selling now and maybe the website is just not updated yet? also and if not does the 84v fast charger have an adjustable potentiometer or something that you can adjust to bring it up to the 100v? or does anybody recommend another charger?
  12. Hey guys a couple more questions. 1. it looks like gotway has 2 alarms and not 3 like kingsong? so are the alarms 1 beep and then 2 beeps for the final alarm? or 2 beeps then 3 beeps for the final alarm? 2. it seems like the gotway speed limits you to 30kmh when you get to 25% battery and 15kmh when you are at 10%. does anyone know the exact number ladder for this? 3. I can disable my 1st alarm and disable my second alarm. everyone says listen to the beeps and respect the beeps and i can also disable tilt back so my question is this. If I disable tilt back and alarm 1 and alarm 2 do I have any other final safety warning before the wheel cuts out on me? and can i monitor voltage etc in the app while disabling the alarms to remain safe? and finally i can set my tilt back to 48kmh so if i am speed limiting at 30kmh where is the tilt back? does it come into affect at lower speeds when you are being speed limited?
  13. I think there is room to add one more parallel cell of 24 lithium ion cells which would bring the 100v MSX up to the same battery size as the 1600 watt hour 84v MSX.if you relocate the buzzer there is even more room to be had if you really wanted to dig into it!
  14. Hello my friends! I am also wondering can the 1845 watt hour battery pack from the 100v monster fit inside the 100v MSuper X? has anybody tried it? seems to me you would really have the ultimate euc if you did this!
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