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  1. I'm still on firmware v1.05 and don't experience any beeping charging at 5A. This was one of the reasons I never upgraded the firmware. While on long rides, I wanted to be able to go into a public place, fast-charge and not draw attention from everyone in the place!
  2. Keep tapping the power button while charging to go through the different modes. Not sure of the different behaviors between firmware versions, but I'm still on v1.5 and this is how it works.
  3. Hey guys, I'm def up for hopping in the car to head up to a new trail - I usually ride local with a buddy of mine. I've ridden the Schuylkill River Trail many times which is popular because it rides right into Philly. I know Pennypack Park, but have never ridden the trail, looks like a cool option. I'd also be up for checking out the McDade trail.
  4. Hi Everyone! For sale is my V8, excellent condition, 369 miles. I purchased it from eWheels in July 2018. It has been protected by the cover and never had a major wreck. The battery has been treated nicely (When not using has never been below 40% and has never sat with a full charge either). It's been safe/reliable and has never cutout. I really love this wheel, but hasn't had as much action since I got my 16X last summer so it's time for someone else to enjoy. I don't *need* to sell it, so pretty firm on the price. Would prefer local pickup in Philly area if possible. Will include: Wheel, original box, regular charger, stick-on side pads and a new pair of eWheels wrist guards. Additional photos here. Thanks for your interest! Mike
  5. Hi Willard, I have an Inmotion V8 I've been thinking of selling. It's in very nice shape, has always had the cover on and has about 350mi on it. I don't ride it much as I primarily use my 16X. Curious, are you also looking at selling your Onewheel?
  6. Yeah man, I think we crossed paths last summer during some group rides. Def up for some miles. The weather's getting nice!
  7. That's interesting. All this time I thought the SoftTuner app was only available for Android and today I looked and see it in the iOS app store. I'll have to see if it gives the ability to pick fw version. Thanks!
  8. I'm riding first batch 1.4 board and 1.05 fw. I never wanted to upgrade to 1.07 due to the additional throttling, but wish I had the newer firmware's other refinements. I'm intrigued by 2.02 as it's looking pretty solid, but this battery usage statement is scaring me off. I feel if one decides to ride a bit more aggressive on the new firmware, their range could be more limited. At 150lbs I'm getting near 50 miles on my wheel and I don't want to sacrifice any range.
  9. Thanks for sharing the video @Marty Backe. I'm a fan of The Black Cobra's channel and Anthony so will be kicking a few bucks to his GoFundMe page. As I mentioned before, it doesn't matter what the speed is, you can't prepare your body to fall a certain way when you're thrown off unexpectedly. The only thing that can give you the best chance of minimal damage is gearing up. Unfortunately the only way many people learn this not a video of someone else, but to fall and experience this themselves. Everyone will fall - it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when so best to buy and wear a full-face helmet...We know that not all helmets are created equally, so don't skimp and get the best one you can afford.
  10. It would be great to know if KS is working on 1.08...is anyone giving them direct feedback? For all we know, they may think everyone is happy with 1.07 and may not be really working on anything. So far it seems like all the feedback about 1.07 is all personal opinion and nothing concrete other than the beeping introduced by fast chargers > 4A. For now, I'm sticking with 1.05 until I see some actual data saying that the wheel's response and battery life is better and the throttling thresholds introduced is something I can live with. I would like the other bug fixes pertaining to lighting, but I can live without it. 1.07 doesn't seem bad by any means, but there's really nothing in the release driving me to update. Like I've mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I've taken my wheel to max speed a lot and have ridden it until the battery is dry without worry. Hopefully my luck will not run out, but so far 1.05 has been extremely fast, responsive and safe for me.
  11. I’ll press my luck. I’ve run my wheel dry down to a painful 57v while it’s bucking like a bull and haven’t landed on my face yet. I’m holding out for 1.08. I don’t want my wheel to beep like crazy while I’m trying to use my 5A quick charger. The whole idea is to use your quick charger in public places on long ride days and not annoy everyone in the establishment.
  12. There are about a dozen riders from Philly and suburbs, but not all of them visit the forums regularly so it’s hard to pull everyone together to ride. You have to ping everyone consistently through any means possible to make it happen. @jas3 any word on pulling together the Philly chapter of the Glydiators? I think it would help if everyone was pulled into a telegram group?
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