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  1. I have Jason’s fast charger for my Glide 3 and all I can say is that it’s pretty darn nice.
  2. HarpMudd

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    Hey Jerome, def up for meeting some time. The only way to get more EUC awareness in Philly is to ride around, stop and answer people's questions.
  3. HarpMudd

    Weird rubber band popping out of my G3

    Ahh there’s the gasket.. lol. 🤣 Thanks!
  4. HarpMudd

    Weird rubber band popping out of my G3

    Thanks..That is a good video! 😳 I never saw any rubber gasket though.
  5. HarpMudd

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    Cool. What time do you normally go and from what point on the trail would you ride? I'm new to this, so open to ideas.
  6. Tonight I noticed this thick white rubber band popping out of the casing from underneath my G3’s handle. Maybe it came out during a recent light wreck. For those who have done their own repairs, what is the purpose of this? Is it a seal of some sort? Is it an involved process opening your wheel up and putting it back in place? My wheel appears to be functioning fine since I’ve noticed this. Thanks!
  7. HarpMudd

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    I've been mainly riding around neighborhoods at night just getting some time under my belt. I live outside of the borough. I only weigh 140, so should be able to max out the mileage.. I've yet to charge it to 100% and ride until it's dead. I work near the PA/DE border, so could do an after work ride - I'd be up for checking out the Northern DE greenway trail. Also up for Schuylkill River Trail or any of the others.
  8. HarpMudd

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    Hi Folks, I'm a new wheel rider living in West Chester. Still developing my skills, but zipping around fairly well for a newbie. I have a Solowheel G3. I'd definitely be up for a ride some time.