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  1. That pic with the pads and pedals looks damn good!
  2. @RagingGrandpa Yeah I get it, no need to explain. There is a lot of great things about the V12. The only way to solve each problem is to have a quiver of wheels!
  3. I really wanted to like this wheel, but 3 things are turning me off as an upgrade from the 16X: 1. Top heaviness. 2. Really bad breaking. 3. Lack of hill climbing ability.
  4. Curious to whether they were going to add the option to select imperial units for the US folks in time for the production release?
  5. This thread is heating up. Reminds me of the anticipation behind the 16x before it came out. Mickey's timed 8-episode V12 movie series will surely feed the hype!
  6. I was thinking about that earlier. I used to have a touch screen Garmin watch and in rain it was pretty much useless with settings sometimes changing on their own. I suspect while riding, the capacitive screen will lock out and not respond to any touch/rain/moisture, etc, otherwise it could potentially be dangerous. It does look great though. It will be interesting to see how they implement it.
  7. I really wish Grin would update the Satiator and provide connectors for all of our EUCs. That charger is a dream and is perfect to throw in a pack on long ride days.
  8. I treat my battery the same way. Just charge it up before I ride. If I get back and have a low battery, I charge up to just 70% and let it sit. I never let my wheel sit around that long at 100%. With the newer 16X firmware, I turn down my eWheels chager to 4A so I can avoid most of the annoying beeps!
  9. I'm still on firmware v1.05 and don't experience any beeping charging at 5A. This was one of the reasons I never upgraded the firmware. While on long rides, I wanted to be able to go into a public place, fast-charge and not draw attention from everyone in the place!
  10. Keep tapping the power button while charging to go through the different modes. Not sure of the different behaviors between firmware versions, but I'm still on v1.5 and this is how it works.
  11. Hey guys, I'm def up for hopping in the car to head up to a new trail - I usually ride local with a buddy of mine. I've ridden the Schuylkill River Trail many times which is popular because it rides right into Philly. I know Pennypack Park, but have never ridden the trail, looks like a cool option. I'd also be up for checking out the McDade trail.
  12. Hi Everyone! For sale is my V8, excellent condition, 369 miles. I purchased it from eWheels in July 2018. It has been protected by the cover and never had a major wreck. The battery has been treated nicely (When not using has never been below 40% and has never sat with a full charge either). It's been safe/reliable and has never cutout. I really love this wheel, but hasn't had as much action since I got my 16X last summer so it's time for someone else to enjoy. I don't *need* to sell it, so pretty firm on the price. Would prefer local pickup in Philly area if possible. Will include
  13. Hi Willard, I have an Inmotion V8 I've been thinking of selling. It's in very nice shape, has always had the cover on and has about 350mi on it. I don't ride it much as I primarily use my 16X. Curious, are you also looking at selling your Onewheel?
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