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  1. Yeah, I'm still on 1.05. I'm going to hold on and wait until the official 1.07 comes out which will hopefully be the happy mid-way point for speed/throttling and safety.
  2. I'm with you.. My 16X is amazing. Haven't had a single problem with it. No random tiltbacks or dumping me off. I hit 30mph quite a bit and don't even realize I'm doing it because the ride is so smooth. When the switching of the tire discussion started, I was initially interested, but the more I rode the stock tire I loved it more and more. The speed, range, stability and quietness is bar none. I feel I can really carve and express myself on this wheel and it's a damn party to ride. I really wish it was the same for everyone else.
  3. Jason from eWheels got a batch of 25 in earlier this week. I've snagged one and have taken a few short rides with it. My first impression is that it's very comfortable, but due to the overall height of the 16X, may be best suited for shorter folks. Not sure if this is the case for all wheels with seats, but to mount the seat I find myself first riding at a reasonable speed, put my hand on the front of the seat and then hop back to get a good position on it. Once seated, you're all good, but you first have to hop back to get on correctly - No big deal, but you can't just easily sit down from a standing position. Again, it's very thick, supportive and comfortable. I like it.
  4. This is normal behavior for a V8 and doesn’t indicate there is an electrical issue or that you’ll get a random power shutoff. Try again and once it’s powered on, it will stay on.
  5. Glad you survived without too much damage! Just wish we could see the data on this one to know root cause. The fact that you heard "please decelerate" right after falling may indicate your wheel lost traction on the dirt surface and spun out well above 45kph. I've been riding around like a hellion on v1.05 and I weigh 65kg. I was thinking I was "more safe" as I'm a light rider! I'm certain I've surpassed 27mph < 72% battery many times, but only on smooth roads and not while riding over loose dirt.
  6. The EUC does appear to grab a dogs attention. Hopefully the tweak in 1.07 will either slightly adjust the frequency that doesn't make it sound like a dog whistle OR give us the raw acceleration that we need to outrun them!
  7. Ha you should try playing Two Live Crew from your 16X! Maybe you can offend some folks! 😛
  8. The more you get comfortable and the more fluid your riding gets, the more addictive it becomes!
  9. Make sure you play some KISS as you’re cruising around! Maybe hashtag #kissarmy on social media and see if you can get Gene to acknowledge it! Lol
  10. Thanks Marty, very detailed. Appreciate the work it took to put this together!
  11. @Marty Backe Any updates regarding the website containing all the pre/post games rides?
  12. You are brave! Chasing a robber down can sometimes be bad, esp if you're in Baltimore which has some dangerous areas. This is a great story with an even better ending! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Sweet, nice to see that the Glydiators (My good neighbors 2 hours south) are now a sponsor. Is anyone from the crew coming? I know @Lutalo was mentioning back in July that he may make the journey.
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