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  1. Here is a seller on aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Ninebot-one-Z6-Z10-Electric-unicycle-accessories-Motor-mainboard-controller-tire-handlebar-pads-battery-shell-charger/32922646414.html? Unfortunately they are not cheap
  2. I don't see any Z10 listed at $1000. Those are for the Z6. If you click on it, you will see the low price is for Z6 and a higher price, which is for the Z10. The cheapest Z10 shipped to US is about $1700. I have no experience ordering from them though.
  3. cloudy_jai

    New to forum

    To me, buying an used wheel is the luck of the draw, and how much risk you are willing to take. When you receive the wheel, without a charger, you can't test it right away. Let's say you go and buy a charger (not as cheap as a cellphone/laptop charger), then what if it doesn't work? You will have to find out if it's the charger, or the wheel itself. When I purchased my first learning wheel, I bought an used E+ on eBay. When I received the wheel, it was pretty old (manufactured in 2015) and was not in good shape, and the tube valve was hitting the inner panel. Luckily I was able to return the wheel to the seller. After that I decided to go for a brand new Inmotion V8, but I was lucky enough to find an used S1 for $200 shipped. I guess I didn't learn my lesson, but the cost was low enough to take another risk on an used wheel. Luckily the S1 was like brand new. So the luck of the draw...
  4. I just came across a seller on Aliexpress that sells most of the parts for a Z10. I don't see the listing online but I found it on their app. The seller is green and fashion travaling shop. It doesn't seem like anyone has bought any Z10 part from this seller yet, but this seller does have a 97% positive feedback.
  5. How well does the Z10 handle wet surface, like right after light rain? Can it still handle the fast turn as good as on dry surface or I need to slow down before making the turns? I have no experience riding on wet surface with any EUC, so just curious what to watch out for.
  6. Watching these videos made me realize how fast I was going that day and how dangerous that was, probably should have never done that until I am more experienced.
  7. I got up to 28.4mph yesterday. It was scary, especially I only learned to ride within a month. That's the first time I wore the pebble watch. I wonder if it's because since I could see the instant speed, it made me try going faster and faster to see if I could hit the max.
  8. Is there a way to tell if it's production or pre-production version?
  9. I actually got a S1 a month ago, that was my learning wheel. I was lucky enough to find a Z10 from a US seller, who got the wheel from China, so I started riding it this week. What a beast! At first it took me a few tries to get on (due to the extra weight), and spent 10-15 mins to get familiar with the turns, then I started riding on sidewalk and around the neighborhood. After an hour, I finally started feeling comfortable. Having the S1 as the first wheel, the Z10 is a different animal. The pickup is so much quicker, and no more beeping at 12mph is a big plus. I feel like the slow turns are not much different than the S1, but I really have to lean hard and commit when I go fast on turns. It definitely requires a different technique but the learning process is also so much fun! Did I say I love this wheel?
  10. Maybe it's for the bat signal? I recalled Ninebot advertised the Z10 as the next batmobile...
  11. Self destruct? If you take a picture of the wording, I can translate it.
  12. I speak Cantonese but I don't want the Z10 to speak Cantonese to me, even with most beautiful Chinese voice possible. No thanks!
  13. Thanks Mark. Next year I will be getting another wheel for my wife. I have heard lots of good things about Jason at eWheels so definitely that will be my first choice if I am getting a wheel in US.
  14. Hi Jerome! Thanks for the suggestion! I live in a very cold State so the freezing cold weather will be coming in couple months. I thought about buying from eWheels but I will probably have to wait longer. The Chinese seller will ship out the wheel right away so I may still be able to ride it for a few weeks before shutting it down. I haven't made a decision yet, but just want to know if the Chinese version wheel will work here. If it won't, then the decision is easy since I will have to go with a US seller. I contacted US Segway yesterday and their reply was that there aren't any plans to offer the Z10 to the US. Sad.
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