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  1. If you plan to travel to Luxembourg you're welcome. Unfortunately the flash can only be done via Bluetooth. Alternatively you can send me the two control boards (very easy to disassemble), I will connect them to my MiniPro and flash the Swallowbot firmware into them and then I'll send the control boards back to you.
  2. Hello everybody , I'm an affiliate of More4Mini located in Luxembourg and I can flash the Swallowbot firmware into your MiniPro - Mini S via Bluetooth by phone. If you're interested let me know!
  3. Hello everybody , I'm an affiliate of More4Mini located in Luxembourg and I can flash the Swallowbot firmware into your MiniPro - Mini S via Bluetooth by phone. If you're interested let me know!
  4. Hello, I'm interested in how to disassemble a battery because I would like to change some damaged cells. Could you please make the post available on your blog? (Zone protégée: Cette zone est accessible seulement avec un mot de passe) Thanks a lot
  5. it would be really useful to have a comparison of the two. I do like Swallowbot firmware however even on high profile tires 25km/h are reached only at full charge (over 90%) and most of the electric kick scooters available right now are sensibly faster…
  6. Jes do you mind uploading a short video of a ride on your Mini Pro? Your tires are the same size of the hybrid tires on sale on M4M? What about the Max speed at lower battery level? Thanks a lot!
  7. @smallexis Do you think you can make an external battery pack kit for extended range and sell it (shipping to Luxembourg)? How much would it cost? I have two original batteries 5700Ah which have some imbalances between the cells which at full charge have a different level of charge (I checked with the NineBattery App), would you be able to manually balance the cells with your equipment? Thank you
  8. Thank you for the update trevmar. I guess the easier way to find out if this is the Russian Swallowbot is to test the max speed you can get at different level of battery charge, the increase in speed should be noticeable compared to the stock version of the firmware..
  9. These are the values for the Russian Swallowbot, I was wondering if the Swallowbot on the Chinese control boards was the same. Thanks a lot
  10. Could you please let us know if it really works as advertised? Max speed of 23Km/h on standard tires (or 25Km/h if you have high profile tires) The max speed is reduced as follows: 5 bars - up to 23 km / h 4 bars - 22.5 km / h 3 bars - 22,5 km / h 2 bars - 20 km / h 1 bar- to 16 km / h Fines (leanback) and beeping are also reduced? Thank you for your updates.
  11. Is it not possible to make Alexey's sofware available for download to public and activate the license through activation key like you did with your own firmware for ninebot one-wheel?
  12. Please get well and have a good recovery. When you said you hope the app will be finished be the end of the holidays do you mean next week? Please keep us informed when the app for minipro will be ready. Take care.
  13. People on this board are only willing to enjoy their minipro and have a better ride experience. Everyone here would like to pay you and Alexey for your job and I think that no one here want to speculate and steal your intellectual property. Please consider selling the firmware to the users of this board, we are just users who would like to use your firmware and pay for it, not re-sell it. Thank you.
  14. From what I read there are many people on this board who are interested in a modified motherboard, would it be possible to have a special discount for a bulk order for the users of electricunicycle forum? If the price would be a little cheaper I'm sure there will be many people here willing to do an upgrade. I would be interested myself however 200USD are a pretty steep price. Thank you.
  15. Still very interested in the flash version of the firmware. Without any knowledge on how to solder a processor to a motherboard is very likely that I will mess everything up in my mini-pro. Please tell us more about the expected release date of the flash version of the firmware. Thank you
  16. would it be possible to have a quote for the remote version of the Swallowbot firmware? on your website it is sold for 2500RUB, the price will be the same? could you please give me more details on the off-road tires version 2? Will I get a higher top speed with this tires without modifying the original fenders? Do these tires grant a more confortable ride than the stock ones? Thank you.
  17. With the stock firmware the Ninebot Mini Pro is nerfed, otherwise it will be an amazing transportation device to commute daily. The quantity of fines that you get each time you reach the top speed of 17-18km/h is really annoying because you are slowed down to 12-13km/h each and every time and your average speed won't be higher than 14-15km/h. This is very unpleasant. What I like the most about the custom firmware is not the top speed of 23-25km/h but its way to mantain an average speed of 18-20km/h without the Mini Pro tilting back every time you approach the current top speed of 18km/h. The ride will be much smoother and enjoyable. I use the Mini Pro to commute every day on the bicycle lanes and bicycles go way faster than the Mini Pro so I guess an increase in the top speed to match the speed of an average bicycle won't be dangerous.
  18. @MRN76 Would it be possible to know the price and availability of your custom firmware? from the videos you published on YouTube it looks up and running and it would be a pity not to have it before the end of summer. Thank you.
  19. @MRN76 Thank you for the awesome job on your Custom Firmware, when it will be available for purchase and how will you make it available to customers outside Russia? Through the download of an app on the GooglePlay Store? In Go-kart kit mode the top speed has been increased to 25Km/h by the manufacturer (without any custom part mounted on the mini pro). Do you plan to increase the maximum speed to match the 25Km/h of the Go-kart kit without the need of custom tires? Thank you.
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