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  1. My lights have a heat sink but despite this the front one lost its brightness as i wrote earlier. After replacing the front with rear lamps and vice versa the broken one still has poor brightness.
  2. In my case also after uploading fw1.11 and about 40km the light lost some brightness. The lamp had blinking randomly few minutes and lost brightness permanently. Unfortunately, probably the lamp module has been damaged, the diode is very like overheated due to too high current. Hold back with upgrade to fw1.11.
  3. Maybe it will help Manual: 3.8 To calibrate your Electric Unicycle 1. Lean the Wheel completely upright against a wall at the angle you wish to ride at and press the 'YES' button, th e device will turn off. 2. Keep the angle of the device, press the power button to turn on, there will be 5 beeps, and then turn to long beep ing. 3.Turn off the device, and then trun on, the Wheel will now be set at the desired pedal pitch.
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