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  1. That is great news!! Now I want to upgrade mine haha
  2. I have a Kingsong 16s and it does not have a lift sensor on it.
  3. I also would be interested in purchasing it at that price via PayPal. I live in Florida. I can not send dm’s as I am a newbie on here so you would need to email me also. If interested let me know. Thanks
  4. I have also bought wheels from Freemotion and from Ewheels.I purchased 2 wheels from Freemotion and have had excellent customer Service from this company. The difference in my opinion is that the Ewheels crew go way above and beyond what would be a normal online purchase. Providing a ton of additional useful information in how to ride, and I think he throws in a set of wrist guards with all his wheels sold, A very nice bonus.
  5. Good luck with owning just one. Lol I’ve only been doing it for 3 months now and have a few more than one. It is super addictive!!!
  6. I have recently purchased a 100v Monster from ewheels. I am having the same problem with the app. Turn them off and still get the beeps. Been trying to figure it out for 2 days now. Jason at Ewheels recommended downloading wheel log app on a android device and disable it that way. I’m gonna give that a try tomorrow. Hopefully that will work.
  7. @RayRay They do have the dock less scooters in Denver, they are everywhere. My wife was being a pansy a$& so we passed but it was cool to see them everywhere.
  8. @Daniel Burkemper We are on our way back from Denver now, it was a great trip but so wished I would of had it in the city. I saw a couple running around when I was walking. I get home today and back on my wheel tonight hopefully. We did do a really cool Segway tour in Denver. It was a good time and showed me all the places I will go next time I’m up there.
  9. I bought a used Ninebot one E+ on craigslist recently to practice and it is a beast for big boys. Im 6 ft 270 lbs. I added a lot of scratches to the unit and myself just learning how to stay on it. Ive been on it for just over 2 weeks and have put roughly 50 miles on since I got it. Be careful its super addicting!!!!
  10. Well thank you for the info @meepmeepmayer and @steve454.I guess thats why I couldn't find anything on this forum about Airline travel. I will definitely not be shipping it because of cost and not knowing exactly where we are staying ( we kind of just wing it when we travel). I did find a Segway Tour company in Denver so that may be the way I get my fix. Not the same but it would be fun to try and see the sights that way.
  11. Hello all, I am new to this addiction and have been lurking this Forum for almost 2 weeks. Seems like a great group with lots of answers to questions for Newbies like my self. I recently purchased a used Ninebot One E+ off of Craigslist and after a couple of hours was off to the races. I have a slightly addictive personality that drives my wife Bonkers. It seems that any new Hobby I try I want to go ALL IN. Anyways I live on the beach in the Florida Panhandle and am a Artist/Owner of a local Tattoo shop. Been doing it for 20 years and love it. 4 kids all grown and successful. and I love new hobbies, I'm a big boy so I thought it would be a challenge to learn, but it was much easier than anticipated, I ride Motorcycles as my daily driver so maybe that helped. I look forward to good conversations on here and all the wealth of information y'all provide. On to my question, I have recently purchased my second wheel, (ks 18l) and waiting on delivery. I will be doing some traveling via Airline to Denver CO. area in the next couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone has had experiences getting a wheel through TSA as a carry on? I don't want to check it in a bag if I don't have to (or if that is even allowed and probably expensive). I know I'm new at this and have little experience but not sure when I will have another opportunity to ride a EUC in that part of the country again anytime soon. Look forward to hearing your experiences and advise.
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