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  1. Thanks, I keep telling my wife they are investments in our future but I don't think she is seeing it the same way I am LOL
  2. I got to tryout my new KS16x this weekend. Very different ride than the Nikola, but equally as enjoyable. It will be interesting to see what wheel I grab on the daily over the next few months.
  3. I looked at those, I’m gonna see how it goes with the Meepo before I decide to get into the off-road boards. I hopefully will have mine in a couple of weeks.
  4. Yeah that would great I have a IG buddy who lives in Pcola and has a z10 and we have rode together before.
  5. @Eddie A. Steiner I understand, they are very expensive to not fully enjoy them. Hey if your ever up in the panhandle of Florida, hit me up, we have lots of Cool areas to ride around here.
  6. It took me a while to get used to riding a bigger wheel. I also started on a NB1e. I have a 100v monster in my collection now and I thought the same thing when I first started riding it. you will learn to appreciate all different aspects of each wheel you own. I am currently riding mostly my Nikola as it seems to be a happy medium for me and it is the newest of my wheels. It will feel second nature to you as the others do the more you ride it.
  7. I just ordered a NLS Pro, its my first electric Skateboard, I'm very interested to see how it feels. I have have a bunch of EUCs and a Onewheel. I love them all. I am a big boy also (275lbs) and am curious of how the NLS Pro will hold up. I do not have a extensive skateboarding background so there may be a learning curve for me. I do well on the Onewheel but do not push it to much as I have a real fear of falling. As much as I hate wearing Safety Gear, especially in Florida. It has saved me a couple of times. I also keep seeing these ads for the summerboard. that looks interesting as well.
  8. That is great news!! Now I want to upgrade mine haha
  9. I have a Kingsong 16s and it does not have a lift sensor on it.
  10. I also would be interested in purchasing it at that price via PayPal. I live in Florida. I can not send dm’s as I am a newbie on here so you would need to email me also. If interested let me know. Thanks
  11. I have also bought wheels from Freemotion and from Ewheels.I purchased 2 wheels from Freemotion and have had excellent customer Service from this company. The difference in my opinion is that the Ewheels crew go way above and beyond what would be a normal online purchase. Providing a ton of additional useful information in how to ride, and I think he throws in a set of wrist guards with all his wheels sold, A very nice bonus.
  12. Good luck with owning just one. Lol I’ve only been doing it for 3 months now and have a few more than one. It is super addictive!!!
  13. I have recently purchased a 100v Monster from ewheels. I am having the same problem with the app. Turn them off and still get the beeps. Been trying to figure it out for 2 days now. Jason at Ewheels recommended downloading wheel log app on a android device and disable it that way. I’m gonna give that a try tomorrow. Hopefully that will work.
  14. @RayRay They do have the dock less scooters in Denver, they are everywhere. My wife was being a pansy a$& so we passed but it was cool to see them everywhere.
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