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  1. kangzy

    MSuper Pro?

    Surely the auxiliary support of the other electrical hardware is irrelevant if the initial power output (current/amps) from the batteries is not there? What i mean by this is what is point of upgrading the control board if there the current/amps is reduced compared to other 4p pack used with the "older" 18650 cells. Why not use the Samsung 50E and get a continuous current output rather than the" momentary" higher output using LG cells- as continuous power is safer right? If you they used the Samsung 50E with the up-rated control board and upgraded capacitors.. that logically would make sense. I am not an expert by no means but intrigued to understand the tech and the real benefits of the 21700 cells?
  2. kangzy

    MSuper Pro?

    Thanks for the reply. So how do we know that this unit is more powerful than its processors? very interested to hear
  3. kangzy

    MSuper Pro?

    Guys, Is there any truth behind the MSX Pro and the Nik+ will produce 29 amps with its 4p battery packs using the LG batteries (7.3 amps per cell)? Surely when you consider this to the existing MSX 100V 1230wh and the old NIK+ 1845wh its seems, on paper anyway, that the MSX Pro less powerful? I am not an expert by no means but the calculations add up right? Are there any other factors to consider given this is will be GWs flagship performance wheel?
  4. Hi Daz, Sure no problem. Message me on my number and we can arrange something Thanks, Shaun
  5. Sure.. message me and we can organise a time and place
  6. Yes 1600wh Thanks it’s sprayed with an alloy paint. Can’t remember which one though
  7. Guys, It is with regret that I am selling my much loved Gen 1 (CE approved) 84v 1600wh MSX bought from Speedyfeet in October 2018. I acquired another wheel so this one unfortunately has to go. This wheel has been incredible.. super stable and extremely fast! This wheel has never let me down once Details as follows: -11months warranty -Circa 1300miles covered -Original box -Plenty of thread on original tyre -Some scraps and dings but no integral damage to the chassis of the wheel- all original screws are intact. -proof of purchase from Speedyfeet will be sent to new owner if needed Additional aesthetic mods -Painted black rim with red reflective rim tape -Painted black pedals -Eucguys powerpads (original pad included) -Original Gotway mud guard -Protective strips and rubber sheet protective guards -Brand new Gotway tyre In my personal opinion this is probably one of the best MSX’s I have seen! Get yourself an early Christmas present Looking for £850. Collection for North West London (NW7) Contact me on 07731818153 if you have questions Shaun
  8. Damn dude! Really hope you are ok.. Do you know how fast was you going? And how much battery did you have left? Also would be interesting to hear your weight. Wishing you a speedy recovery bud
  9. Hi all, I have been reading this topic intently over the past few weeks. After reading so many negative comments and issues I have to admit I was very worried. I just got my 16x this week and had my first today. The build quality is very impressive. Frankly, I really don’t know what all the fuss is about regarding the tyre. I am a 152 lb rider based in the uk and I have my wheel pumped up to 30psi. It rides very well with minimal wobbles - even under braking. I feel like I have full control over the wheel. If anything the tyre feels to ‘squishy’. I ride all my wheels pretty aggressively and I personally really like the ‘gyro’ affect! With the right technique you can corner a lot quicker. I have attached the link to my first ride here so you can see how I corner. So far so good. I will hope to do a full comparison with my other wheels (Tesla v2, 18l and MSX) hopefully by next week. Shaun *Ride safe all*
  10. Guys, I am selling my 16s which was a great first wheel for me. I have 3 other wheels so it’s with a heavy heart that this one has to go. Purchased from Speedyfeet in June 2018 so still has just under 12months warranty. It’s covered 1600miles and never let me down once! No issues what so ever. Good condition with some light scratches as seen in the pics below. New tyre fitted 250miles ago so still has plenty of thread. Looking for £600. Pick up from Hertfordshire or North London. Message or call me on 07731818153 thanks Shaun
  11. Bought one a week ago and all I would say is that I’m glad I bought it from a local supplier. Firstly the ride is fantastic. Smooth and powerful but after 1 day the lift sensor has stopped working and a speaker has already shown a potential fault ie. abnormal power on sound. Another guy on in our group also bought one from Ali express and his cut out during mid ride! Now when trying to power it back on the wheel now longer balances. Blown mosfet?! Disappointing..
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