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  1. All, With regret I’m selling my 84V 512wh Mten3 with kill switch. She is a little 25mph power house! For tricks and learning new skills. Bought from Erides in Feb 2020 and just have not ridden it. I’ve only done 40miles on her!!! Excellent condition and only a few superficial scratches you can barely see. If you replace the pedals it will be like new. Mods -I’ve sprayed her black from the original white -Changed original black pads to lean pads -Added trolley handle -Little back light stuck on by velcro No falls or offs and
  2. Again it’s with regret, I’m selling my Veteran Sherman with only 230 miles on the clock! Purchased from Erides back in early September 2020. Original box and receipts still in hand 👍 Anyone who knows me knows that I keep my wheels in pristine condition which is attributed to the fact I hardly ride them! That is also the reason for the sale, as I actually have 3 other EUCs. Old rim so unlikely chance of its cracking 😅 No crashes! A few minor marks which aren’t worth mentioning but pictured for full transparency. Also a small dent in rear roll bar which was due to shipping. Erides
  3. All, With my MSS enroute and 2 other wheels left it is with regret I’m selling my 100v Nik+ 21700 1800wh. Roughly 450km so hardly ridden! Fast (35+ mph), torquey wheel which is a joy to ride with the 3inch tyre. Bought from E-rides a few months ago (need to double check exact date) so still well within 2year warranty. Minor cosmetic scratches on one side of the shell after moving in and out of car.. otherwise she is in pristine condition. NEVER dropped! PLEASE NOTE- ALL side pads and rear light will be removed prior to sale and original pads will be fitted Ideally look
  4. I have my Kingsong 16x up for sale. Roughly 650miles covered bought from Speedyfeet in August 2019. Still has 1.5 years warranty!! Comes with original box and brand new Chau Yang tire with 2 inner tubes!! I can send original receipt to new buyer if needed. Excellent condition, with a few scrap marks on the pedals which I have touched up. Very very minor scratches on the shell but no cracks or noticeable damage. The front usb cover has fallen off but I have bought a brand new replacement which will come with the sale and can be seen below. Looking for £1350. Ideally looking f
  5. When was the wheel bought and from which dealer? Also which part of London are you based?
  6. Surely the auxiliary support of the other electrical hardware is irrelevant if the initial power output (current/amps) from the batteries is not there? What i mean by this is what is point of upgrading the control board if there the current/amps is reduced compared to other 4p pack used with the "older" 18650 cells. Why not use the Samsung 50E and get a continuous current output rather than the" momentary" higher output using LG cells- as continuous power is safer right? If you they used the Samsung 50E with the up-rated control board and upgraded capacitors.. that logically would make se
  7. Thanks for the reply. So how do we know that this unit is more powerful than its processors? very interested to hear
  8. Guys, Is there any truth behind the MSX Pro and the Nik+ will produce 29 amps with its 4p battery packs using the LG batteries (7.3 amps per cell)? Surely when you consider this to the existing MSX 100V 1230wh and the old NIK+ 1845wh its seems, on paper anyway, that the MSX Pro less powerful? I am not an expert by no means but the calculations add up right? Are there any other factors to consider given this is will be GWs flagship performance wheel?
  9. Hi Daz, Sure no problem. Message me on my number and we can arrange something Thanks, Shaun
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