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  1. Yeah, I made sure it has permissions. It has permission to use everything except SMS.
  2. I just got a new phone (Pixel 3XL) and, for the life of me, cannot connect my KS14s to the app. My phone's bluetooth sees it (as KS14d) but simply doesn't connect. It's been almost a year since I've paired it with a phone, so I'm probably doing something wrong. Do I need to put the wheel in pairing mode somehow? The King Song app itself doesn't even see the wheel at all to pair with it.
  3. I would like to say I'd choose the 18 because I actually love riding it on the open road and long trails. But for my situation, I kind of already have chosen, I ride the 14s about 10 times more often. Actually, my 18L is over at a buddies house right now, he rides it more than I do! If, however, I knew I would be limited (by budget) to one wheel from the beginning, I probably would have gone with the 16s. I've ridden one and, for my situation, I think it would be a great all-arounder. Decent speed, reliable (another reason the 14s appealed to me) and not too big for my daily work use.
  4. KS14s and KS18L owner here. I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but I actually ride my 14 more. But that has everything to do with where/how I ride. I ride to my business post office box just about every day. It's only about 20 city blocks away. I've been riding the 14 for almost a year (I think I'm right around 1000 miles) and I just find it more fun to ride in town. There are plenty of areas where I need to pick it up real quick to go into a shop, or over something, and I find the 18 a bit of a pain in those scenarios. The battery lasts forever and it's plenty powerful for riding around town. With that said, when I want to ride long bike trails or country roads, I choose the 18 because of the speed. It did take me a few days to get the hang of the 14, it is definitely a bit tougher to learn on. However, because it was my first one, just about any other wheel is pretty easy to hop on and go. I must say that I don't understand all the "instability" issues everyone else seems to have with the 14. Maybe I've just been riding it so long that I rarely have issues. In fact, I like its maneuverability in tighter spaces in comparison to the 18. It just comes down to where/how you'll be riding it. And like someone said above, once you buy one of these things, you'll always want to upgrade.
  5. I use this, it's been very useful over the last year (even use it for my car tires): http://www.oasser.net/store/p3/Oasser_Mini_Air_Inflator_Portable_Air_Compressor_Hand_Held_Pump_with_Digital_LCD_Rechargeable_Li-ion_12V_150PSI.html
  6. You're a brave man. I have two Siberian Huskies and with their speed and strength pulling stuff, I don't think I'd have the guts to ride with them. Side note, they actually caught a squirrel in my backyard over the summer and decided to play tug-of-war with it. Poor little bastard, it was not pretty.
  7. I've seen chooch get wobbles a couple times. He even commented on having troubles with wobbles on the Z10. I believe he adjusted his footing and deflated the tire in that case which helped. You have to remember these are edits. You rarely see him fall, either, I just don't think he puts a lot of that stuff in his edits. Plus, he's been riding non-stop for so long that guys like him have figured out how to minimize all that stuff.
  8. I have a KS14s and love it. I've also ridden larger wheels and like those too. I found the KS14s to be a bit easier to maneuver and it's fast enough for me. I've ridden over 30 miles on a single charge (think I could get close to 40 miles if I tried), so range isn't an issue either. With that said, I will be buying an 18" (haven't decided which one yet) soon.
  9. New to the forum and a fairly new rider. I'm a bit surprised by the poll. Although, maybe not. I'm 42, but my generation (X Gen) grew up with the first version of xtreme sports. Tony Hawk and Travis Pastrana were our idols and my gen grew up outdoors, doing crazy shit. I also think cost might be an issue for the younger crowd. Sure, a good EUC costs as much as a really nice bike, but 99.99999% of all kids ride $100 bikes for a reason... they're cheap and they work. I doubt there are a lot of parents willing to pay a grand for an EUC "deathtrap" for their 15 year old. Likewise, a young adult (20s) is probably still in university or working just to make ends meet, so the price would still be high for a decent EUC.
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