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  1. Flyboy10


    Took a ride down the tracks in search of an engineering marvel that has been standing for 100 years. Spoiler alert, I didn't find it. But I will attempt again later in the year.
  2. Most people start buy buying something small to "enhance" their commute or to learn on. After a couple months you'll outgrow it and buy another. Then sell your small one or keep it. I still have my KS 14S. It is a fun trick wheel. To answer your question though, the majority of riders here are addicts and want either more speed, more range, more comfortable (bigger wheel).
  3. Flyboy10


    Since i've been off the wheel to recover, I finally got around to making some long overdue videos. This is the first...
  4. I will admit that there is wind noise when standing straight up. But as soon as you tuck, the noise goes away. I've tested this at 40 mph. The helmet was designed for longboards who always ride in the tucked position. The Pass is quieter than my MTB open face helmet at 40+ mph. If you strictly ride below 30 mph, there are better, cheaper helmets.
  5. Found a cool site that compares e-sk8 helmets. Might help those want to know what is safest for our sport. https://e-skateboarder.com/longboard-helmets/
  6. Flyboy10


    I have all Chinese knock off gear. As far as what I would upgrade. I've been thinking about that. My gear did its job. My doc said that collar bones break so easily because as your shoulder goes down there comes a point when the collar bone touches your rib cage and then snaps because your ribs are stronger. Doc said it only takes 7 lbs to break the collar bone. I think the only thing that would have prevented my break would have been football shoulder pads. I have yet to see body armor that prevents shoulder movement or in other words, the shoulders and chest pieces are connected and can't move. In my video you can see that the mesh in the shoulder area was destroyed and the straps were loosened. Maybe i just needed tighter straps? Not sure. I honestly don't remember landing on my left side. My armor shows that I landed on my right. The wheel did fall on top of me while I was sliding. How funny would that be if that is was broke my shoulder! I wish I had had a 360 camera on. I'm really curious to see how I fell.
  7. Flyboy10


    My damage report after my 35 mph cutout. Long story short, I didn't realize how low my battery was and cutout. Suffered no road rash and broke my collar bone. My gear saved my life.
  8. Flyboy10


    Its is Utah actually. Bridal Veil falls and the Provo river trail. I did this ride a last year on my first epic ride with my 18xl https://youtu.be/kqq7rgP-zcM
  9. How quiet the ride is. the comfort and everything that everyone above mentioned. I feel safer on the MSX than the 18XL any day.
  10. Yes. Classic cutout due to low battery (unknown to me)
  11. Unfortunately, I have not done much testing since getting my MSX. I have yet to do a range test. Throttling still happens around 50% I believe but it is very gradual. Unfortunately, I broke my collar bone so I won't be able to give you any more answers soon. From what I understand, all 18xl wheel come with the new motor. So unless you buy used there is no choice. The 18xl is an amazing wheel and I honestly think I the only reason I don't like it as much anymore is because I ride a Gotway more often. Everytime I get back on the 18xl I smile though and enjoy the ride. It's just too slow.
  12. I can confirm that is what happened. The purple thing next to the hall sensor is the lights. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/11484-msx-customizations-sharewhat-you’ve-done/?do=findComment&comment=222700
  13. My board looks different from yours. Sorry to not be too much help. @ZenRyder @Nick McCutcheon https://www.instagram.com/p/B-yeOJpgtNP/?igshid=16glziuu6xyql
  14. The corners are reinforced with Kevlar. I'm going on a year with mine and no issues.
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