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  1. Flyboy10

    360 cameras....

    These are the ones I'm following. Hopefully someone can comment on them. They all advertise as great looking cameras. I feel like the insta360 speaks for itself but is also the most expensive so, I understand.
  2. Flyboy10

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    So I've had the 18XL for almost 2 weeks and ever since then I've been having sharp pain mid shin that lasts for maybe 15 seconds. My mind tells me shin splints but when I was a runner back in the day they felt more like a constant pain not sharp and quick. It almost feels like a Charlie horse or muscle spasm. Anyone else have this experience when going to a bigger wheel?
  3. Flyboy10

    starting out I keep going too fast..

    Alternatively you can stagger your feet a little. I have my left heel in line with the back of pedal and my right to in line with right front pedal. I then use my left for accelerating and right for braking. Some might consider this an intermediate level foot position. I feel like it also helps with the really tight turning because the wheel can almost between my legs much like a basketball player dribbling a ball between his legs. That being said I learned with both my feet forward. I agree with the above to move back, or stand up straighter. Might be from leaning to far forward due to fear??
  4. Flyboy10

    starting out I keep going too fast..

    I'm sure Apple has an equivalent.
  5. Flyboy10

    starting out I keep going too fast..

    You can use Google photos, then post the link to the video. Example: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3gWdWxeqYunDwsjM7
  6. Flyboy10

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    @Rehab1 this is where you post a shooting star video/meme of someone flying off a jump on an EUC into outer space... Similar to ...
  7. Flyboy10

    KS18XL total mileage...

    I do ride it to work everyday... And now that I don't think about battery, I can take longer routes home.
  8. Flyboy10

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    I then bought the 18XL..... Now I'm playing the same game with cars....
  9. Flyboy10

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    I was ridding my KS 14s and I'd pass a bicycle, he'd catch up ask a question then burst ahead. Then I'd slowly catch back up, he'd ask another question then burst ahead. At least I wasn't huffing and puffing after the 3rd or 4th time 😁
  10. Flyboy10

    Kıngsong ks18xl bag

    I love the lighting visibility. That's my only problem with the covers provided by @The Fat Unicyclist. Visibility is great from the sides but head on it's only the headlight that is seen. Then again, the lights are protected in the event of a fall. Maybe the EUC bodyguard could be used for daytime/off roading and this one for night time use?
  11. Flyboy10

    KS18XL total mileage...

    Received March 9th. As of March 20th I have 154 miles. So 14-15 miles per day... I'll be doing my first distance run this Saturday though so it will change 😁
  12. The movie gets out around 12:30. I'll then head to In 'N Out across the street and grab a bite. Plan on heading out around 1:15-1:20.
  13. Flyboy10

    Orange KingSong App is dying?

    I'm just glad I finally unlocked the top speed on my 18XL. The app wouldn't let me for a long time. Had to get the speed code again. Now I never have to use kingsong's app again. Praise WheelLog!
  14. Flyboy10

    Orange KingSong App is dying?

    I got this message on my orange KS app. Does this mean it won't function anymore? Will the blue app only be supported? @US69 is the KS rep right? Do you know?
  15. Flyboy10

    KingSong protective covers are now a thing...

    Testimonial time: Cover protected my wheel from a 45° hit to a curb after crashing into a fellow EUCer, long story.