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  1. More footage from the same ride as above.
  2. I just purchased this, haven't tested in because GoPro quik has quit on me. It would load anymore...
  3. Here is a review of both the 18XL and the EUC Bodyguard from roll.nz. Please note the Bodyguard has improved a lot since I purchased it. Very happy with both products.
  4. Unfortunately the morning ride on my new MSX was more taxiing than I thought. Might not make it anymore.
  5. This just in! Probably only in high foot traffic areas.
  6. Flyboy10

    18XL Voodoo

    Added a video to the original post.
  7. I'm going to join in this one. I've always wanted to see LA at night. Also, never been to Griffith Park or the Hollywood sign. Might bring some guys from SD with me. We'll be doing a ride earlier in the day though so we'll see.
  8. @Freewheeler, we used to do balboa park. the bike trails there are pretty nuts but fun. San Diego does have a lot to offer as seen in my youtube videos and instagram posts. In one trip you can see all on downtown, balboa park, beach side cliffs, great off road trails, and scenic "mountain views". We typically organize rides off the forum now because it is quicker to share the info. Next time you are down, please feel free to message me. We typically ride on saturdays as a group once a month but they are often sporadic (due to my poor planning) and everyones availability. Excited for the EUC games to meet more riders that live where I grew up (Orange County).
  9. So does you practicing with the official beating stick and practicing with Rama (who isn't eligible for winning) count as bending the rules, while the rest of us (if practicing at all) are using broom sticks by ourselves?
  10. Is this an official statement??!!!!! @Rama Douglas hinted at it a while ago.
  11. Tagging @Jeffrey Scott Will to maybe give a comment as EUCO is his baby, or at least works for them.
  12. I was just thinking about him today...
  13. Flyboy10

    18XL Voodoo

    It wasn't raining, unless you were speaking metaphorically. This typically happens when slowing to a stop, never during acceleration or cruising. Wheel has never gotten above 60°C.
  14. Flyboy10

    18XL Voodoo

    KS 18XL voodoo... I was riding home today, just like every other day, and I stopped to take a picture of the thunderstorm approaching. I had one foot on, one foot off. I felt the wheel tilting and I looked down to see my wheel tilting all the way back, pause, then slowly tilt back to neutral... I've been having weird stuff like this happen throughout my entire time owning this wheel. Although this has been the most bizarre. Anyone else have this issue?
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