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  1. Its a pebble time watch and I'm using EUC world. Marty Backe has a youtube video about it see these links. https://youtu.be/6fD9JGPBnno
  2. S18 range test with a 155 lb. rider
  3. Flyboy10


    S18 Range Test in the beautiful red rocks of St. George, Utah
  4. @black_sith81 follow me on Instagram at FlyboyEUC and I'll help you out! Or join the San Diego electric unicycle Facebook page.
  5. Flyboy10


    S18 and V11 Off-road Demo ride and review. These were both pre-production models. More to come...
  6. Posting here just in case there are any new SD riders that aren't aware of the Facebook page we have. S18 and V11 Demo Ride. Sat 25th at 8:30 am. Come check out the latest suspension wheels and test them out in the dirt! Meeting spot: https://maps.app.goo.gl/qp2gshNaz4Uqwhmt5 We will ride the wheels in the parking lot until 9am and then head on the trail. The ride will be 19 miles of off-road. This is an out and back ride.
  7. Flyboy10


    For anyone wondering about the historical significance of why this is the Tour de San Diego, check out the links in the YT description. I love learning about the history in SD.
  8. Blindly explored a new trail in a group ride. We got it handed to us. With @RayRay @SDmike @Mike Petrogeorge @gr8ps
  9. The fan to the headlight is exposed and literally sucking in water. Unless it is pushing air out. I did not think to see which way the fan is blowing. I'm waiting for an official teardown also as I was under the impression that the v11 was more rain proof than the s18. The v11 is a pogo stick because it has to air cylinders that are full of air. Air suspension works more like a spring unless there is something else to balance or soften the rebound. Kuji would have tested the v11 suspension just as much as the s18. the only difference is the s18 has a much more complex suspension system. the cylinder has a positive and a negative chamber with lockout and rebound reaction adjustments. Thats 4x more complex than the v11. When I jumped while riding the v11 my feet went flying. When I jumped while riding the s18 my feet stayed down solely due to the built in kuji pads. That's the feeling i got when i saw the demo unit. Padding had already fallen off and they super glued it back on. I hope they fix this. I certainly hope both wheels get the h666 as it is far superior to the current tires. Marty will be the deciding factor on how mountain worthy these wheels are. The s18 tire is definitely a tight fit with the fender. Seems that 3rd party tires will be difficult to manage.
  10. Inmotion hinted that this might be there for future upgrades. Most likely for pads.
  11. I'd say the v11 is definitely a great upgrade to any Inmotion wheel. The s18 is only worth it if you are coming from a wheel smaller than the 16s strictly because of the battery. I can't imagine many people will sell their 16x or 18xl to purchase an s18. P.S. I've heard reports of the v11 not being a good mountain wheel or rainy weather wheel. Just throwing that out there
  12. He is but the Pandemic affected him pretty badly. They are working to get videos and reviews of the V11. They'll be in LA all this week shooting and stuff. here is a link to my thoughts on both. I think inmotion made a better quality product but the S18 is a better off-roader. TIme and more tests will determine which one lasts longer. Random thoughts about EUCO. They are the one of the only major EUC suppliers in america that makes videos of the products they are selling. Every other place lets other people like Marty, Duf, EvX, Chooch, etc make all the videos. EUCO has to balance making videos and running a business. It's not like they are riding wheels all day. They are busy with customer support and repairs, shipping logistics, and public relations. Unlike other youtubers and distributors, EUCO tries to create their own content and pictures instead of taking the poor quality "leaked" cell phone pics from the manufacturers. I understand the frustration of wanting reviews and stuff but making content takes a long time especially if it is professional work and not some guy with a laptop and a gopro like me! haha Not sure why I wanted to say all that but it felt good typing it up.
  13. Here are my jumbled thoughts after riding both wheels in the parking lot and looking over each one in detail. S18 tailored for smaller riders, the kuji pad is really low. I'm 5'10" and my shoe size is US Mens 9. meant for off-roading and jumping lights have a wider throw at the cost of brightness tail light is kinda cool but not effective at all the inner shell (tire guard thing) rubs the battery pack of the wheel. That's that loud noise everyone hears while the suspension moves, thin rubber or felt will fix that. This shell also feels very very cheap. I think it will be the first thing to break. It is very close to the tire and might prevent any other tire from being used. lots of sharp corners on the paneling to cut fingers on trolley handle is decent but a little buggy to get the wheel to disengage. You have to slide it around a couple times until it locks in place more nimble than v11 and shorter less (un)sprung weight which is better mechanically I prefer the beeping to inmotions loud "welcome" overall in person it just looks cheap because of the huge hole in the top and sharp edges V11 headlight and tail light is like no other, it puts the MSP to shame. the lights are literally automotive grade suspension is smooth but less performance oriented than the S18. its also simpler because its one air piston holding you up, the s18 is a little more complex. build quality is amazing, it looks like the Z10's older brother. everything is packaged very nicely. very difficult to pump up the tire trolley handle is very sturdy and has a spring in it that pops up the handle when you release the switch holding it down side panels move up and down which make powerpads very difficult to attach but then again i've never seen powerpads on an inmotion wheel. without pads the v11 can't jump I hope to ride both wheels more especially at high speed over bumps. But both of these wheels are amazing in their own way. If you are primarily a night rider than you should get the V11, if you are a daytime skatepark and quarry rider, the S18. I'll edit this as I think of more stuff but these are my initial thoughts.
  14. I believe that is the GPS predicted time. In real life it's probably half that. I usually cut Google's bike time estimate I'm half when I ride MSX.
  15. 1) 2) I've convinced and taught many people to buy EUCs. People typically approach me before they purchase a wheel for some training sessions or a try before you buy type thing.
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