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  1. Cogswell Ride from @Marty Backe's LA Tour
  2. @Jason McNeil can I have the 6th Nikola (the free one after you buy 5 of them)? Technically their policy is buy 5 and GIVE 1...
  3. Do they last longer than 5 seconds? Are they abrupt or subtle? Do they go away as soon as you slow down? I have my tiltback and beeps set at the same speed and I feel the tiltback before I hear the beeps.
  4. Not interested in the monster. I like the 18 inchers best.
  5. So I've had the 100v MSX 1230wh and the 18xl together for 2 months now. I must say the MSX has made the 18XL less enjoyable to ride. Understand that my riding style is much like that of New York riders but I never weave or run lights (no offense). My cruising speed is 35 mph on the MSX and 31 on the XL. I had planned on keeping both wheels because the XL was going to be my long range cruiser and the MSX, my sprinter. But how that the 1860wh MSX is here I find myself debating on selling both my wheels and getting the 1860 wh MSX. The 1860wh should have comparable range to the XL with my 150lb riding weight right? I will also say that lately I've been hitting the overlean triple beeps when I accelerate on the XL. I really love the commodities of the Kingsong wheels and it breaks my heart to think of parting with it. But hearing those rapid beeps is concerning. Do I just need to cut back on the gas so to speak? Has anyone else heard the overlean beeps while accelerating on the XL? @Kuji Rolls what about during your acceleration tests with both wheels? Having 2 fast wheels has been nice because I can work on one and ride the other since I am a commuter. Feedback? Should I just enjoy what I have a wait until the 2000wh 126v MSX comes out next summer?
  6. LA EUC Limbo Game from Flyboy's perspective. Cameo's from @The Fat Unicyclist @Sidestreet Reny and many others! Thanks @who_the for the photo.
  7. So I recently bought a 1230wh 100v MSX and then heard about this upgraded one. A 1860wh pack would be $1000 and I'd have a 1230wh pack laying around. Alternatively I could try and sell my 1230wh so I can buy a new 1860wh for $2300. I have 4 questions: 1. Should I buy the battery and try to sell they smaller battery, or just buy the new wheel and sell the old one? 2. Should I see if I could buy another 1230wh pack and see if I can put that pack in my 1230wh MSX for a total of 2460wh...? (I have no experience with electronics) 3. Is the extra 600wh worth $1000? 4. Should I buy the 1860wh battery and a batteryless 100v Monster and put my 1230wh in the Monster? Total of $2300 (I just have no desire for the monster, especially with only 1230wh of juice) I've noticed that some 1860wh MSX have different lights. I like lights!
  8. Here are all mine https://photos.app.goo.gl/97bkdrqTxppoepXz8 I also have a YouTube playlist (needs updating)
  9. Maybe but it's negligible. Just turn the volume up more.
  10. Here is some clickbait for you guys. The MSX and 18XL climbed better than the Nikola+. Any question about the Nikola ask @Nick McCutcheon.
  11. Thanks guys. I might just double up for now. Has anyone modded the head light to make it brighter? Or the side lights?
  12. Did a short little ride with some new members in SD our little band is growing. This is only half the total number of riders. Still trying to get one big group.
  13. My 100v MSX buzzer is too quiet. Has anyone upgraded there's? If so, links from where purchased and any pictures would be nice. The one I currently have is HND-3015A DC3-24v. I think it registers 90dBs. Or could I possibly double up for more oomphf?
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