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  1. I will definitely chime in here. Our first ride is Feb 1st. Its 19 miles (not sure if the Mten3 can make it but I have a 14s that will if you want to borrow it) but we will be stopping for many breaks depending on the group. 5 new riders have joined the ranks since the last group ride so we are going to take it easy. Be sure to join the San Diego Facebook page to stay in the loop. If you need/want any in person lessons I'm happy to oblige.
  2. How does one install euc world on the pebble? Mine says it's unsupported, along with every single app or watch face I add... Update: I hadn't fully registered I guess... All is well
  3. If you ride with me (and assuming I still have multiple wheels when you come) you can borrow one of mine. But the wheel does not leave my sight and I expect any damages to be taken care of by the rider. Other than that, maybe you can convince EUCO headquartered in San Diego to keep some beater wheels to rent out. Tagging @Nick McCutcheon @Jeffrey Scott Will P.S. thanks for the feedback on the video. I was a little worried this video would be boring, hence I added the text portions.
  4. Here is the scenic ride through downtown where @Marty Backe discovered the oscillating issue with the 1860wh MSX from ewheels (which has since been addressed). No words on this video but I did write some background info on the many historical places we road around.
  5. Did you purchase the wheel like this or convert it? Were you throttled in v1.00? For me it's not a pain to downgrade but I really like the silence and new light settings. I don't go on long enough rides to have the thottling affect me to much. That and I'm used to the small battery on my 100v MSX
  6. It all depends on how and where you travel. City riders will swear to crouch and swerve, casual riders will stand straight or sit. Obviously riding off-road needs some bent knees while riding on fresh pavement doesn't require bent knees. When I go fast I resemble down hill skiers that way my drag is less and my head is closer to the wheel to hear beeps. If I'm doing tricks or tight turns I ride with my feet apart and when I ride straight, my feet touch the shell. In the end, ride whichever way makes you feel comfortable. If I'm going for a Sunday stroll, I stroll. If I'm riding like a drag racer, I ride like Aneta mentioned. I've seen some people ride with one leg "locked" into the wheel and their other leg just barely touches the edge of the pedal with their toes. It's great for carving. My go to foot position is left heel over back of left pedal, right toe over front of right pedal. This gives me a "gas(left) and brake(right)" stance and if I hit a bump, it's as if I've stepped forward and caught myself. This has saved me many times.
  7. Flyboy10

    MSuper Pro?

    I'd like to see chooch with this wheel going through mud, dirt, snow and test out the durability of those speakers.
  8. If the noise is gone on both motors and with the 2000w I get 25% throttling instead of 50% and more stability at higher speeds with less likelihood of overlean, then yes, it will be worth swapping back if that's what you meant. I love the new firmware. I might give it some more time and see if I can figure out why I keep hearing over lean beeps when I'm at a constant speed. I guess I could do a range test to see if I can beat 62 miles like what I did on the 2000w motor. From initial reports the new motor should have more range. To sum up, love the software, not so sure about the motor. It might be interesting to swap back and see if I can feel a difference. I rode a friend's original XL but it felt so different from mine I felt like it wasn't a good comparison.
  9. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/16892-20-firmware-for-ks-18lxl-is-available/?do=findComment&comment=287433 the EUC World app might help in a couple days when it supports firmware updates.
  10. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/16291-ks18xl-2200w-motor/?do=findComment&comment=283637 there you go. The problem is even with the app, you need a login.
  11. What did you get on the old firmware?
  12. That's always my experience. Hence why I use the KS soft tuner app (available from major vendors). I really wish KS would fix this.
  13. Flyboy10

    MSuper Pro?

    Sounds like we are getting one in SD through EUCO and doing speed tests. We'll be able to compare it to the 100v 1230wh and 100v 1860wh versions.
  14. If I do end up switching back to the 2000w motor I'll let you know. But I only have a cheap bathroom scale. Not sure how accurate it is.
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