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  1. mkygod

    Can a 14s serve as an all round wheel?

    For short rides and on pavement, then yes. And by short, i mean several miles here and there. This would be much less range than the 14S can handle per charge. A 14D might be better served for such short trips. A little wheel like that is great if you just wanna stroll around the neighborhood or at your local park. But if you're going to be riding 10 miles plus at a time, then i would consider 16-18 inch wheels.
  2. I wish i had a EUC when i went to Cal state Long Beach. My classes were at the front and the main parking lot was at the opposite end. (this was before they had built the parking structure). The walk was not fun, especially considering that the parking lot was basically built on a slope
  3. mkygod

    Great tunes for EUC riding.

    Ducktales theme song (Gizmoduck!) Ridin' by Chamillionaire ("They see me rollin'... they hatin")
  4. I've had the KS14D for a few months. It is indeed quite capable on on smooth dirt trails and uphill trails as well. It does not inspire much confidence on more moderate bumpy/rocky trails. The best thing about it is its lighter weight and zippiness. You can stop and change directions on a dime. Construction seems very solid as well. However if I had to do it again, i'd probably wouldve saved up for something like a KS16 or a Tesla. Once you've experience the speed warning beeps on the KS14D, you'll immediately think about upgrading to something faster.
  5. mkygod

    Tesla cut off crasch

    It looks like the same standard power switch that's used on most EUCs. If so, does this mean any wheel that uses this power switch is subject to water intrusion?
  6. mkygod

    Wikipedia Update For The EUC Forum

    They really need to update their gallery. Also, strangely enough, there's no mention of any of the big three EUC manufacturers: Ninebot, Gotway, and KingSong. I think the whole page is due for some updates if someone would take the time.
  7. I would say you don't need to get really good, but just good enough to feel comfortable wherever you are taking it. Confidence is an important thing when taking on harder to ride wheels.
  8. mkygod

    Tesla cut off crasch

    oh wow. You didn't wear ANY protection at all? Maybe think about getting some flex seal spray or something to make the Tesla more water resistant.
  9. mkygod

    Opinion on 14 inch wheels?

    In my mind, there 2 types of wobbles: 1) Rider induced wobbles, sometimes caused by bending your leg or tensing your legs too much. 2) wobbles that start by taking a hit against objects, pot holes, speed bumps, landing jumps/falls; basically when the wheel is upset by an external force and you try recover the balance of the wheel. Usually it only lasts maybe a second or less because that's normally how long it takes to recover. Maybe wobbles isn't exactly the right word to describe this, but hopefully you know what i mean.
  10. mkygod

    Opinion on 14 inch wheels?

    Yes, i know the feeling. I tried to squat down to sit on my 14D while riding and its virtually impossible to do because it gets way too wobbly. But what i meant was if you go over a speed bump too fast, or roll off a curb, I think a bigger wheel would be able to do that with less wobble, regardless of the skill of the rider. Mainly because it just takes more to upset a more massive wheel in rotation.
  11. mkygod

    Opinion on 14 inch wheels?

    tbh, my only EUC experience is on my 14D. I just like how zippy it feels. I can just dart in and out like a hummingbird. I feel it has the advantage in more confined places. But one drawback is that if you hit a bump, it feels prone to wobbling. I imagine that a bigger wheel would be less prone to wobbling just due to the increased gyro affect of having more spinning mass.
  12. In no particular order simplicity uniqueness ability to take it into most places and not having to lock it up outside. relative small footprint and greater portability a bigger feeling of freedom. Doesn't feel like your tied down to something. On smooth pavement, it almost feels like you're flying sometimes. For smaller wheels, the increased nimbleness and ability to zip around and change direction, when compared to boosted boards and scooters. ability to go offroad if you need to The biggest cons ive encountered so far: my feet gets tired very quick in the arch area compared to any other etransport ive tried (i have low arches) riding slow at walking speeds behind pedestrians is excruciating and i hate having to step off when there are things in the way. It becomes a bit of a chore when this happens too often. lots of wind resistance
  13. We'red you get that? was it custom? It reminds me of stuff they use to make speakers and pro audio racks and shelves with. I wonder if there are any portable audio racks or suitcases that would work.
  14. I place it in the trunk of my VW GTI hatchback on its side. And I use "CarGo" blocks to keep it from sliding around. The blocks look like this: I will take pics when i can. I have no idea if its ok or not to leave it on its side for a long time.
  15. mkygod

    Noob first try - meh

    I actually found that expert mode is easier as a beginner because it helps you pick up speed with less effort. And for a beginner especially, picking up speed is your friend. You'll find the skateboard starts are easier to push off on because motor kicks in earlier to your inputs. Eventually, you won't need to do a skateboard start. I left it in expert mode ever since. Everytime i try to go back to medium, it felt less responsive.