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  1. I'm a novice and bought the Tesla from a fellow forum member recently that purchased it new just weeks ago.  It only has 57 miles on it.  I have dropped it before, but the only notable scratches are on one of the side padding since I put foam cushion on the other areas.  Aside from the physical imperfections, I'm not aware of anything that is wrong with it.  

    I'm selling because I find it just too difficult to learn.  My calves are sore every time I practice and also I'm just not having fun due to the learning curve.  I probably will get an electric scooter instead.

    Looking for a local buyer at the moment only. Asking $1100 firm. I feel this is a fair price for an almost new unit, especially since new EUCs will likely go up in prices due to the 25% tariff in the US.

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  2. 14 hours ago, The Fat Unicyclist said:

    In winter on days when the temperature drops below 4-5°C (40°F) I sometimes wear some insulating Solo gloves (they fit nicely under the D30)...



    But that is because I am a delicate flower with sensitive IT fingers...   :efefb6a84e:

    Thanks! I think something thin like this would suffice.  I wasn't looking for a whole lot of protection for the fingers, but just something in case my fingers ever scrape against something during a fall.