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  1. Thanks! I think something thin like this would suffice. I wasn't looking for a whole lot of protection for the fingers, but just something in case my fingers ever scrape against something during a fall.
  2. Hi, I'm interested in purchasing the Flexmeter double sided wrist guards, but am wondering what gloves people wear with it. Should I look for a typical protective glove in a larger size than what I normally would wear, or is there a normal sized glove that fits well with these wrist guards? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I noticed you lowered the price to $800 shipped in another thread. If it's still available at that price, I'm interested. I am a new forum member so cannot send you a PM, but maybe I can respond to PMs. Can you PM me so we can work out the details? Thanks.
  4. Is this still for Sale? How much shipped to 98059, and do you know if it was purchased from ewheels?