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  1. Hsiang

    Gotway Monster 2019

    Thank you! It worked but I think I need to use some loctight since I can feel it loosen up a bit since I tighten it on Friday. Btw I did a long range test yesterday and was able to cover 54 miles and still have 34% battery left. The range on this wheel is pretty amazing.
  2. Hsiang

    Gotway Monster 2019

    Ran into problem with loose axle but thanks to @Rehab1 its fix now I think....
  3. So I received both socket and in case if anyone is in the same predictament; the first socket as well as the original one linked further up the thread does not fit the v3 case, the second one does. Going to put it in the mail and send it to Rehab1 tomorrow.
  4. This is why we all call Ben the “ghost rider” since we’re all convinced that he’s nothing more than a figment of our imagination.
  5. I'll be happy to share! I dont live far from "HQ" the bubble tea joint most eriders gather. Also for Ben I actually travel to Flushing every Saturday since that's where my folks lives. I actually bought 2 24mm socket since the one Chris has, was very tight in the v3 case and difficult to use. So I bought this: Sunex 424mzt 3/4-Inch Drive 24-Mm 12-Point Thin Wall Impact Socket https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006MPCBWM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_YGeEDbXX463RY And this Pro-Grade 14724 1/2-Inch Drive with 12 Point Deep 24mm Socket https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EPKOVLK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_BIeEDb5T2HM25 In case if the first one is too short. I figure the chrome finish might help it turn easier. I'll get the first one tomorrow and the second the day after and will sent the one that does work! Also the axle felt like it loosen some more so I think I am going to stop riding it just to be safe. Back to the i5 I guess..
  6. I had never used an angle grinder before and really only have rudimentary power tool skills; plus I also don't have access to a shop and will have to do whatever work necessary in my living room which might be tough. I would much prefer if I can find someone local to make the cut for me, but I haven't had much luck with any of the hardware store near by, I'll try calling some local custom metal fabricators but I suspect this is too small of a job for them. I wonder how Gotway does it in their factory?
  7. It custom cutting a socket the only option? the open ended wrench even the offset version does not appears to fit thought the other opening in the case and would require the dissemblying of the whole wheel to get to the nut. I have been told that this isn't an uncommon problem, is everyone getting custom socket made just for this purpose? I did try asking at my neighborhood hardware store and they look at me like I am crazy.. Also is a loose axel sufficiently dangerous that I should stop riding the monster?
  8. Had to revive this old thread since my 3 weeks old monster had developed a loose axle, and require tightening. @houseofjob was nice enough to help me open it up and tightening it but since I didn't listen and let the loctight set it loosen the same afternoon after we tighten it. So instead of keep bugging him, I need to find a socket that would fit through the case so I don't have to take the whole thing apart. the offset wrench seems like it'll be too thick and doesn't offset enough to get around all the batteries and what not. Anyone found a better source for a slotted 24mm socket? they seem to make a "oxygen sensor socket" which has the slot precut, but they only comes in 22mm varieties. I'll also need to find a nice long breaker bar to crank it properly.
  9. I am a bit unclear as to the failure point at the motor wiring, but it is internal to the motor and although I have heard one instances where someone opened up their motor housing and was able to replace the wiring and repair the fault there was no documentation to it. Again Jason had said that this was a common problem he had encountered and for him; requires the replacement of the motor assembly. I did get a brief response from ninebot, they reiterated that the ghost drain issues had been addressed in the new batch (sounds like it hasn't for some) and no additional info on the z10 pro. =(
  10. I did ask for clarification on the self drain issues since I had not heard of anyone whom had a z10 that had this addressed. I did ask GF when was the replacement motor I purchased manufactured and they said after April 2019 so I am hoping that whatever issue there had been addressed as well. This one is still a bit fuzzy for me since Jason at ewheel had confirmed it being a gen one failure point but I had not seen any documentation of what the actual problem point is. And of course I begged for more info on the z10 pro and even asked for demos, let see if they'll actually respond.
  11. So I heard back from ninebot in regards to the Z10 issues we have been seeing. They acknowledged the connector melt-down and high battery self drain issues and sent the following response: "the new batch Z6/Z10 has already fixed all the known issues(MFG date after Apr/2019). Pls let your friends know Ninebot will not end this series; and we will continue the support, even we dont sell officially in the US, but we will do as much as possible to provide stable spare part supply.." And yes, this interesting bit at the end: "Hopefully we can let you know if we have the Z10 PRO ready :)" I am of course begging for more info, will follow up if they are willing to say more.
  12. That is exactly how one "learn how to fall" just as a martial artist, practice the same set of motion until it becomes reflex. The same can be done with falls. I always land on my right side, even my violent z10 fall where I found my self on the ground bloodied before realizing it, I chipped my right front tooth. Also, I define public consensus as whatever law is on the book, if there isn't a law requiring bicycle helmet. as an adult I felt that it's my right to choose if I want to wear a helmet or not, I am sure people would be greatly annoyed if i.walk down the street telling people not to smoke.
  13. Hsiang

    Gotway Monster 2019

    In case if anyone is curious my monster v3 which was from the same Ali vender (green fashion) did arrive in working order. Also this is the extended range version, I still can't see how they found enough room to fit an extra pack but they did . Photo of the config, looks like they split the pack into many smaller packs and stuff them where ever they can. Feels a bit iffy and messy and I probably should spend sometime properly wire tie and pad the wheels
  14. As had been mentioned, IMHO wrist guard might be even more important since you might not hit your head in a fall, but you'll very likely land on your hands. But people seem to assign some magical protective qualities to helmets, to the point that driver seems to be willing to take more risk around you if you were wearing a helmet. https://www.bicycling.com/news/a25358099/drivers-give-helmet-cyclists-less-room/
  15. The Z10 PRO? does have a nice ring to it.....
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