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  1. I like to give you my experience of the wheel because i almost felt the same as you. I have used a InMotion V8 for 10 month and run about 1000 km and i just got my KS-18L and have now run about 90 km with it. I am 78 kg and 184 cm so almost same size as you. At the begining i run with too high pressure (around 45 psi) and the wheel almost felt unusable. Sometimes the wheel start to wobble like you said with small quick turns to left and right - very scary! Now i have lower the pressure to 35 psi, i guess its around 2.5 bar as @US69 suggested, and it works so much better. I also had this s
  2. Zev

    Speed settings

    I often use Android, in worse case Iphone. Is it the same with the new Android app, that you dont need to unlock it? Anyway, i think its strange there are no solution to unlock a new wheel directly for 50 km/h. A very experience driver can buy a new wheel locked to 40 km/h and need to run 200 km, at the same time a newbie can buy a used wheel which are unlocked to 50 km/h...
  3. Zev

    Speed settings

    So it means, its not possible to unlock to 50 km/h directly?
  4. Zev

    Speed settings

    Just got my new KS-18L but struggle with the settings of the app and speed limit. If i look in Darkbotness it says 40 km/h and can be put in maximum 45 (not 50...). I try to follow the documentation to generate authorization code on this page https://www.electricunicycles.eu/kingsong_ks14_ks16_unlock_code-c__204 but i have no idea where to put that code. In the app under "Speed settings" there are a form appear suddenly (not everytime) look like this picture: But its not possible to write anything in the form. The text boxes are looked. I think i have quite good experience with comp
  5. Zev

    Kingsong app

    The problem seems to be i use gmail account, when tried another mail account it worked...
  6. Zev

    Kingsong app

    Hi, This will be my first message on this forum. I own a InMotion V8 since one year ago and now i am waiting for a new Kingsong KS-18L to arrive next week. I first ordered a Inmotion V10, but too much waiting for it to arrive, i change my mind for a KS-18L instead. I thought about prepare to install the Kingsong app but I cant register a user in it. I have both tried the option to verificate with phone and email. I get a code in both case but everytime i click on the button "Please register" i just get the message "System busy...". Are there any known bugs in the Android app so its
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