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  1. I think yes if you accelerate slow and decelerate slow. And if it is ok to change to different riding mode near hills difference between FW minimum. But in emergency situation you need to decelerate fast and then 1.05 is better imo.
  2. Do not touch sin (1.05) and you will be happy with ever changing world (1.07) :-)
  3. @The Fat Unicyclist no offense but when you write like this there is no information in your post could you add some insights for comunity ? Could you write in your opinion what is 1.07 negatives and what is 1.07 positives when you compare to 1.05 ? That it is possible to drive both versions to 50 km/h i can confirm too. But driving characteristic are different imo.
  4. @UnventorI think v10f will be perfect wheel for your driving style 35 - 40 km/h. I liked v10f but because i needed faster wheel and more battery i upgraded to KS 16X. If i choose to have two wheels my second one would be v10f
  5. I forgot to mention that not just acceleration better with 1.05 but deceleration has same effect. I had few issues when i need to start fast deceleration because car in front of me cross my bike trail and with 1.07 16x start "dead wobling dance" but because i am quite good dancer ( or lucky) i was able to defeat wobling. With 1.05 it decelerate fast and smooth. Had similar fast braking situations with 1.05 and no issues. Just to not be one sided: i think that 1.07 has faster acceleration from something 43 km/h to 47 km/h I do not ride faster. I usually ride rocket acceleration till 40km/h then linear acceleration till my "working" speed 45km/h-47km/h I do not ride faster than 47 km/h for safety reasons. do not like ping pong on edge. For my riding style 1.07 different whell. than 1.05 and 1.05 a lot better. If you accelerate linearly/slowly then probably 1.07 not bad for you just have in mind that braking also has linear effect if you want exponential braking ir starts wobling.
  6. I have different opinion here and i have combined ~600 km with versions (200km with 1.06 and 400km with 1.07) and know i riding 1.05. 1.05 has better acceleration from the start, better climbing. In high speed 45km/h and more probably 1.07 is more stable power delivery. What Jason say that dont ride with less than 50% battery 48 km/h because with 1.05 16x gives you full available power and motor could loose power and cutout. In 1.07 it does not give your full power and leave some reserves for safety. I think if you have that in mind you can safely operate it and retain KS 16x full power. P.S. I was skeptical about 1.05 before i tried it.
  7. V10 and v10f do not go faster than 38 km/h and it is only achievable for first 1/3 of battery after that max speed is reduced even more. There is no way to increase it speed to 45 km/h. But it is very good 30 km/h city wheel. You can ride 30km/h almost till empty battery. Riding very comfortable and wheel very nimble, silent. KS18L is different kind of wheel 18" more stable,a lot more distance, max speed 50 km/h. But has annoying motor sound.
  8. you need to ask your dealer, if this is posible
  9. Just want to add few words to this topic: My experience ~200 km with 1.06 and ~500 km with 1.07 firmware and few days ago i downgraded to 1.05 firmware. And WOW with 1.07 it was amazing wheel but with 1.05 this wheel is rocket!! I feel huge difference in acceleration/deceleration and if you have version 1.05 think twice before upgrading to 1.07 you will loose part of KS16X soul. If anyone knows any safety issues with 1.05 please write here. Everyone should have that in mind and make their informed decisions. P.S. Oh jee feel like newborn
  10. I opened this topic about KS 16x ability to ride in rain and you start to advertise GW nikola Why? Is there question about who is better? Is it better margin from gotway? As I understand you represent distributor so you can have some bias in this case. And if return to main question do you confirm that i can ride GW Nicola + in heavy rain without any issues?
  11. @Micheal Shen could you describe testing conditions for KS 16X ?
  12. skautas2003

    v10F Range

    Almost till the end you can get 30km/h without tiltback. Severity of tiltback do not depend on battery level. Just tiltback starts at lower speed when battery level decreases. It is hard to judge how severe tiltback is, it is not throwing you from the "horse" but you cant overcome it.
  13. skautas2003

    v10F Range

    With 83 kg weight you can achieve from 45km to 50 km if you ride average speed ( not 10-15 km/h )
  14. which one you choose as second wheel? I see there is mten3 2019 version 84V 512 wh and 800w motor and with similar parameters inmotion v8 which one you would buy as addition to Ks16x?
  15. Today traveled to work in heavy rain till now no issues. Does any one ride in heavy rain? Is it safe to do that without extra preparation? Could it survive deep bogs? Winter is coming P.S. I have second batch ks 16x.
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