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  1. Experient mode on 1.05 best performing one IMO. Tried both on 1.07 but as mentioned before reaction time (need to lean more) is slower with any mode with 1.07. IMO everything depends on riding style i am not "slow cooker" i like "lightning strike" so for that style better is 1.05. If you are "slow cooker" 1.07 is better because after 42km/h it accelerate faster IMO. Do not know why but it feels like that probably different power management.
  2. I am riding till 47 km/h. Experience ~1100 km no problem at all. Not sure about 50km/h. My weight 83 kg with gear even more.
  3. I have different opinion 1.05 has better acceleration. I tried 1.06 and 1.07 and then rollback to 1.05. As i understand if you need to lean harder to achieve same acceleration it means whell is slower. Speed maybe same but acceleration slower. For me it is day and night because i prefer better acceleration versus speed I do not drive 50km/h but i can achieve 47km/h and it is totaly ok with 1.05 and 83 kg weight. My experience 200 km 1.06 400km 1.06 and now 600 km with 1.05 About accidents after one accident with 1.05 KS released 1.06 now we have accident with 1.07 with no indications. So problem not with 1.05
  4. is there any results from this case analysis?
  5. But that is not how business works. With 25mph speed it is inmotion v10f a lot cheaper similar riding characteristics
  6. so be ready for FW version 1.08 with lower speed setting and no availability to downgrade
  7. When i check facts without any bias just can have this conclusion: 1. It is not overlean because of loose power. According to telemetry 843 W and 10,7 A so or telemetry is wrong or there is other hardware related problem which leads to worst case scenario and cutout. 2. As i mentioned in other post about firmware 1.07 i feel that 16x gaves more power and acceleration in range 43km/h - to 47 km/h ( I dont ride faster 47) but less in range 0-to 43km/h. With FW. 1.05 i need a lot more efforts to accelerate from 43km/h to 47km/h but it has super acceleration from 0 to 43 km/h. My guess that feeling that you can accelerate faster in upper speed range mislead rider about technical capabilities of wheel. It still same KS16x hardware and firmware cant change its technical capabilities in upper side. Suma sumarum I think FW 1.05 power management was nearest 16x technical capabilities. Just had some issues with riding in low battery levels. Disclaimer: I am happy Ks16x rider with at the moment FW 1.05 and ~1000 km experience with it.
  8. Could you write you weight please? And if possible with and without gear? Is everything ok with your wheel after crash is it functioning ok?
  9. @Mike Sacristan i think you do not feel so much difference between 1.05 and 1.07 becouse your weight is 69 kg. In my opinion wheel behaves differentialy when rider weight 69 your situation, 82 my situatio and for biger boys 95 kg or more.
  10. I think yes if you accelerate slow and decelerate slow. And if it is ok to change to different riding mode near hills difference between FW minimum. But in emergency situation you need to decelerate fast and then 1.05 is better imo.
  11. Do not touch sin (1.05) and you will be happy with ever changing world (1.07) :-)
  12. @The Fat Unicyclist no offense but when you write like this there is no information in your post could you add some insights for comunity ? Could you write in your opinion what is 1.07 negatives and what is 1.07 positives when you compare to 1.05 ? That it is possible to drive both versions to 50 km/h i can confirm too. But driving characteristic are different imo.
  13. @UnventorI think v10f will be perfect wheel for your driving style 35 - 40 km/h. I liked v10f but because i needed faster wheel and more battery i upgraded to KS 16X. If i choose to have two wheels my second one would be v10f
  14. I forgot to mention that not just acceleration better with 1.05 but deceleration has same effect. I had few issues when i need to start fast deceleration because car in front of me cross my bike trail and with 1.07 16x start "dead wobling dance" but because i am quite good dancer ( or lucky) i was able to defeat wobling. With 1.05 it decelerate fast and smooth. Had similar fast braking situations with 1.05 and no issues. Just to not be one sided: i think that 1.07 has faster acceleration from something 43 km/h to 47 km/h I do not ride faster. I usually ride rocket acceleration till 40km/h then linear acceleration till my "working" speed 45km/h-47km/h I do not ride faster than 47 km/h for safety reasons. do not like ping pong on edge. For my riding style 1.07 different whell. than 1.05 and 1.05 a lot better. If you accelerate linearly/slowly then probably 1.07 not bad for you just have in mind that braking also has linear effect if you want exponential braking ir starts wobling.
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