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  1. I have V10 and nearly 1700 km on it. My weight is 83 kg and normally i can ride from 30km to 40 km with full charge. Mainly your riding distance depends on speed. If your speed near 30-38km/h you will get ~30 km distance if your speed near 25km/h you can get 40 km. If your weight 100 kg you will get less distance. Don't believe in advertisement.
  2. Does anyone have experience and could describe difference between those firmware versions. I am riding 1.01 is it worth to update to 1.06?
  3. question is it posible to update to 1.05 not to 1.06 from 1.01
  4. Hi, Is there anyone who knows how to upgrade kingson 16x to 1.05. Normaly it want to upgrade 1.06.
  5. it is new inmotion v10/f mainboard.Fuse 40 A, in v8 board fuse 30A
  6. Brand new mainboard for sale, just received from inmotion. Price 200 USD Can sell aruond the world. Payment through paypal.
  7. Hi i have one new not activated inmotion v8. But when i try to activate it and fill standart password "000000" i receive error "locate failed" My seller from ali told that it is international version and i will be able to use app everywhere. Could someone help me with this? It is my second v8 bought form that seller and my first one working perfectly with app.
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