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  1. Just got home from work, after 4 or 5 Very bad spills and a few more bruises on my shins, I am mounting and discounting with about 85 percent consistency. Thank you all again for the videos and general tips!
  2. interesting concept on the shark fin stand, might be easier to make a reality than my original design Idea. I am gong to make a trip to the local hardware store and see what I can put together. Either way I am not using the stand as a mounting helper any more, just gonna stick to good old fashioned practice until I can figure it out (or until I can't stand the pain in my shins ) and then try again. I am stubborn as all hell and lucky for me I have a pretty high pain tolerance .
  3. and remember "Scooty puff Jr suuuccckkksss........."
  4. Also jag....the scooty puff sr. Profile picture is amazing
  5. Thanks for the advice all. After looking up,many starting and mounting videos, I am just going to let my shins take one for the team , and keep at it until I can figure it out. Also although my EU can be ridden both directions...no front or back, I have LED headlights installed, SO I USUALLY only ride it one direction. That being said though, I might add a kick stand later on but I agree that adding a kick stand as a mounting assistance is just going to prolong the time it takes me to learn to start off without the helper tools. Thanks again, and I will be sure to post an update when I fin
  6. awesome video thank you! I took a day break from trying to mount yesterday, as my shins are still pretty beat up from my first days attempts. I am going to start back at it this evening though, also contemplating the idea of a spring loaded kick stand to help with mounting assistance.
  7. Feel free to make suggestions as to the design.
  8. interesting. The design I am looking at is a single Post, not a double like the one pictured on those units. Also, not sure if the kick stand will end up being able to function as an actual kick stand, or simply as a mounting aid. I will try and draw up a very basic concept drawing for what I am trying to do. another option would be to have two kick stands, one on each side. This would make the kick stands actually keep the unit upright, as well as provide for a perfectly balanced mount nearly every time. I feel the hardest part of accomplishing this is going to be to find the perfect length
  9. As most of you know I am a novice, having had my wheel a little over a week now. I have been having issues mounting without the training wheels as some of you may know. I believe I have solved this problem however. I am in the process of modifying a generic bicycle kick stand for the unicycle. The way I will have it set up is so it is spring loaded, and will help keep the one side balanced when I mount, It will be on a very sensitive spring loaded system, and so as soon as the unicycle begins to move forward it will kick the kickstand out from under the pedal and the spring will catch pushing
  10. Thanks Niko I am not a fan of the pain, and am contemplating getting some cheap memory foam to place on the unicycle until I get the hang of mounting, that way when I fail I will bounce my shin off of the memory foam instead of the hard plastic.
  11. I contemplated leaving one wheel on for mounting, but then I thought this might somehow throw off the balance of the wheel. Certainly not a bad Idea. I am gonna keep trying to mount at least a few times a day, but yesterday I gave up after several failed attempts and put back on the wheels for the time being. I can already ride pretty well, the wheels never touch the ground once I get it started, it is just a matter of getting myself onto the pegs without the wheels. I will try the one wheel technique tonight and see how it goes. The progress of my riding is actually impressing me quite a b
  12. Not giving up, despite the knots I now have of my shins .....I am stubborn and only have a few weeks before classes start up at the law school (I bought the uni to ride to and from class and around campus), so I need to have it at least somewhat successful by then. Thanks all for the advice. I came close towards the end of the day yesterday to getting it, but by then every time I failed I was wincing in pain from the knots on my shins, and so I decided to call it a night. Back at it again this evening.
  13. I have had my uni for about 3 days and decided to take the training wheels off, I do fine except for the fact that I can't start the Damn thing, I can't get on it, ice tried many different ways and after a face plant and bloody shins I gave up for the day and out the training wheels back on. How long did it take you all to learn to mount? Even nowbi don't use the training wheels for anything but mounting
  14. jumped on it last night, and it just kind of clicked, I no longer needed to put pressure using my ankle to maneuver the EU. The first few days though...that was painful, had knots on my shins and ankles. Swelling has gone down now, and I am riding with no pain at all. Took a 2 or so mile ride yesterday (after having a few margaritas) and was completely fine . Thanks again all Yes I know drinking and riding isn't the smartest thing in the world, but I wasn't "drunk", just a bit more relaxed. I feel like the less tense I am the easier it is to stay balanced, almost like the EU is an extens
  15. thanks again everyone for the help. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with memory foam or padding for the generic EU's? I am thinking about getting Velcro strips and velcrowing Memory foam to the sides of my generic in an attempt to save my ankles and calves from being destroyed ,
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