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  1. Liamfind

    Blinking charger v10

    Hello, Please send us by service email with your SN. My colleague from the customer service center will help you solve the problem. Thanks
  2. Liamfind

    Buying V5F from Gearbest in Switzerland

    Comparing the price, sometimes, you need to care more about the after-sales service. Gearbest is only offering a one-year warranty. A lower price or higher price with better service experience? Your call.
  3. Liamfind

    V5F max speed is limited to 12 mph? What is going on?

    Hello, what is the app version of yours? And pls send me your SN by PM. I will help you out. Thanks
  4. Liamfind

    What’s happening wit Inmotion, again!

    Enjoy your ride, my friend.
  5. Liamfind

    Inmotion, are you listening?

    Thank you for your kind suggestion. Indeed, Suspension will be a hotspot within the wheel. Tell you what! The next Inmotion wheel will get this feature inside. It's still under testing.
  6. Liamfind

    Fix The App Please.

    I will report it to our technical team. BTW, what's your app version?
  7. Liamfind

    What’s happening wit Inmotion, again!

    Hi, I have contacted the person who's in charge of the store. Will resent you the spare parts you order. Sorry for the delay.
  8. Liamfind

    V10/V10F - Overload still an issue or solved?

    @Harold Farrenkopf Hello, is it still overload? Can you send me the details?
  9. Liamfind

    V10/V10F - Overload still an issue or solved?

    Can you send me more detail info? I just asked our engineers about the problem that the overload issue has been solved a couple of months ago. The extreme test will be a different thing if you keep climbing hills for hours.
  10. Liamfind

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    From my perspective, the regulation for carrying EUCS on the airplane will not be released in the future unless new invention in producing a stable and safer battery.
  11. Liamfind

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    We are testing the suspension function. But before it gets rolled out, nothing's settled. Indeed, it would be very useful riding through bumpy roads.
  12. Liamfind

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    Of course, we just got back from the Chinese New Year holiday today. Will keep focusing. Thanks
  13. Liamfind

    Does Inmotion France-Belgium answer Emails?

    Hello. Can you send me the link of the amazon store? I will help you out.
  14. Liamfind

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    How's the transportation situation before Chrismas in your country? In China, most of us will go home by train or bus in the long distance ride before the new year. Here are the most busiest monment for the Railway Station throughout the whole year. Guangzhou Railway Station Some of them will stay on the railway Station for over two days to buy one ticket home. We can buy the ticket online before one month, but the biggest problem is that only a few tickets will be released everyday after the first selling day. Good news is that large amount of tickets will be released before two or three days when the trains goes.
  15. Liamfind

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    Dear Inmotion Customers, Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for the support of our company. For the past year, yes, we have been making a lot of mistakes. Waterproof Problem, Overload Problem, App Bugs, and etc, which sometimes drived you guys crazy. But we are always taking it seriously and listening. Most of the problems were solved with the feedback from this forum. Without the involvement of Inmotion USA Team in this community, Jeffery and Bob, none of our reputation here will be possbile. Indeed, no direct contact and reply here before. Our team in China has been keeping an eye on this and getting feedback from the US team. Then, yep, Chinese New Year is coming around. By then, we might be "disappeared" for a while. In the coming holiday is the biggest annual traditional holiday, the Chinese Lunar New year. During the holiday, after-sale service, consulting, purchasing is not gonna work either. We will be back on: Office: Feb 12, 2019 Factory: Feb 20, 2019 See more details from our web. https://www.inmotionworld.com/news/happy--inmotion-chinese-lunar-new-year Warm regards Inmotion Marketing Teams