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  1. Dear Inmotion Customers: Thank you for your long-term support for our company. To improve the customer experience and enhance the mutual communication between our company and the customers, we will set up the Whatsapp groups for different series of products. And we choose to start with the electric unicycle group first. Invitation to the WA group: http://bit.ly/InmotionEUCWAGroup Please add more Inmotion EUC riders around you or those people who would like to know more about our electric unicycle to this group. Many thanks. What you can get from this group? 1.First-hand info about Inmotion new electric unicycles and promotional events. 2. Direct communication and support from Inmotion headquarter. 3.Unsolved after-sales problems solution from the dealers. Who will answer your question? Bosco Pang(Admin)------After-sales Service Liam Zeng(Admin)--- Products Suggestion& Marketing & Business Inquiries Frank Zhou(Admin)----Dealers/Distributors Complaints Thanks Inmotion Team
  2. The photo Jason showed on Instagram is just prototype, but not the final version.
  3. We are planing to upgrade the V10 series, not just pedals.
  4. Hello. I will report the problem to our engineers and send the feedback here. Sorry for bring any inconvenience.
  5. Liamfind

    INMOTION V20 ??

    It's not fantasy, my friend. We have made it in our prototype model. The VX will surprise you guys for sure. Stay tuned for more info coming in.
  6. Liamfind

    INMOTION V20 ??

    Here is the insight. Good news is that indeed, we are testing the new V8. That's what you guys called V8 upgrade version. What's new? (It's not the final version. I'm just trying to keep you guys updated) 1.Pedal. Yes, bigger. Almost the same size as V10 series but not identical. 2.Power and speed. Definitely stronger. And you will see it soon. 3.Battery. Sorry to let you down. The inside design is too complicated to put a bigger battery in. The upgrading process is going well. We are still testing it and trying to seek a better way to find a balance with the detail spec combination. So please wait. See you soon.
  7. Hey guys, Recently, we have been receiving the request that the current owner(Second-hand owner) asked us to delete the previous owner info connected by SN(Serial Number). It can be done by our background system. Here are some tips for a new owner: 1. Please request the previous owner to delete the owner info through the Inmotion APP. 2. Please keep the evidence like a receipt to prove you are the new owner. If no, we can't operate it before you are verified as the new owner. How to connect the app and verify the new owner? (If the previous owner refuses to delete the info, or you can't contact them) 1. Send the receipt or transition record with chat record to our service team in English. (Sorry, we don't have other language service staff from the Headquarter in China.) 2. The previous owner info will be deleted through our background system. 3. Connect the app and verify yourself as the new owner. Contacts: Option1:Service@imscv.com (Recommend) Option2 : Marketing@imscv.com
  8. Indeed, safety is the first thing, then we can talk about the other factors.
  9. It's a bug, I guess. I will report it to our App team. Thank you for your feedback
  10. Did you get the wheels from Ewheel or inmotion USA? I'm sure you can get the after-sales service you derserve. Do you have any video of it? We will try to solve the problems of your wheel one by one. As for turning off while riding, are you referring its power bottom? I have been told from our engineers that the wheel is under protected by our system so that the power bottom will never be shut down during riding.
  11. Correct. You can't ride to the top speed even if the top speed is limited in 25 mph/h. As for those people have shown the picture of riding over 25 mph/h, most of the case, it appears in the occasion that the wheel is pulled up in the air.
  12. Hi We will look into it and see if it's the production problem. Can you send me your SN?
  13. Hi, @Liamfind, I was suggested by some other forum member you are the Inmotion representative here. Recently I bought a second-hand V10F on Polish auction web-site in a very good condition overall; there was only one pedal broken which was already replaced. The wheel is operating very well except I cannot make it to surpass the speed of 34 km/h. The speed-limit setting in the Inmotion app was set to 40 km/h, the wheel was lifted after making this setting to have the engine turned off and the setting active, yet the wheel would never go faster than 34 km/h. There are NO exception in this regard at all. I weigh 87 kg and no matter how dynamically I accelerate, no matter if I go up-hill or down-hill, no matter if I go with wind or against it, no matter what is the battery charging level nor how heavy my back-pack is - it always tilts back exactly at the speed of 34 km/h. To me all these circumstances clearly suggest this protection behavior of my wheel has most likely nothing to do with such things like momentary wheel overload, which was already suggested to me by some other V10F riders, or anything like that; it looks as there is just some firm speed limitation set somewhere in the wheel's brain which, for some reason, the Inmotion app cannot override. I learned you might possibly need the serial number of my wheel to deal with this problem so, should it be the case, here it is: SN:1251885FD228007C. The wheel was originally bought on the 25/09/2018 at "Inmotion France by NewWalkings", so this is still quite a new device. The total distance ridden is about 2.000 km. Hope you could help me with this problem for which I would be so much grateful.


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