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  1. Liamfind

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    It's quite normal esperically in the old times. At that time, the internet and the way we did promotion was not as mature as we do now. I can still remember the story when I was a child. Groups of middle-age woman will hit the road and play the drums in a very special costume. (Red means lucky in China) Here is a picture celebrating the opening of a real estate. Back on the track, that way of promotion for unicycle(housejob shared before) is not that bad. The oringal purpose to get more sales and more people to know about unicycle. But it's not gonna spread widely.
  2. Liamfind

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    It's very old-fashioned way of commercial advertisement in China, which is quite popular in small city. In big city, they will be stopped by the local police and fined for serveral amount of money for making noise and riding unicycle on the main road.
  3. Liamfind

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    @Langhamp Hi. From the perspective of a brand manufacturer, honestly, there are so much reasons why the price is getting higher. Cost For a customer, maybe the price is just about the number and the derserved service. But for a brand manufacturer, it's not just about the cost for empolyee including R&D, Sales, Accountants and etc. To launch a new product, sometimes, it needs one year to get ready. Secondly, tax is also needed entering into the overseas market. About 20% tax for EU market, if the distributors want to earn some money, then it seems the only way is to raise up the price. Then, certificates for the products is also one part of the cost. Service For Chinese market, all the products enjoys one year warranty; For EU, it's two years warranty. For Inmotion, We ships all the units and accessories for the prodcuts need to be fixed to our distributors from time to time. And it takes time from China to the destination.
  4. Liamfind

    What is happening with Inmotion?

    You can always get help from us. Official Website: https://www.inmotionworld.com/services If there is any distributors without reponse, please send me the details to the below emails. Email address: Liam@imscv.com Marketing@imscv.com Service@imscv.com Lincy@imscv.com
  5. Liamfind

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    Working on it, my friend. Will soon given the feedback.
  6. @rwent1 Thanks. As far as I am concerned, there is not much cases reported, which is then the normal case. But I will talk to the manunfacturer about it. It wouldn't be bad spending much more time to improve the quality of the accessories and the products. If you need any help, just let me know.
  7. Liamfind

    Next Gen InMotion V5 Render

    It's ok. Once we have new plan to upgrade the old model, we would not hide to let you guys know.
  8. Liamfind

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    Which old bugs are not fixed right now? Please let me know. I will report it to our engineers.
  9. @photorph Please be assured that I have doubled checked with our engineers that the V8 power buttor will not be shut off during riding by a simple tap.
  10. Liamfind

    Inmotion V8

    Hi Gwen, Gearbest is not gonna sell V8 anymore for breaking the MSRP principle. Repair Policy https://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html You can check the repair policy from their website. It said only one year of repair warranty, which differs from 2 years of warranty for the EU local reseller. That's also why they are selling the products in a cheaper price. Price is only one part of the factors we should concern but not the only one. It seems there are two options. One is that better price with poor after-sale by shipping the products back to China. The other one is higher price with better after-sale experience. So please make your own call. Thanks
  11. @rwent1 Hi. There are very few percecntage of power charging brick will fail suddenly. Feel free to look for help.
  12. Liamfind

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    @gon2fast Tell you a good news. It is of large possbility of built-in suspension within the next wheel. But nothing's settle before it's rolled out.
  13. Liamfind

    What's next for InMotion EUC? You tell me

    Do you guys think V10 series pedal is not big enough?
  14. Liamfind

    Next Gen InMotion V5 Render

    Hi everyone. This was an old prototype of V5. Jason Jiao's trying to tell you guys one of the story behind the V5 design.
  15. Liamfind

    Does anyone know Unicycle Photographer?

    You are correct. EUC is really not a game of the children. For the flagship products, like V10F, 18XL and etc, none of them are affordable. But regarding the entry-level products, like V5F. It's not expensive for one child. Moreover, EUC has become a way of commuting in the city instead of a toy. Unlike the hoverboard, most of them will not be sold over $200, which seems easier to accept. Thank you for your info. Will contact him soon. That's a very good news.