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  1. Sorry for the confusion. You are right, I have been looking at the vehicle temp. But I think the battery level dropped quite substantially after a short ride when I left with a cold (~5C) wheel, so it is definately recommendable to keep it in room temp if going for a bit longer ride. Edit: Did some more testing. I left with the battery temp at 7C and charge at 75%. Rode for 4,5 km and the charge dropped to 55% and the battery temp rose to 10C, ambient temp was 4C. I had a 5 min pause with the wheel turned off and the charge recovered to about 61%. Rode another similar distance and the charge dropped to about 48%, battery temp now at 12C. Average speed during ride was about 20 km/h. Wind was 6 m/s SE.
  2. Ziiten

    Ninebot Z10, recording of my experiences.

    I had this experience, i.e., I was not able to turn on the wheel again even though there still was some charge left (I was riding in about 32F). Leaving the wheel on won't work either because it auto shutdown after few minutes.
  3. Ziiten

    Riding in cold weather

    I did yet another test, temp -1,5C, wind 5-6 m/s: now when I started at RT, there was no problem; the wheel temp sank by about 4C and after about 6.9 miles (11 km) the battery had dropped to 78%. I rode the same track as before but now twice. Conclusion: have your battery fully charged and at room temp whenever you need to do longer distances during winter time.
  4. Ziiten

    Riding in cold weather

    Yeah, I'll do my next test so that I start with a full battery at room temp ride the same track at hopefully about the same outside conditions.
  5. Ziiten

    Riding in cold weather

    I did a second test. I left with 86% battery and the wheel temp at about 8C. Outside temp was -2C, with substantial wind (6-9 m/s). I rode about 3 miles and when I got back home the battery was at 69%. So, I lost nearly 20% in just 3 miles. My max speed was about 30-35 km/h. Edit: after about an hour in room temp the wheel temp was still at 15C but the but the battery had recovered to 74% without charging.
  6. Ziiten


    I guess in those congested central streets cars move at a quite slow pace and predictably. In the Kingson video he was even wearing a helmet, although in his hand. Not compatible with the hat.
  7. Ziiten

    Riding in cold weather

    Today I went for a ride with my Z10 starting with maybe 45% battery. I rode about 7 km (4 miles). Temp was about 2C (35F) and there was heavy head wind. After the 7km I turned the wheel off and at the time there was 1-2 bars left on the battery (I did not check the exact percentage from the app). However, about 20 min later with the wheel in room temp it did not turn on again. I had to push the dead wheel about 1 km to the nearest tram station to get back home. After charging it for some time I was able to turn it on again when the battery was at 30%.
  8. I did a test ride: I took my z10 with 50% battery at room temperature (22C) and rode it in -6C for 3 km with a short break to do some groceries while the wheel was in semi warm inside parking lot. After I rode it back (total 6km) the wheel temp was 11C, 41% charge left. So, after such a short ride and a steep drop in temperature of the wheel I cannot recommend riding the Z10 in subzero temps for extended periods of time because it might shutdown when reaching 0C.
  9. Ziiten


    Awesome slaloming in Manhattan traffic again.
  10. I am guessing that taking a room temp wheel to even negative temps wont be a problem because of the heat generated on discharge. At least if the ride isnt excessively long.
  11. Ziiten


    Yeah, I know, Hsiang demoed that recently. Here's one of similar design but with chin guard. The eye visor is of skiing type though.
  12. Ziiten


    I kinda like this design.
  13. Yeah, I was planning to take it inside for winter, but mostly because of the humidity. I took it now inside and about 1/2h later it turned on again. The charge was only 51%, maybe I remembered wrong or it dropped by itself.
  14. This is what I have read (Battery university) as well, it is temps over 30C that will speed lion degradation whereas cold will not. However, charging should not be done in subzero temps. When I still had my electric bike, I had no issues with the battery in -10C, but charging I did inside. I just tried to turn on my Z10, which I keep on my balcony. It did not turn on and it is about -2C. And the battery should have aboit 75% charge.
  15. Ziiten

    Upper body armour

    How about those mc-leather jackets with paddings; I think they are as normal looking as you can get if you want any protection.