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  1. Hey Tony, While learning to ride (still learning ) I ran off the wheel and the trolley handle took a pretty hard hit. The handle is still intact but noticeably looser, I would like to remove the cover and see if the handle can be tightened. My problem is I don’t see an obvious way to remove the cover. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Wig


    Novazeus, That's helpful. I watched a YouTube video and they suggested a high fence, I think your solution is better and I can set that up in my backyard. Thanks
  3. Wig


    Hey Keith, Thanks, I appreciate you guys responding so quickly. I need to do some more research but I'm pretty sure a EUC is in my future.
  4. Wig


    Hey Marty, Thanks for the reply. I am definitely wearing protective gear, I will probably shed some as I get more proficient but will probably always wear a helmet and wrist guards. I still snowboard and wear those 2 items.
  5. Wig


    Hey Everyone, I'm interested in purchasing and learning to ride a ECU. I'm 66 years old. I would say my overall fitness level and coordination are above average for my age. I guess my question is "Am I nuts?" Your insights would be appreciated.
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