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  1. Wig


    Just realized I had already commented on this thread. See, I told you I was getting old. 😕
  2. Wig


    Hey Ubute, Welcome, the reading could be meters and that could possibly happen just rolling the wheel around. Age wise I’m not far behind you. I too am very aware of falling. As far as learning to ride, take it slow, quit when tired, wear the gear(a full face helmet probably isn’t necessary at first) and don’t get discouraged. I know this sounds counterintuitive but having a beer actually helps(1 beer). Good luck there are a lot of good tips on the forum to help you along.
  3. Hey Gordon, l purchased both my wheels from eWheels and they were offering a discount for past customers who were selling their wheels. I’m not sure the offer from them is still valid but I can pursue that and get the specifics. Thanks, Wig.
  4. Kingsong 16s for sale in Ct.. Local pickup or will deliver within 35 miles- $700.00. Wheel has 850 miles on it and is in good condition. Trolly handle is a little wonky but still operable. Fast charger Model JR-T450 from eWheels included.
  5. Thanks for your replies
  6. I have a question for the forum. Went out today for my 4th ride on the Nikola. The wheel started beeping around 20 mph. None of my alarms(Darkness bot app) are set that low. I was wondering if Gotway alerts you to speeds over 20mph for an Initial number of miles I know Kingsong(18XL) limits your top speed for the first couple of hundred to below 25mph. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. I think I was there with my KS 16s. I received my Gotway Nikola about two weeks ago and haven’t ridden it much. I realize it’s an entirely different beast underfoot, and it’s going to take some miles to get comfortable on it. Every time I’ve gone out (3) I have been able to go a little faster and I noticed that if there’s an obstacle in my path I instinctively go around it, it’s getting it back to center that’s a little scary. I spend 3 months in Florida during the winter and that’s where I made the most progress on the 16s riding just about every day. I’m hoping to do the same with the Gotway
  8. Sorry to see you go. I know when I ride I try to be a good ambassador for riding. I obey the rules of the road and I’m very aware of the people and things around me. If people are curious I’m happy to talk and answer their questions.There are those who think common sense and courtesy do not apply to them and if things become more and more restricted it will be because of that type of behavior.
  9. Wig


    I was 66 when I began riding. My first wheel was a Kingsong 16s. It took me awhile, some bumps, bruises and black and blue ankles but eventually things started to click. I’ve only fallen once since then while rounding a curve on a dirt road and hit a patch of fine sand, only thing hurt was my pride. Wear all the safety gear(wrist, elbow, knee pads and helmet) quit when tired and be patient. Improvements come incrementally. If it’s something you really want to do then go for it.
  10. Hey Barryjo, Most of my learning to ride my Kingsong 16s was around Mayo, Florida. It is pretty flat with stands of trees intermittent with very large pastures. The wind would be especially strong when emerging from the protection of the trees. I had read in one of the threads that crossing your arms(fist to elbows) in front of your chest helps. I tried this technique and it worked for me.
  11. Hey George, Enjoyed your video, I would suggest some kind of sheath for your screwdriver. I would hate for it to impale you in a fall, stranger things have happened. Ride on.
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