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  1. Wonderful video, bro! As soon as I saw the presentation of KS-S18 back in April I decided straight away - I must purchase it. Then when I saw videos with people riding it another wish came to my mind - to turn a wheel backwards and ride it with suspension looking forward. I don't know why but it stuck in my head since! So now I've got the wheel, did 160km (100 miles) and was ready to try to go on "backwards wheel". Yesterday morning I turned the wheel backwards and rode it to my work for 10km (6 miles). The ride was pretty good! 1). Wobbling was less, probably because the wheel above suspension is wider and my knees were touching the wheel thus allowing me better control of it and did not allow it goes from side to side. 2). The front side (with suspension) became heavier and due to this it was easier to start riding after stop - you just need to lean forward a little bit and you go! 3). The suspension worked almost as good as with normal riding way. Of course, these are my subjective impressions. Maybe somebody else will ride it that way and have different opinion. Or maybe Redfoxdude can compare riding normal and "backwards wheel" and see if suspension works the same or differently? It would be interesting!
  2. Hi fbhb, I had sent you my mobile number to your inbox. Can you please call me. Thanks
  3. Yes, absolutely. I will email my mobile.
  4. Hi TFU I registered on roll.nz and FB, subscribed to Newsletter and joined FB group. Yes, it is my first wheel and I enjoy it very-very much. I commuting to my work on it since January. I want to know how to do some things like going on one leg forward and backwoods, small circles on one leg, etc. I can go backwards on two legs but I want more skills. Do you know is anybody in Auckland who can help me with these exercises?
  5. Hi @The Fat Unicyclist I own IM v5f and ride it since January. I am in Auckland and know another guy with NB and I have seen one more about 3 months ago. He has KS16 but I was so surprised to meet him that have forgotten to ask his name or mob. I see that nobody replied to your request from NZ. Did anybody join the FB group? I am very reluctant to register on FB. Cheers
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