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  1. @kasenutty, maybe you have oversensitive tactile perception, but from my experience it's almost impossible to feel any difference on high pressure by squeezing tire with hand, it's so stony and rigid already after 2-2,5 bar.
  2. @Rywokast, isn't 65 psi higher than recommended? It is written 35-45 psi as recommended pressure on ChaoYang tire, which was stock tire installed by default on my KS-18L. Also I feel to twitchy on pressure over 50 psi, but I believe it's a matter of time and skill to adapt. By the way, we measure tire pressure in Atmosphere=Bar≈100 kilopascal here in Eastern Europe, so I need always to convert it in PSI to be on the same page with you) not a problem as I ride also folding bicycle Brompton from Britain and pressure is in PSI there too.
  3. Hi @Rino! I would pump 40 psi or even 44 psi and higher, but pay attention to range of pressure, which is recommended to be pumped, usually it is written on the tire/inner tire or look at its package. It may be a little bit uncomfortable and too wobbly at first, but in general it's more safe for your wheel, there are some risks if you are riding on low pressure: deformation of rim, puncture, inner tire wear because it is "chewed" by rim and others). I would recommend higher pressure especially if you ride in aggressive style and jump on/off curbs. If road condition/surface is b
  4. @US69, both videos are uploaded on YouTube, here you can find links: https://youtu.be/6qCGyhu6vr0 - that's my wheel https://youtu.be/lA42Gld26og - video from Telegram chat, another rider reported very similar (or even the same) situation.
  5. Both videos (I posted here) started after this issue (red LED and beeps) appeared, so in the video you won't see wiping/rubbing/cleaning or anything else that had happened before and caused this issue. The problem is you never know when it will appear, so it's difficult to shoot video from the very beginning, also I can't reproduce and cause again this issue, I tried really hard yesterday wiping my wheel with paper napkins) and nothing happened... If I get these beeps and red LED again, I will try to film it better. However it's only our guess that wiping and static electric energy causes this
  6. I had this problem to change and confirm speed limits in new King Song app. I ride KS-18L, after Firmware upgrade (1.11>1.12) speed limits works fine. Also firmware version shown in all apps (previous KS app, new KS app, WheelLog) changed and it is reported now as 1.12. I was pleasantly surprised, because previously I also heard (as you said here) that firmware version (reported by apps) will not change. If you don't believe me) you can look at screenshots in my post here:
  7. @US69, sure, will do it today and post YouTube link here, thank you for update! videocompress-051-VID_20190327_194522.mp4 videocompress-051-VID_20190327_194522.mp4 videocompress-051-VID_20190327_194522.mp4 videocompress-051-VID_20190327_194522.mp4 I have downloaded another video from Telegram chat, rider from Russia just posted it today, it seems exactly the same problem and it happened in the same circumstances (he was cleaning turned off wheel while charging).
  8. @RockyTop, you can see almost all of them (except second and third), so it's not a problem to find out it's 1 and 6. @The Fat Unicyclist, thank you very much for Photoshop detection)
  9. @US69, ok thanks! Just one correction, I am not sure if it was combination of first and ninth LED, first for sure but as for lower LED I don't think it's ninth, it should be above, it's visible even on low resolution video I uploaded here. Next time (when and if) it happened I will check it. Also I asked in the Telegram chat and we have at least 3 riders with the same LED and beeps symptoms as you can see on my video.
  10. @US69, I have also asked previously community of Russian EUC riders in Telegram about this issue. They said as well that they know different LED combinations, but not this one. And I think they also asked KingSong about this and answer was to look if app reports any issues while this fault appears. Another interesting thought was that maybe it's static electricity causes this problem, another Russian rider has also experienced same LED combination and beeps and his guess is static electricity. I believe that's really can be the case, because it appeared while I was wiping and rubbing my w
  11. @US69, thank you for quick reply! No issues in general reported by KingSong apps (attached screenshots from both old and new apps). Regarding app report while the fault, it's not that easy, because this problem is floating, appeared only few times and I can't cause it on purpose.
  12. I have turned off voice response too. First of all because it's so loud and annoying. Sometimes (when you get home late in the night and everybody is sleeping) I even think to turn off beeps, but I don't think you can do it with software and in any case it's better to receive some warnings and feedback from your wheel... Regarding log with diagnostic/beeping information, never heard about anything like that, I am also interested to know, if it exists.
  13. Dear riders and KingSong representatives! Maybe somebody can help me to diagnose and understand what is the issue with KS-18L? You can see everything in the video: my EUC was charging and I just started to rub and wipe it with paper napkins, suddenly I heard regular beeps (every 2-3 seconds) and when I turned it on I saw unusual red LED indicators (1st and 9th from each side). The problem is floating, it's difficult to cause it again, but it happened already few times with my KS-18L. After turning off/on everything is OK and riding is normal without any troubles. Does anybody kn
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