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  1. Ather


    So I took the Kingsong 18XL to Glacier National Park - Banff - Jasper I did ride in Glacier for quite a while and then when I was done and loading it back to my car the park guy came and said that the board thing you were riding is illegal when cars are using going to the sun road. I apologized and said I didn't know. When I got to Banff, I read in the news letter that electric powered are only allowed in Banff area and on legacy trail. I did stick to only that still amazing views and had tons of fun there. Yes it is now getting little too crowded to actually have fun but I think you can still manage to find good spots. Enjoy the video
  2. Ather


    Minnesota EUC KS 18 XL https://youtu.be/7KI4v_TPsbk
  3. I don't know how do you all manage to put so many miles, especially in colder regions.
  4. Please guide me to the right thread, but I couldn't find one for it. How many miles do you have on your EUC to date? And how many times did you fall so far? How many do you put it every month? What is the max number of miles you put in one day? When do you anticipate to change the tire?
  5. Crazy amount of mileage should not matter. I leave mine on charge at night and this is making me worried. I hope to hear from Jason about this again. It seems like the guy is not telling the whole story either.
  6. I am planning to go on EUC ride with @cloudy_jai on Saturday afternoon. He is busy in the morning. We can start from 36/694 and take the Gateway trail to Stillwater, or we can do a different route.
  7. A while back, I read it somewhere that KS wheel was tested for 1k or 10k battery cycles (don't know the exact figure but it was pretty high) with minimal battery life difference. The point is don't worry about battery life. It will last you years. I got my last KS wheel with 50% battery, which is plenty if you want to learn to ride right away. It depends how passionate you are about your wheel. It is possible that you can go on some what balance yourself the first or second day.
  8. I am in Woodbury. It is getting warm, lets have a group ride. This weekend won't work Maybe we can use Green way Trail
  9. Enjoy the wheel, but remember to use helmet, wrist guards and knee pads. I got confident and then had a fall after close to 900 km. Not fun! I am getting mine on Friday too, almost thinking about skipping work so that I don't miss the shipment
  10. Well if you have to ride the bus for the most part and just need it for a mile, then I would suggest smaller wheel, Maybe KS 14D or S. When I take the bus it is a lot easier to carry the smaller wheel. Also, I don't know about your location, but here in Minnesota some bus drivers have problem with Uni cycle, and they dont let you bring it on, so smaller is better. I own 14D and have been using the bus off and on. If you plan to do long rides over the weekend then sure get 16 or 18. I am getting 18, part of the reason is that I will do all 20 miles on the wheel each way to work and not take the bus, but I love 14D for short commutes.
  11. I bought a Black KS 14D last year from ewheels. I learned on this wheel and also fell one time at 18 mph so it is not in the best shape, however, runs flawlessly. Because of the color imperfections are not visible from a distance. I can send the photos. I did replace the mother board once, because I plugged the wrong cables after the changing the tube. It does come with one spare tube. I was experimenting and didn't know much about electronics so I burned the fuse and fuse sockets. So I had to weld the fuse, however it runs fine. Selling it because I am buying KS 18XL, need a bigger wheel for my 20 mile commute. However, I won't mind a second back up wheel either. So no low balers Minneapolis, MN, US 1000 approx miles Local preferred, however I can ship too, comes with original box. Buyer to pay for shipping. Asking $575.00 new are for $850.00
  12. @Marty Backe I saw your video with your new outfit. The links were only for knee pads and elbow. Can you please share the full list of armor. I really liked it and want to get it. I fell too and dont want to go without proper protection again.
  13. I want to ship my KS XL from Minneasota, US to Pakistan for next winter. I plan to stay there for couple of months and I want to enjoy non snow days there. My problem is shipping cost. I checked with UPS & DHL they are charging $450+ one way and I dont even know if they will ship it. I am looking for a cheaper alternative via sea, but cannot seem to find an reliable options on google. Do you have any suggestions?
  14. Ather

    Ninebot Z10

    I did my pre order in early July and I should get one via air shipment in next batch. It is getting cold in MN and I think it will be too late for me to enjoy. I don't want to pay $2k to have it sit the whole winter. Let me know if anyone wants to buy my spot otherwise, I will request for refund.
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