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  1. Michael Hernandez

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    1850wh at 100v would probably be the move instead of 2400wh, just like the monster. Could do burn-outs with that acceleration!
  2. Michael Hernandez

    Hit by speeding car on Z10

    FYI, I used to work with several different law enforcement agents (city, state and federal) [I am not and never was an officer], they said most cities and federal jurisdictions have laws describing what constitutes "impersonating a law officer", where forward facing or rotating blue lights on a vehicle or bicycle, even just two single small blue LEDs can meet this threshold. Beware!
  3. Michael Hernandez

    Z10 or is 18XL

    @Nevin@Tec-toyz.com located in Santa Clara, CA has a few Z10's in stock right now. I have bought from him in the past. He's knowledgable and reliable.
  4. Michael Hernandez


    Dang that lipstick, so funny!!!!! @Rehab1, you have the greatest shopped photos! Love'em, keep'em coming!!!
  5. Michael Hernandez

    New GT16 S/IRON - 1600WH-2064WH , expected release March 2019.

    Yeah, they're trying to compete for the worlds ugliest wheel...Gotway Nikola or Rockwheel Iron!
  6. Michael Hernandez

    Can a 14s serve as an all round wheel?

    Why did you sell your KS18L?
  7. There is a video of Chooch testing the Z10 around downtown Denver. He goes around the corner and his tire looses grip as it rolls across a small circular metal access plate in the street. He says too high of tire pressure was the culprit. The video is here and the crash is at 2:20...
  8. Michael Hernandez

    Early Signs That My Z10 Is Failing?

    One time I turned my Z10 on without standing on it and it immediately started to stutter and shake with a strong vibration. It surprised me and I turned it off within one second of turning on. It seemed as if it couldn't decide its correct orientation. I then started it again and no issues ever since. I've taken it on probably 50 rides slow and fast, long and short. Never dropped. Of all my wheels, I trust it the most to run close errands at low speed with no safety equipment. Don't know why, just feels sturdy. Inclines and declines are another story, feels sketchy downhill.
  9. No way! I love that Luffy!!! It was my very first wheel. I posted about my Luffy vs my Mten3 under my old username "TomSkanks" (now I'm just using my real name). I sold my Mten3 on this forum to @csmyers . Mten3 and Ninebot Z10 both have similar tire profile and width ratio which I don't care for. Although the Z10 is very unique and is both easier and harder to master than any other EUC. I think it makes me a better rider to try and understand and tame the wobbles of the Z10. I totally love the Monster!!! When I take it on a cruise in the hills, I ride bent and wide legged like the Z10 without sides of leg touching (like you mentioned recently on one of your MCM5 videos), so no leg pain from sharp case siding. It glides weightless and effortlessly. If I take it in traffic with many stop and goes, I use side of leg to mount/dismount, and its weight becomes cumbersome. Right wheel for the right ride. Gotway's track record and build quality reputation precedes them for new and repeat customers. As to who would want to buy a Gotway...Daredevils! Thanks Meep!
  10. I just got my 100v Monster about 2 weeks ago and I already put 200 miles on it. Its incredible. Its glides over rough pavement with stability and silence. I go far and fast and only at night. I don't want to get off, even after 2 hours of riding. To me, it is the real adventure wheel, it feels like a battleship that can take me anywhere. I like all my wheels, but this one is the only one I can't wait to ride. 22" wheel is the correct size for un-scouted street riding. All the other wheel sizes now feel like toys, even the Z10! I don't trust Gotway, its back-heavy when off, can't hear beep when going above 25mph, it creaks when mounting/dismounting, pedal dip takes getting use-to, can't turn off rear rainbow light, OEM charger is a fire hazard. Its boxy construction is sharp on the calf, and being so heavy its difficult to mount and dismount in heavy traffic areas. Also compared to KS18L acceleration is more tame and labored, but not off-putting. Definitely not a heavy traffic commuter. The KS18L is a beautifully designed wheel that is nible, comfortable, intuitive and snappy, definitely right for tight traffic conditions. Tilt-back is also much nicer and like relaxed resistance compared to the sharp nasty KS18L tilt-back.
  11. Michael Hernandez

    Opinion on 14 inch wheels?

    Wobbles are part of the great fascination I have with these wheels. Every rider has experienced them, yet each rider has a different interpretation of what caused it and how to stop or prevent it. After read and watching much commentary on the subject, and riding for just over 6 months myself on several different size wheels, I believe all the factors of riding play a role (wheel size, road condition, tire condition, rider style, fear). Yet I found the largest contributor to be the mind. I'm 5'4" and 165lb riding weight and have adapted a riding style similar to Chooch (lots of lateral movement and bent knees). This loose style of riding keeps my mind relaxed, but also reduces road factors that can cause the wheel's rapid shift and in-turn fear. I've tried stiff and loose stances at high speed (over 25mph) on rough un-scouted pavement (not wise), and found a relaxed mind to be the main controller of the wobbles. No one style is the correct choice.
  12. Michael Hernandez

    MSuper X Mountain Stress Test

    Might I suggest pulling something up a hill, like a sled or wagon with bricks (or a friend) in it...more utilitarian. P.S. I love your great work and videos, even if they are creative or unusual!
  13. Michael Hernandez

    MSX 100v VS MSX 84v

    My KS18L with FW1.11 starts limiting at 50% battery. I rode my wheel with every FW update and was always limited at 50%. Although I believe on one of the FW iterations the limited speed was changed to a more gradual reduction. BTW I've never even seen 30mph on it, the fasted I've ever reached was 29mph. Usually poor road conditions and wind are the limiting factors in riding safety for me, not battery or motor capabilities!
  14. Michael Hernandez

    New toy, Msuper X experience...

    Gotway's diversity is their great strength, but is a double edged sword. Sometimes it seems as if Gotway has different factories or subcontractors building each model of wheel. I have both an Mten3 and a Luffy. The build quality is night and day. The Luffy is made of very solid plastic. No creaking or flexing, even when riding with one foot. When I throw it in the backseat of my car no rattling. Inside the Luffy is cleanly designed and assembled. The Mten3 is like a bucket of bolts, its sound and feel is not confidence inspiring. Its flimsy and jam packed on the inside. The Mten3 still performs. Been riden to death, many nasty crashes (trick wheel) and has no cracks, pads have no tears, motor, board, battery all okay. Even my Ninebot One E+ tore a pad on day 2 of riding. Perhaps Gotway could have a premium line like Toyota/Lexus. For those who want the solid Gotway performance but with a premium feel, classier cases and tighter design and build...a few hundred dollars more. On their mainstream wheels they could skimp even more on things to get just the raw performance. They would capture both markets! Maybe even kits, where we could buy components to build custom wheels with quality of our own choice. Then we could wire route ourselves.
  15. Michael Hernandez

    KS-18L: Bigger Batteries?

    Watch Duf's video completely and carefully, the wind changed his round-trip efficiency greatly and he acknowledges that the wheel's range is on par with everyone else...about 40 miles max. Also, if the KS18XL is real I will buy immediately, no questions asked. I own an KS18L and its amazing! I wonder if a battery upgrade could be available to existing KS18L owners.