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  1. Hi @Tommy, as I know, most of the 6.5" self balance hoverboards support max loading of 110-120kg, which stand for 242.5 -264.5 lbs, while hoverboard with bigger wheels will support higher max loading. For example, the 10" hoverboard usually has a 130kg (286.6 lbs) max loading. If you really like to ride hoverboard, I suggest you to buy the one with 10" wheels. But since that you have a weight of about 250 lbs, the speed will be lower than rider who has smaller weight. Hope my comment can be helpful, thanks.
  2. Hi @annsegers, thanks for the invitation for this question. I have viewed a blog entitled "The 10 Best Self Balancing Scooters" at wiki.ezvid.com, the editor on this website listed 10 best hoverboards in 2018. It is honored that Megawheels is one of the 10. All the hoverboards that selected are UL2272 certificated in US market and with good building quality, even some are at affordable price. Hope this will be helpful, I am not to promote our brand, but to recommend you of good choice.
  3. If the hoverboard supports APP function, there should be 2 Bluetooth name found on your phone, one for Bluetooth that @Eva Modic use to play music, and the other one for APP connection. But as I know, most of the hoverboard in the market don't support APP, and if the hoverboard does support, the manufacturer will tell it to customers. So the most convenient way is to contact the seller and consult whether the hoverboard support APP or not. So I agree with what you said. @Keith
  4. According to your description, the board can turn on when plugging to the charger and on charging, but can not turn on when unplugged to the charger. It is probably that the battery of the hoverboard defect. The battery can't hold electricity, my advice is to change the battery.
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