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  1. ntz

    zoom stryder (vs KS14 and KS18)

    Thanks for the review - I have the 18l and was looking toward the stryder for the same weight reasons. Do you have EX version? Any other scooter recommends or have you given up altogether?
  2. ntz

    A couple more weird things with the 18L...

    I ve never read about this anywhere..interesting indeed. I haven't been able to test the tilt angle while riding..I guess I ll need to fix the mobile phone (with the light rule app) to the top of the wheel and do screen recordings repeatedly along the same route. Because I get the impression that the tilt angle is not consistent
  3. ntz

    A couple more weird things with the 18L...

    So the Tilt angle only applies below a certain speed? Is there any way to counter this? I was beginning to think it was flaw...quite frustrating too
  4. ntz

    A couple more weird things with the 18L...

    Can I add another strange issue on the 18L.. I set the tilt-angle to -3 deg initially using iOS 3.04 and KS 1.07. By "-" i mean so that the front of the pedal is higher than the back. For some reason, at anything over 10km/h on a flat surface the tilt seems to adjust itself to something +3 deg and it's very noticeable . I've increased the tilt angle to -6 deg and the issue is the same. When i stop to take a reading it returns to the original calibration setting but I can't take an actual reading whilst riding It almost feels like the horizontal sensor is detecting an uphill slope and adjusting itself. I always calibrate on a level surface using Light and Ruler. Anyone else having similar issues?
  5. Anyone had issues with firmware resetting to 1.03 and asking for another upgrade to 1.07? Running iOS 3.04. The last time I upgraded with iOS (as opposed to Android) the unit was unrideable.
  6. ntz

    KS18L OoO - Please KingSong Read This Topic

    Is there any simple way to do a "factory reset" on the KS18L from v1.07 to an older version?
  7. ntz

    KS-18L Low-speed ?

    I;ve got the android version now. I can't reinstall 1.07 because it's already detected the iOS 1.07. Is there any way to reset the unit to the original version?
  8. I had this too. Gel Heel inserts and proper arch support helped me. But it takes time.
  9. ntz

    KS-18L Low-speed ?

    Thanks again all... My supplier told me that this is.a firmware issue that can only be resolved by using android.
  10. ntz

    KS-18L Low-speed ?

    I'm using ios app v 3.4 I'm already Running v1.07. The update froze on me midway. So I reinstalled it . Could that be the issue? Is there to reset the unit and start from scratch?
  11. ntz

    KS-18L Low-speed ?

    Thanks ShadOz, and for the welcome ! So if i turn the cut off switch off, it's not going to start spinning up as soon as it leaves the ground? And it's normal for the self-balancing power to the wheel at a virtual standstill to cut out? Cheers, I need all the luck i can get! I ride a 1300cc bike and never worried about knee/elbow protection. But that;s all changed with this thing. It feels like that crazed-bot from Robocop..I m waiting for it to tell me i have "20 seconds to comply"
  12. Hi all, I'm very new to all of this and I;m still trying to control the device (KS18L) with one leg, and long steps, again with one foot on the ground. I know it's not the easiest thing to begin with but i have it now. I'm finding that there is power initially and it self-balances. But with very slow speed moves the power to the wheel dies and i'm left without any self-balancing power. Then the power kicks in by itself and the wheel wants to fly off. I end up lifting the wheel off the ground to stop it from hitting something at which point it starts spinning at max speed (and warning me to "decelerate, decelerate!") I'm finding i can t control it and it feels very unpredictable and intimidating. Should i turn off learner mode? I read somewhere that it actually makes things worse. N.B., one side of the lifting handle doesn't lock. Any fixes?