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  1. Thanks for setting up Dan, wonderful ride and perfect weather. Would love to do it again sometime. I had to bug out early while I still had some battery to get me back.
  2. Penasquitos looks like a fun ride. Might be muddy this weekend after the Friday night rain. I would be up for a ride Sunday if anybody is up for it. The silver strand bikeway might be fun to try. Let me know if anybody would be up for it.
  3. Yes that was a lot of fun and challenging ride. Lots of trails to explore around Balboa park. Hope more can join in another ride over the holiday break.
  4. That would be great, would love to try both of them. Since its been raining and pretty soggy to go off road, let's just meet at the same place as last time and figure out a route from there. Saturday 12/8 at De Anza Cove Park (https://goo.gl/maps/aJk7V3jXsqC2) at 9:00. Everyone is welcome. Please join us.
  5. Looks like a lot of fun! That was quite a wheel tumble. Where was this taken? Do you have any good suggestions for a ride this Saturday?
  6. Let’s pass on this weekend. Will tentatively shoot for next Saturday 12/8 if that works for everyone.
  7. How does Sunday 12/2 work for a group ride. Unfortunately I am tied up on Saturday.
  8. Let’s shoot for Saturday Dec 1st and will check with you all as we get closer to see if it is still a good date.
  9. With our never ending summer weather I am always down for a ride. This weekend is not good. Feel free to propose something and we will see who can make it.
  10. Yes it was a great day for a ride. Felt like summer. Will catch you next time @SanDiegoGuy. Love the pics and your video @Flyboy10. Looks like that is your daily commute video.
  11. Ok, lets plan on Saturday 9:00 AM at the location above. See you then.
  12. I am open to either day. Lets see if anybody else is interested in a ride and if so, which day works for them.
  13. Ok fellow San Diego one wheelers, lets meet Saturday 10/20 at De Anza Cove Park (https://goo.gl/maps/aJk7V3jXsqC2) and plan on leaving around 9:00. I will be arriving around 8:45. We have several options available and can decide when we meet. Looking forward to it! So it looks like @gr8ps, @Flyboy10, @Nick McCutcheon, @SanDiegoGuy might be interested.
  14. Great. Lets shoot for Oct 20. Sounds like we might be a little range limited so I would like to propose an easy cruise along Mission Bay with a loop around Fiesta Island. Looks to be around 10 scenic miles. We can meet at De Anza Cove Park and leave from there. https://goo.gl/maps/aJk7V3jXsqC2 If you have any other suggestions/routes I am open for alternatives. Will confirm exact time once it gets closer and I am back in town. If anybody joining us wants to go on a longer rider afterwards I will still have 25 miles left in the tank so we could do an extended journey.
  15. @Flyboy10 let’s plan on getting together. We certainly can do shorter distances. I will be out of town the next two weekends. Perhaps we can shoot for Oct 20 or 21. @SanDiegoGuy no worries about dealing with roadway bike trails. We can cruise Balboa Park or putt around Mission Bay. We can mostly avoid cars with a little planning.
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