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  1. Jorge RT

    Gotway MSX Led light colors

    Great news!!
  2. Jorge RT


    Just starting to play with an iPad Air 2 (1080)...
  3. Jorge RT

    Mten3 max torque limits...

    Really interesting. I'll do my tests in a safe place but for now, I really appreciate your help. @Marty Backe thanks for your recommendations, I'm very happy with my Gotway wheels for now and you are responsible for that ?. I've also tested Z10 and you were right, so great and funny /different wheel. Lucky to have good friends here to test different wheels. Thanks @Stanor, @meepmeepmayer and @Chriull
  4. Jorge RT

    Mten3 max torque limits...

    Great! Thanks all for such nice information. I didn't know about Gotway battery current data, I'll keep in mind. What about the wheel alarm (80% of max power)? Should it sound before failing the wheel in a high demand?
  5. Jorge RT

    Mten3 max torque limits...

    Hi! I'm impressed with this little machine. I love it more each day I ride. I have some security concerns about the amps. I think it has 512Wh in two battery blocks at 10A each. So, like in my V8, the max output would be 20A but this little Daemon shows much more than that. Is it normal? Should I worry about it or better disable amps alarm and enjoy until the five bips sound... There are very high peaks! ?
  6. Jorge RT

    My new Mten3!

    This is another good reason for getting the troley. It's a perfect stand for parking it. Here, on the train...