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  1. Oh man, I feel for you. With the work you had to do on that wheel I feel you should get to keep it and not send it on to anyone else for reviewing. Anyway, these kind of videos are a great service to the community, so cheers . Also, the next video being titled "Sherman Short" had my mind going in a different direction than it being a short video.. You're still planning on taking it up for round 2?
  2. I guess suspension really is all that huh? Anyway, nice review and appreciated hearing your thoughts.
  3. What conclusion is that? I am as I said disappointed to see this happen, and it was not a nice failure. As for what caused it we don't know. Hopefully this was a one-off, or the new production board fixes the issue somehow, but as far as conclusions go I think the only thing we can conclude at the time is that we don't know.
  4. Sorry, I didn't necessarily mean burned in the literal sense of fire and smoke but broke down hard. But again, will be interesting to find out what it was, if we ever do - provided Marty or Inmotion will attempt to delve deeper into it and provide information.
  5. Right, well we'll see as we don't know yet exactly what the issue was, but still looks like possible under-insulated wires / under-cooled MOSFETS / etc. Time might possibly tell I guess. My point is more along the lines that I expected Inmotion to have more safe guards in place considering how often the V10F told me to step off. That was very annoying, but still made sense as they wanted to have a safe wheel, etc. and the V10F was to weak to allow more. But at least this particular wheel seems to have burned Gotway style however.
  6. Twice in a row now that you had to pull wheels down the mountain.. Well, know that it's appreciated, I always look forward to these videos in particular! For the V11, it's a real disappointment for sure, especially considering the weak performance of the V10F I would have thought that they had learned from the previous mistakes. I didn't know whether to expect it would make it up the hill or not or just overload in the usual Inmotion fashion, but I didn't expect this for sure.
  7. Thanks! It actually turned out pretty well in real life as well (and I'm a stickler pretty much as far is that goes for what it's worth). Anyway, I'm in Sweden so not sure what good a link will do you but I used this (in Swedish, sorry): https://www.clasohlson.com/se/p/40-6089 Long story short I ended up nerding out a little bit about vinyl coverings in general and thought about doing that to the weel but then bought this at the local store since it's a lot cheaper. It's a self-adhesive material with a top PVC layer, but in order to get some good result for the wheel side with
  8. Thanks Marty, probably due to some interaction with Google photos that weren't apparent when posting it.. Tried to fix it now. And yeah, it kind of boggles the mind. The wires connecting to the led display were so thin they almost disappeared and would hold up against pretty much zero abuse or load and had no additional support.. It's not a critical thing or nothing, but still.. Haven't had time to follow the forum much lately but I'm wondering if that's the case for other people's issues with the leds. I'll note that the led strip was slightly too long in my wheel, so it overlapped slig
  9. Great to see you get out there, thanks for the vid! And very good riding considering you just started - those conditions will always present a good opportunity to practice but you seem to have got a good hang on it with the knees being bent, etc. As you said in the video, it's hard to say exactly what the conditions causes the problems, but for me I'll say weight and riding style would probably be the two most major ones. With the V10F for me it was always beeping about one thing or another, and I got the overload pretty often when I was just riding "normally" in city settings. For others it
  10. Since it's doubtful that I'll buy another wheel this year () I gave the ol' Nikola some love instead. Wrapped sides and pedals in a covering black wood imitation, with a cut-out for the voltage meter. Makes the led animations much more subtle which I enjoy and consider a bonus. Apologies for the crappy photo quality. As an aside I had a look the broken leds I had on the left side of the wheel since I had it open - problem turned out to be the world's flimsiest wires directly soldered to the led strip without any protective covering. Two of the wires had snapped off, presumably just from s
  11. Might have been thinking of the video referenced by Tishawn's of the apparently doing a cut-out test with the Sherman on an ordinary street where there apparently were ordinary pedestrians crossing the street at the same time, in which case I'd have to agree. [edit] well, no, that wasn't perhaps the reason, so forget about that particular point.
  12. Thanks, summer is packed, but should that happen I'll take you up on it! Will be nice to hear your thoughts on what the suspension does for the knees
  13. All good news, but perhaps what I really liked best of these were perhaps the pedal angle adjustment! Along with battery and pro-mode (which I mostly like for the sake of it, I don't ride that fast) this makes me want to check my bank account.
  14. Right, and I'd just like to say I don't mean to be crying wolf in any way, it's just that there aren't anything explicitly stated, at least for most models. As you say, looking at the stats these are still very unlikely events. Just to correct my earlier post somewhat about there being nothing to do I'd note that some people like to still go over their various wheels and add additional water proofing themselves where they feel it's warranted, which is always something that is possible but certainly not for everyone.
  15. Yeah, I wouldn't put much stock in using covering materials on top of the shell. Consider the V10F for instance where the issue was the water splashing into the wheel house and through the seal into the battery compartment from below. Since all wheels are constructed differently there's not a single solution to this that would apply for all models, and the general advice so far for nearly all wheels have been not to not expose them to water in that sense so.. Hopefully Inmotion have learned their lesson after V10F and they now advertise an IP55 rating for the V11 which is a nice step forward.
  16. I think you quoted the wrong post there, but for what it's worth I don't think a guy weighing 280 lbs and trying to make things cutout is a good use case for any wheel so we're in agreement there
  17. Well, not to disparage your point but I'm still rocking my clean TO-220's on my Nikola without an issue (switched to the new board with the 247s but that had some fan issue which I never had time to dive into to and switched back). Still don't think the problem there was with the MOSFETs per se but with the glue all over MOSFETs on certain boards. In the end all that matters is that things work, but for that particular fiasco I'd say it was more an issue with the assembly line than one of the design but your point still holds true in a sense - if you can't guarantee execution then better provi
  18. Apart from what the other commenters have said about him being a little bit airborne, looking at the clip there some to be some other things to note: - He's trying to speed down a non-cleared street - He sees and accounts for the pedestrian - After the pedestrian another bloke with a bicycle comes out attempting to cross and he seemingly reacts to him, by leaning back/braking - After the previous backlean / break attempt it's sayonara Attaching a frame right after the bicycle guy, but check the video for the lean (thanks @Chriull for the keyboard shortcuts )
  19. And there I was thinking about the V11 that if only they adopted they Nikola pedal angle (well to be fair, the battery as well, etc., but).. The V10F pedals are nice, but they have nothing over the Nikola's to me. I feel the same way about the MSX pedal angle as you do for the Nikola's though, which just proves your point; there really should be some easy way of choosing your preference either by pedal selection or easy after-buy customization options. It's like buying a car where the seat is not adjustable and some people like being pushed forward like some 80 old geezer and say there's
  20. Very interesting - I've been busy with lots of other stuff since last summer and haven't paid that much attention and now coming back there's two wheels with suspension in the V11 and S18, and a brand new manufacturer making an entrance Personally I'm not a big fan of the chunky blocky look of the Sherman and am not a speed daemon either, but that battery and the power looks good. Good distance, and power can be used for more than speed as well (I love powering up hills ) Reviews so far look very promising, so am really looking forward to @Kuji Rolls's review and @Marty Backe's hill test
  21. Yep, the MBTs would be on the extreme end of things I used a pair of those way back, really special kind of shoes.. They've recently helped my wife with her heel spurs so there's something to be said for them. With regards to EUCs I'd also think that it would depend on how you ride, some people seem to want their feet firmly planted at all times whereas I personally shift my feet around a lot while riding.
  22. Good point, I was thinking more along the lines of the cushioned heels providing a slight forward tilt. I haven't really thought about that aspect being problematic, but even my winter shoes are sloped both front and back. Not something that bothers me personally, but perhaps it's worse for those with smaller feet.
  23. Best shoes for me are cushy ordinary sneakers. After reading good things on the forum from people using flat soled shoes I did try a pair of Vans. Didn't work for me at all, not comfortable at all and made for a jarring ride experience. The upside I guess would be them being flat, but hey, that's what calibration is for. Now, since it's allegedly winter here (no snow here yet this winter, but it's colder at any rate) I'm riding with the winter shoes with harder soles. Again, not nearly as comfortable as cushy sneakers, but they also provides a lot less grip. I never really had a problem with t
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