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  1. Hmm, very interesting, thanks! (and nice spotting by @Rehab1). I'm not well versed enough in these things to add anything useful myself, but here's a link to Marty's post mortem at the time he peels off the pads (unexpanded for easier copying). The pad in question does not seem like it melted and ripped from what I can tell from the video: https://youtu.be/UstREObHBX8?t=1821
  2. Thanks Marty, I'll try to monitor things on my end. I've bought a Bluetooth headset for use with wheellog so that will help, and hopefully sometime in the future wheellog will feature some kind of sustained current alarm that makes this easier to respond to (pretty please @Seba? Could I send a bottle of Whisky perhaps? ). Did you log the ride by the way? Would be interesting to see the current graphs prior to the burn out. Please let us know how it goes with the new motherboard, and whether the plus version will be an option. Having now watched the video I as well admire and applaud your stoicism! It wasn't even my wheel and I'm still mad as hell. What's the secret? Five hours of meditation per day? Heavy medication? Asking for a friend.
  3. No! What?? Ah man.. This just gets me down.. While I don't see this being a problem for me in my environment since it's cooler than yours, I'm left just feeling tired of it all. I'm reminded of another recent post I read complaining of the manufacturers not learning stuff and basically repeating the same mistakes (sorry, can't remember whose post it was, link me up if you know). Inmotion screwed up the V10F by cheapening out on both electronics and ingress protection, Gotway now regresses on the MOSFETs (smarter firmware compensating for it obviously just a blatant lie). How much could they actually save by this in their books?? In Inmotion's case I'd say it was a very costly miscalculation at any rate, but for Gotway to regress in this way following the MSX just says stupid cheap skates as well. I can't say KS regressed in the same way, but they apparently seem hellbent to make new mistakes by adding geo-based speed restrictions or stupid binding things instead. Anyway, even given that the KS16X got a good boost now provided it holds up. Anyway, very sorry for your wheel and the discomforts suffered, hope @Jason McNeil can assist in sorting you out. Now screw this, I'm going to sleep, perhaps that will help
  4. Agreed, and I would love to see some nice graphs of the human hearing capabilities with regards to frequencies and age, etc. I've now tried to do some research, but unfortunately just ended up spending time reading irrelevant pages on human hearing instead.. Anyway, back-tracking, and that notwithstanding, I'm somewhat baffled by the issue being so the contentious here in the forum (in general, not replying to you here @Lutalo as your comment leads me to believe we're on the same page). In general I'd say that human hearing is not the same, which makes arguments somewhat pointless as people are not really talking about the same thing. The discussion seems to end up with people who are not registering this at all or who only notice it to a certain degree debating with people who find it it really grating or merely some degree of irritating. The actual sound is what it is, but people's ability to hear it and thus react to it varies greatly.
  5. I'm now betting against - you don't know the depths of my grumpiness!
  6. I'm to lazy to go back and check what the stipulations really were, but something about Marty buying a KS16X before August the 1st? Put me down for a 1 SEK against if so
  7. Well, to each his own, right? I personally find it very irritating and grating on the ears, but as with most other things in life people have different opinions. I was very happy to read they're apparently attempting do something about this starting from the K16X and hope they're successful. The video @stephen posted suggests otherwise but I'm holding out hope that's an earlier version of the wheel (video is freshly uploaded though, and she appears to work for KS..).
  8. Like Marty, I haven't had any reason to pay much attention to the sound, and I'm also one of those who consider the KS sound irritating.
  9. I'll add a clip from a favorite Simpson episode of mine. Substitute Martin, the first kid presenting, for KingSong and Homer for Gotway and it's not too different from what I imagine @eddiemoy might feel at times with regards to Gotway (it's such a great episode regardless, no offense intended at any rate!)
  10. Amen to that, takes a while to build up the necessary muscles when spring comes. Next year I'll prepare with squats and other exercises before the season starts
  11. Ignorance is bliss as they say - imagine how sad and frustrated you would have been had you known beforehand that you we're missing out.. With the great trails and wheels you have access though (all year round at that!) I must say that your envy is misplaced and the situation is actually the reverse
  12. Yeah, I definitely agree that the center of gravity feels good, for me compared to the V10F which is top heavy. It makes for a very nice stable riding experience. Agree with the rest as well All in all, I'm very happy with my Nikola purchase. Buying the V10F last time I felt like I ended up with the lemon of the year but with the Nikola it's like winning the jackpot.
  13. A rough trail coming down there, sounds like you got a good workout! As far as scratching the wheel goes, might as well get it over with, wheels are for using I say
  14. I feel with you, very frustrating! As you said though, a great example of why buying from ewheels is a good idea for those who can - I have no doubt Jason will sort you out as quickly as possible, I hope to hear about you being up and riding soon again!
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