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  1. Jag skulle gärna träffas och åka lite ihop, oavsett upplägg. I början av augusti är jag borta på semester dock, men från och med slutet av augusti är jag på!
  2. Nils

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    While I would love for that to be true, I'd say we're still left in the dark. While the email @dw8928 sent asked about the overload issue, the reply itself just mentions a new firmware being worked on and tested that addresses issue for some. We know that there is a new firmware version pending, but one which fixes the speed limit and acceleration issues only. Again, I very much hope that they can address the overload issue with firmware, but I'd like to see some confirmation here on the forum in that case before I'll believe i (and ultimately I'd want the firmware to be tested by @maltocs for verification).
  3. Nils

    KS16B cut off

    I'm on 1.25, which the app claims is the latest firmware. I did have a look around when this happened just to check on the firmware status and then found this: https://eunicycles.eu/en/news/aktualne-wersje-firmware That page claims the latest version would be 1.27, but as I said the app (the new one) says otherwise. What version are you on? I have the 680 Wh battery for what it's worth, so that would be one difference compared to your wheel. I've since ridden the wheel daily without any issues for what it's worth, but I do ride a little bit more cautiously now, in particular I throttle down a little when climbing. You're in my area then by the way? I'm thinking that come autumn I'll see whether there's any interest for a group ride
  4. Nils

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Nice post @maltocs, thanks! The V10F have had its share of troubles lately it seems with the latest firmware, and then this issue with overload. But as evidenced in your post, there seems to be a lot to like about this wheel. I too appreciate their approach to security in general - I'd rather loose some of the extra capacity in exchange for not being able to push it too far and going down in flames in some unfortunate traffic situation. For the overload issue it seems overly cautious though, considering other wheels with the same or lower specs manage it. I've been considering my next wheel (from my current KS16B) the last couple of days, considering the KS18L, V10F and Msuper X. I ended up placing the order for a V10F today in the end. A little bit on the risky side considering I'm riding close to 200 pounds with backpack and gear, and live on on the top of a somewhat hilly area. That made me hesitate, but I believe and hope that the inclines I'll be facing will be lower than the ones shown to be problematic. Secondly, like you, I'm an optimist and hope that this can be resolved via firmware (I also found a good deal on the V10F on aliexpress which helped push me over the border).
  5. Nils

    Firmware V 2.27 so far is passing the test!

    Yes, it would be great to get some feedback on this - ideally what their take is and what, if anything, they plan to do about it. But if nothing else just some acknowledgement that they are aware of it would be appreciated. Perhaps @Bobwheel can shed some light on it?
  6. Nils

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    That's fine, we'll just retaliate by adding a 20% tariff on the meter!
  7. Nils

    KS16B cut off

    Well the problem wasn't that I leaned to much forward at top sped and fell off - I was properly balanced and approximately centered on top of the wheel and it just stopped supporting me. I believe so far that several factors just conspired to push the wheel beyond it's capacity fast enough that it didn't have time/power to engage the kickback/warning. More specifically I'll be cautious when switching from a decline to an incline around max speed, while considering a more powerful wheel for the future. And thanks for your well wishes, I'm already bitten so this won't deter me
  8. Nils

    KS16B cut off

    Yes, that matches my own thinking (and also my preferences speed wise). I believe I'll follow in your footsteps I buy a more powerful wheel once I've decided on what exactly the next wheel will be.
  9. Nils

    KS16B cut off

    Thanks @Chriull, that seems to be exactly what happened to me. Like you say, it seems to be a combination of factors such as speed, acceleration and battery charge. As for me I typically ride with more charge in the wheel as my typical rides (commuting) are shorter and I top it up regularly. It didn't seem that much of a climb to me, but if one is already pushing it and the battery charge is lower than what is typically the case the margins would be smaller. Thanks! The wheel is fine, except some missing side padding. I got on it afterwards and rode home without any issue. Do you also have the KS16 then? At what speed do you typically ride it? Yes, after posting I read some other post addressing the differences between cut off and over lean and you're right, it was not a cut off in the sense I understood it from that other post. My takeaway so far is that when riding a wheel (or this wheel at least) close to its capacity you have to be very careful regarding incline and lean, with the the battery charge also being an influencing factor, lest you push the wheel beyond its capabilities. This based on the data from @Chriull collected from another unfortunate co-wheeler suffering the same fate. A speed limit warning won't help here obviously as it's the effect and not speed that is the issue. I'm guessing newer wheels have improved in this regard compared to the KS16 as well though? From what I understand the V10F for instance continually lowers the max speed limit depending on charge (it being one factor at least). Now, The V10F seems to have its own issues at the moment with firmware and perhaps being to aggressive in lowering the max limits, but the reasoning seems sound. I've read some other post talking about experienced riders developing a feel for how much their wheels can take before giving out, but that does not really sound like a working answer considering the possible consequences of an error in judgement. If it's not possible to make a satisfactory system for warnings/degradation (and it doesn't seem easy), then the safest thing seems like getting a wheel powerful enough that it has ample over-capacity at the speeds/situations you want to ride it in.
  10. Nils

    KS16B cut off

    Hi all, so I had my first crash today. I bought my KS16B last year (second hand), but it's only this year that I've started to put it to some serious use. It's been working pretty well for me up until today. I've put the third warning and the tilt back at the maximum, 30kmh (~18mph) and have disabled the first two warnings. I typically drive right below the maximum speed whenever the situation allows, but I respect the beep and throttle down when I hear it. This has worked out well for some time, but today it didn't. I had been out driving for approximately 30 minutes or so in the nice weather (25C/77F) when I drove down a (fortunately empty) bicycle lane; a slight decline followed by a slight climb. Somewhere in the middle of this, cruising along at approximately the top speed, I suddenly feel a complete loss of stabilization underneath me, like the wheel just shut off. A few wobbly meters later, trying unsuccessfully to keep my balance without any help, it was time to eat the asphalt. Fortunately I managed a pretty controlled fall (which I tentatively attribute to martial arts training in my earlier years), and managed to land on my right side and roll with it. All in all I scraped and bruised the right side of the body: lower leg, knee and buttock and I'm out of pair of shorts, but I escaped unscathed otherwise. I'll feel it for some time, but things could definitely have been a lot worse - I'm in particular not fond of the idea of this happening in the middle of traffic. I'm also a little bit surprised since my perception of Kingsong was that they played it relatively safe with the tilt back and max limit (compared to GW for instance). I'm of pretty normal/large northern size, which means a load of slightly below 90 kg (198 pounds) with gear and backpack on, but I guess that's the at the top end of the weight range being tested for (though the official max load is at 120kg unless I'm mistaken). Also, I had been riding a bit before this today, so the battery was at around 50% or so when this happened. I'm guessing that the decline followed by the climb, with me leaning into it somewhat pushed the wheel over the capacity before the warning/tilt back could kick in. Still, it would be interesting to hear if anyone else has had similar experiences with this wheel or have some other interesting reflections? Also, this has understandably sullied my view on Kingsong when it comes to safety margins. Considering that they're kind of known for playing it safe (again, compared to GW), I'm wondering if anyone has any insight in the development of their current wheels compared to the KS16 in this regard? They're all more powerful, which helps of course, so perhaps that alone makes this less of an issue. Meanwhile, I guess I'll lower the third warning for now and start thinking more actively on getting a more powerful wheel. I had been planning on doing that first next year, but..