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  1. Nils

    V10/V10F - Overload still an issue or solved?

    Yes, doesn't seem likely given all the previous observations here on the forum, does it? Well see what @Liamfind says, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the "fix" would be the previous introduction of classic mode or something like that. It's definitely not only something that happens for mountain riding guys.
  2. Nils

    V10/V10F - Overload still an issue or solved?

    That's news to me, but excellent if true of course. This suggests that it would have been resolved via a new firmware, but what version exactly would this be?
  3. Vi har kört några träffar förra hösten, och vi kör väl fler när våren kommer!
  4. Nils

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Achievement unlocked: Dare devil!
  5. Nils

    V10/V10F - Overload still an issue or solved?

    Well, I wouldn't mention a Ferrari as an argument, at least it not something that's likely to convince my wife
  6. [First ride on the Gotway Nikola] Jag tycker Nikolan ser intressant ut själv, men som det verkar kommer den att bli väldigt dyr.. Vi får se vad som händer när de faktiskt släpper den och vad den hamnar på!
  7. Kul att se att du kör på, gott gry! Det börjar klia för mig också, men kommer nog att avvakta ett tag till.
  8. Nils

    V10/V10F - Overload still an issue or solved?

    I haven't ridden my lately due to the weather, so I don't know whether there's any new firmware come out recently that magically helped with the overloads. That being said I don't ride mountains but have still managed to get overloads on multiple occasions with my V10F, all during what I would consider rather modest riding, so YMMV..
  9. Nils

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    I don't think that's correct - I didn't stay with classic mode for long but felt a difference in handling and acceleration. Also, if you check the firmware update changelog you'll see this being explicitly mentioned: https://www.myinmotion.com/blogs/news/v10-firmware-update-2-2-7
  10. Nils

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    I'll second that; coming from the KS16B I found the V10F much more stable but less responsive in comparison. It's nothing I think about now though, and it rides so much better than my previous wheel. And yes, make sure it's in comfort mode, I found that more responsive compared to the classic mode. Also, try out some different values for the pedal sensitivity, with 100% you're going to get a stiffer ride - I can't remember exactly what I have set but for me personally 60-70% feels good.
  11. Nils

    Inmotion V8 Acceleration - Accelerating faster

    I'm not sure what settings are available for the V8 (for the V10F for instance you have "pedal sensitivity" which affects the riding experience). As far as technique goes it's a matter of how hard you lean into it, lean hard enough and you will push the wheel it to it's maximum, but lean too much and you can push it above its limits.. In contrast to a electrical skateboard you only have one wheel, so if you go above the limits you'll not only get "pedal to the metal" but "nose to the pavement" as well. To drive safely with any wheel you should instead try avoid hard accelerations and hard braking, and at the very least know the limits of your wheel with respect to your weight, etc. The V8 isn't the most powerful wheel either, so I'd try to temper my speed hunger if I were you. As @UniVehje said other wheels might give you a snappier response.
  12. Nils

    WheelLog Android App

    @palachzzz mentioned this in his post, the updated sources (and now with license!) are now available here: https://github.com/palachzzz/WheelLogAndroid Good stuff
  13. Nils

    WheelLog Android App

    That's fantastic news, very happy to hear this
  14. Nils

    My V10F dismantling

    Right you are, there are metal inserts for at least most of these screws. If I recall correctly there were also some smaller ones that might have gone into plastic directly, but one should be able to tell, and you can also see clearly on the screws whether there were thread lock there previously. I only applied loctite to the screws where there were previously some.
  15. Nils

    My V10F dismantling

    I used the blue one, medium strength. My version doesn't have a number on it, but looking around it seems like it would be 243 (and I believe 242 was an older formula). But apply it at your own risk, perhaps @meepmeepmayer is right about it causing issues, the blue one is designed so that you should be able to loosen it with hand tools though. The purple one is weaker if you're concerned about that aspect.