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  1. Nils

    KS16B cut off

    Hi @Proflee, and welcome to the forum! We share something then, as I joined the forum last year just after I experienced the same thing with my KS16B. I'm now on my third wheel (the KS16B, V10F and now the Nikola). It's not a problem with the KS16B per se, but rather a limitation of any EUC. If I were to simplify it it basically comes down to battery voltage remaining plus engine power versus the required power at a given point. Since we're dealing with vehicles with just one wheel, the fact (IMO) is that you need a lot of margin. All wheels will try to protect you as best as they can, but for your own personal safety you'd want a modern wheel with much larger safety margins (available power) than the KS16B will ever give you. In short, don't expect any wheel from any manufacturer to be safe - your relative safety lies in having a wheel with more power than you're using at any given time. Always respect the warnings, but also understand the limitations of your wheel.
  2. Nils

    126-Volt Nikola

    Can't remember the exact numbers, but it has been stated that the 100V Nikola has higher rated capacitors. Whether it was 150 or 180 or something else I don't remember from the top of my head.
  3. Agreed. I've done my share of martial arts myself, and it's definitely helped in one of my (two) falls where I got that little extra time before hitting the ground. There's a limit to that however, and anyone who thinks they've learned "how to fall correctly" and thus will not be injured when riding an EUC are in for a rough awakening (that hopefully won't happen, but..).
  4. Thanks! Well, I haven't had the chance to try the 16X myself yet, but I don't think the pedal size difference would matter in real life and don't use the speakers that much myself. At any rate, if you have the opportunity to try out both wheels (e.g. local user group or something) that would definitely be the best. You have to decide what's most important to you in the end, and it's very hard to actually find something definitive online that would say what's actually the best match for you. The specs will only get you so far, and will not account for the actual riding experience. I've only experienced the Nikola so far and can say that that is great, but can't compare it to the 16X myself.
  5. I haven't heard of any updates with regards to the speakers. Yes, the Nikola speakers, while loud, lacks bass, and from what I understand the 16X ships with sub woofers. Not really sure exactly what the dimensions of the 16X pedals are and whether they're bigger than the Nikola's, but the Nikola pedals are great.
  6. Precisely! No point in thinking any previous training will cover you adequately in all type of falls. Sure, previous fall training from martial arts, etc., will serve you well in some circumstances where there's some leeway, but in others you won't even have the time to say "oh shit" because you're busy hitting the ground
  7. Damn it old man, stop rubbing it in!
  8. Yeah, the V10F is very sensitive to pebbles. I got that not long after getting my V10F last summer and was very concerned that something was wrong. Got it a couple of more times after that, but @UniVehje is on to something about it becoming less with use. There are other threads mentioning this issue as well for what it's worth, so it's definitely a V10F "thing". I found that riding/or leading the wheel rather quickly forward/backward could loosen the pebbles as well. Can be an alternative when you're not feeling up to weight lifting.
  9. The idea isn't to get the exact same thing but to understand the specs of what's currently being used before shopping for a replacement.
  10. Tja, sent svar hÀr, jobbet har börjat Kör 187 killer som handledsskydd, och pÄ resten av överkroppen kör jag med denna för seriös Äkning: https://www.absolute-snow.co.uk/V/Demon_Flex_Force_Pro_Body_Armour_Top_XL_BlackGreen-(135113)
  11. Nej, medhÄll! Det Àr bara oturligt att alla uthyrda elsparkcyklar med tillhörande usla förare kan placera Àven EUCs pÄ kartan. EUCs i sig Àr inte nÄgot jag tror nÄgra medborgare i allmÀnhet bekymrar sig för eller som du sÀger nÄgot som Àr överrepresenterat i olycksstatistiken, men de kan ju fortfarande fÄ sig en slÀng av sleven om alla PEVs börjar granskas. Vad gÀller försÀkringar sÄ kan jag nÀmna att jag vid nÄgot tillfÀlle lÀste om vad en försÀkring för en 45 km/h elcykel var, och det var inga roliga siffror. TyvÀrr har jag inte kvar sidan för det..
  12. Hmm, so regarding the LED strips, anyone the manufacturer/model of the current Nikolas strips? I'll open mine up again at some point, but rather stock up on some replacement strips first if needed.
  13. HÄller med, jag skulle tycka att det vore trevligt med att veta att man har sitt pÄ det torra, inte minst om man ska pendla in till staden. TyvÀrr har jag svÄrt att se att det kommer att hÀnda för EUCs. Tittar vi pÄ vilka lÀttare fordon vi har idag sÄ Àr det cyklar, moped klass I och moded klass II. Och som sagt sÄ rÀknas EUCs in som cykel, om de Àr bissart klena modeller kanske anno 2010 eller nÄgot. Finns inget modernt hjul som kvalar in dÀr (och inget hjul som skulle vara Äkbart heller för den delen men en sÄdan begrÀnsning, givet att de Àr sjÀlvbalanserade och en strypning vid 20 km/h kan vara direkt farlig). Tittar vi lite vidare finns det ett förslag pÄ reglering inom EU för LPEV (light personal electrical vehicles) som om/nÀr det gÄr igenom kommer att pÄverkar Sverige ocksÄ, men som mest verkar fokuserat pÄ t.ex. sparkcyklar, och ocksÄ Àr baserat pÄ en grÀns av 25 km/h. Moped klass I: 25 km/h, fÄr köra pÄ cykelbana. Moped klass II: 45 km/h, men dÄ fÄr inte köra pÄ cykelbana. För att det skulle funka sÄ krÀvs ju att det tillÄts körning pÄ cykelbana, och alltsÄ dÄ att det skulle klassas som cykel pÄ nÄgot sÀtt. Det hela Àr ju vÀldigt trÀigt tycker jag, vore oerhört mycket bÀttre med bestÀmmelser som fokuserar pÄ faktisk hastighet och körbeteende istÀllet för mÀrkligt fordonsklassificeringerar. T.ex. som för bilar - alla moderna bilar kan gÄ mycket snabbare Àn vad som Àr tillÄtet nÄgonstans i landet men trafiken regleras pÄ annat sÀtt. KÀnns som stenÄldern pÄ ett sÀtt det hÀr med att maskinerna mÄste vara fysiskt begrÀnsade för att vara lagliga.
  14. Right, the four wheel drive people talk about!
  15. All right, then, thanks. I was thinking that perhaps the wiring mean that the one side was more exposed than the other, but scratch that then.
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