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  1. yes that gian Yes, that giant 24mm nut. The side with the wiring requires a slightly altered tool
  2. TLDR: 1. Don't be lazy on maintenance 2. Axle nut and gyroscope are somehow dependent on each other Wheel History I've been riding the Monster 100v ever weekend since late May of 2019 with about 800 miles clocked. There were no major accidents other than the wheel tipping over onto its heavy side two/three times. Event: Today as I was leaving a NYC Kickstarter PEV demo event, I powered on the wheel in disbelief as it took on a life of its own and bolted toward the the bench it was previously leaning against. The wheel did a cool backflip onto its handle bar, breaking it, then cartwheeled a few times before cutting off. This video demonstrated what happened minus the backflipping WTF??? 4 Gotway wheels in 2 years and what did I just see? Diagnosis As my EUC world crumbles, I resort to crying to @Jason McNeil for parts and messaging @houseofjob on how to fix it and what tools are required. Luckily, I went to the event with Chris so really only had to cry to Jason. Chris inspected the wheel's right side where all the electronics are and said appears fine, no burnt smell and the wiring was not only secure but isolated. To make matters worse, the 6/8 screws holding the pedal arms was also tight and the axle nut was a-okay. As Chris proceeded towards the left side, I wondered what could possible be there that's related to the gyroscope? Isn't it just batteries on that side? Demoralized, as I heard there was nothing new and that the wires and 6 (or 8?) screws holding the pedal arms were secured but this time Chris suddenly blurted out "the axle is loose" in a surprised tone. He turns it and says "1 rotation?", "2 rotation??", 3 rotation???" in an escalating alarmed tone. Success I didn't think much of it but here's @houseofjob holding up the wheel (securely) and powering on the wheel Lesson to those that are really lazy and uninformed (like me) Lesson be learned, I didn't think I needed to tighten the axle because "that can't happen to me, it's still new right?". Wrong!!! If you are torquing the Monster and riding it hard (because you can!), save yourself the money and learn from my costly ignorance It's still my personal favorite wheel despite not fully understanding how an axle nut can make the wheel possessed. Even better, after a 6 mile ride ,albeit cautiously for the first 0.5 miles, the wheel rides more responsively now that both axles are equally tighten. Nothing beats balance..... and that will include maintenance from now on.
  3. you never know when the next zombie apocalypse is going to go down marty =)
  4. it is I in the wild, coming back from a group ride with @houseofjob who in facts wears his hat facing-forwards (a little the pro-tip to tell us apart) nikola plus power
  5. I have to go thru the footage to see what I can find. if anything, the next ride @houseofjob, can you demo again on a straight way? trade you some indomie for the exclusive
  6. grippy and cheap? that's my thing. do you have a name/link for this? thanks for the share
  7. Awesome. This illustration is very helpful. I get it now. Thank you
  8. Thanks for the tips, what do u mean by “use the size of the screw core”? I’m quite illiterate with tools like grandparents with a computer thanks again
  9. how did you install the GW mud flap? Mine came without any screws and I'm not sure how to install it properly on the 1st try
  10. my tesla grumbled a bit after my friend dropped it a few times while learning. Turns out the motherboard needed a bit of tugging/re-centering and it's quite silent now.
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