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  1. i resorted to taping it down. same problem which kind of sucks.
  2. suspensions doesn't make sense on bigger wheels, smaller ones maybe. until there are independent suspensions per pedal, i think they're all pointless. rather use that space for batteries.
  3. agreed on that. seated riding and suspensions makes a lot of sense since your weight is on top of the shell instead. standing tho, the current implementations doesn't warrant the tradeoff (weight, additional point of failure, less room for batteries etc). as much as I prefer seated riding over standing, a simpler machine with less weight seems like a better option atm I saw that the new monster pro has some hollow shaft motor which I have no idea what that really means. Do you have a quick TLDR explanation or a good link?
  4. Just generating buzz and motivation
  5. 100% of Gotway wheels do not brick from firmware updates just like 100% of iPhones do not suffer from microSD issues common in Android phones.
  6. because I don't ride the wheel upright in a 12 o'clock orientation young grasshopper. You do know that you have TWO legs right? I do not want or need both pedals to compress at the same time. I apply pressure to only 1 pedal with the wheel in an X orientation, hence moving the wheel side-to-side to accelerate.. Yes, there' is another way to ride an EUC Here's a short video demo after spending months learning from @houseofjob
  7. lol okay then mr. stubborn. if we're going down this route one could argue that Gotway spent their resources correctly so they don't need to push out OTA because their wheels outperforms the competition (minus Veteran). In fact, you can even argue that with all the firmware changes, the final product isn't even close to a stock Gotway in terms of performance Now if these brands are pushing updates so the wheel has more intensive blinking modes, one can't argue that. RGB life is for reals.
  8. i'm emphasizing that I would much rather prefer Gotway allocate its resources on more important things (like making sure all their wheels have thermal paste) versus hiring expensive software engineers to design a child-proof way to push vanity enhancements OTA. When other brands catch up to Gotway's performance like Veteran, and are also pushing useful enhancements OTA, then these complaints are warranted.
  9. Granted that About 385 results (0.56 seconds) has duplicates to the same thread. What's your definition of a few?
  10. Consider yourself lucky that you were fortunate to be problem free. However, you are just 1 in a pool of consumers and while most of the time, things should update fine, sometimes they don't. So to project your own experiences as an absolute truth is short-sighted and "speculative" From your description, it sounds like KingSong's firmware updates resolved a list of problems that Gotway wheels don't have coming out of the factory ;). I'm not sure how I would feel about a wheel suddenly having "more torque" because that comes at the cost of a lower top speed (there's always a tradeoff). However, having the ability to adjust the power curve is an interesting feature and very cool if users were allowed to alter their profile. but again, change always introduces risk no matter how small. By the way, faster and stiffer pedals are unrelated. You prefer the stiffer setting because it allows you to over lean over the front of the wheel. There are other ways to generate torque without putting yourself in harms way.
  11. you get thrown from the wheel because you are overleaning in your best superman impersonation. until the suspensions are independent (per pedal), I don't see much of a point to it. My knees provide on the fly independent suspension stiffness/softness. The exact weight/reduced speed/range + additional areas of failure doesn't seem justified at this current stage of development.
  12. If China really wanted to, they could just have KingSong's controller maliciously install software through bluetooth after connecting to the wheel so you better not "trust this device" Besides, modern OS requires an application to explicitly communicate what privileges it needs from the OS. So if an app you just downloaded is requesting for admin rights, just politely decline and uninstall While the cybersecurity threat is real, your fears are misguided and I think spreads unnecessary fear to other software illiterate EUC riders.
  13. I think it's great that Gotway decided not to allow consumers to potentially update their controllers into a paperweight. Before anyone says "but apple/google phones can...", yes it's very possible to architect a rollback feature that ensures the files are not corrupted prior to the update. However, I would much rather prefer Gotway to focus their limited resources on their core competency (EUC performance or solve their durability/design woes). Providing child-proof update procedures to an existing codebase is a software engineering competency (which by the way is also google and apples forte) and IMO would needlessly expose Gotway to unnecessary risk for minimum improvement at best. You also have to consider the fact that power outages during an update would render the controller useless (apple/google has minimum battery requirements before allowing an update to proceed when the phones are not being charged). And yes, I am well aware that there are ways to re-flash a bricked controller but that type of expertise is beyond what a company can normally expect a consumer to have. i'm curious to hear what are your expectations in a firmware update @FreeRide? The only thing I can think of is pedal model stiffness/softness, but from what I gathered, 95% of the community hugs-and-tags the wheel in hard mode anyways. The hassle to provide child-proof OTA doesn't seem worth it even if I personally would love updates to change the pedal mode's softness. I'm sure @houseofjob would love that feature too
  14. i think suspensions would be great for seated riding. very skeptical on the standing part.
  15. while two things can be true, I don't think they are equally weighted and in this accident, the order is also important. in your example, I don't think you would prioritize "this is why we buckle up" before discussing the distraction aspect. The rider's facebook posts---as well as his friend's follow up video message to everyone -- was the importance of "always gear up". If there was a product that enabled better decision making, I suspect the community would echo that sentiment instead since it's easier to "buy" something versus having to alter one's behavior. I feel pretty confident saying even when fully-geared, this rider won't look down at his phone for a long; the PTSD is real.
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