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  1. chulander

    Any Riders In Queens NY???

    I'm in bayside (tesla/msx). since I never see anyone in bayside except once near QCC, I assume you were the guy in a black full face helmet on a king song?
  2. chulander

    Msuper X panel screws size?

    thanks Chris for the tip. I definitely need to replace more than 1 screw (been very gentle not to strip any more which probably caused one to vibrate off). I"ll check out home depot on 23rd during lunch. thanks again!
  3. chulander

    Msuper X panel screws size?

    Hi everyone. I've been hearing a weird vibration and "click" sound for months and finally saw that the panel screw behind the pedals is missing (must have not tighten it enough after applying EUCGuy's waterproof tutorial). I am looking to avoid unscrewing another MSuperX screw and wheeling to a random hardware store hoping its in stock. Does anyone here know the size or even better, a name to google? Obviously not the handy type so please forgive my cluelessness with these things. Thanks everyone! edited: I think maybe one screws here looks like it? https://www.amazon.com/Mini-Skater-800PCS-Tapping-Assortment/dp/B01GBLNBOI/ref=pd_sim_60_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01GBLNBOI&pd_rd_r=582697ec-fba5-11e8-84c9-c9e00b2a0326&pd_rd_w=his8C&pd_rd_wg=Lrq2U&pf_rd_p=18bb0b78-4200-49b9-ac91-f141d61a1780&pf_rd_r=HKSA9JZRS7WZDAY2VF9A&psc=1&refRID=HKSA9JZRS7WZDAY2VF9A
  4. chulander

    MSuper X wheel wobbles (misalignment?)

    thanks for the tip. The wobbles are more from the acceleration than the braking. I'll try lowering the pis (once the replacement pedal rods arrive). For some reason I figured the X would use a similar psi as the Tesla (tried everything from 30-45 and 45 felt about right).
  5. chulander

    MSuper X wheel wobbles (misalignment?)

    I heard a werid squeal yesterday and tried to remove the side panels, when I got to the left pedals, it was stuck. A long painful process later, turns out the left rod is dented. I’m thinking maybe my rods weren’t centered or something about it was causing wheel wobbles. Hopefully when the new rods comes in, it’ll be wobble free
  6. chulander

    MSuper X wheel wobbles (misalignment?)

    Thanks, surprisingly I am getting better results by mounting with my weaker left leg instead. Seems like it’s my mechanics at this point
  7. chulander

    MSuper X wheel wobbles (misalignment?)

    Hi everyone, On the Tesla, I can quickly and cruise at 25-27 mph without any speed wobbles along the way. On the MSuper X, replicating the behavior leads to automatic wheel wobbles where I have to compensate by re-positioning myself off-centered to lead with my left shoulder (or slow down and retry again) I tried the wheel lift test but can't be certain of the results (appears to wobble) since I', not strong enough to hold the wheel steady till cutoff (could just be my body shaking and not the wheel). My wheel is 49psi and with a bit more than 6oz of slime (I don't get how its possible to measure from that bottle). Thanks everyone for your help! I'll try to setup my phone to record the wheel test later tonight.
  8. hey @verizo43, can you elaborate a bit on this? You use this to detect wheel misalignments? My problem is resolved now but I'm curious to hear/learn more
  9. hey @Glasco Martin IV, I purchased a spare one from eWheels. @Jason McNeil managed to find a spare handle (inside half). I haven't installed it yet but I should since the handle is a bit loose now. Someone did a carbon-fiber wrap on their MTEN3 so I purchased a roll and plan to sand down the scratch area and wrap the entire wheel with it. Just have to find time to do it.
  10. @Marty Backe and @meepmeepmayer, this is the Post fix Tesla tilting without any vibrations
  11. Hey @Marty Backe and @meepmeepmayer, following @Jason McNeil advise to “re-center” the motherboard, this resolved the problem. at first, I had no idea what he meant. However, after removing the 4 screws on the left side panel, I tugged the motherboard closer toward me and made sure it was sitting on the case properly and voila, problem went away. I’ll post a video when I get home (rode the MSX to work instead). note, the Tesla vibration was really strong yesterday when engaging the brakes downhill, strong enough that it threw my balance off a bit. I’m glad everything was resolved and didn’t require taking off the outershell (which I still can’t do, probably bc I don’t have the right tools to safety dislodge the plastic)
  12. Thanks @meepmeepmayer and @Marty Backe. I'll confirm the motherboard is fastened and not shifting on a tilt. I got a response from eWheels and Jason mentioned that the motherboard could also be off-centered. The vibration is getting a bit worse and starts to vibrate as I'm braking. I"ll report back tomorrow. Appreciate the help as always
  13. Hey @Marty Backe, since no one replied. I was wondering what your thoughts are regarding the weird strong vibration noise coming from the left side of the wheel when the wheel is tilted and not moving
  14. Hi everyone. I was teaching my friend how to ride an EUC and the Tesla dropped on the left side a few times during the hour at about 3-4mph. When I rode the wheel later, I noticed a weird vibration when the wheel is tilted left and my dominant right leg has weight on the wheel (basically every red light). Following the advice on another Tesla vibration thread, I retightened the interior pedals screws and the taped anywhere on the outer shell suspected of being the culprit. However, looking at the videos, it seems like the vibration is coming from within the motor and only appears to be on the the left side. Does anyone have an idea what's happening? Thank you! Vibrations (pre-tightening) Vibrations (post-tightening)
  15. chulander

    MSX customizations-sharewhat you’ve done

    I’m also curious how you added the extra batteries