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  1. Awesome. This illustration is very helpful. I get it now. Thank you
  2. Thanks for the tips, what do u mean by “use the size of the screw core”? I’m quite illiterate with tools like grandparents with a computer thanks again
  3. how did you install the GW mud flap? Mine came without any screws and I'm not sure how to install it properly on the 1st try
  4. my tesla grumbled a bit after my friend dropped it a few times while learning. Turns out the motherboard needed a bit of tugging/re-centering and it's quite silent now.
  5. @Marty Backe, how much slime is required for the monster then? If it's 6 oz for the MSX's 19inch wheel, then its maybe 8oz for a 22inch? Thanks Marty
  6. Indeed Marty. I trolley into stores, offices and park the wheel next to my desk at work. the convenience and confidence to accurately plan your travels (despite the traffic) is the appeal of the EUC lazy life. The appeal is not without its cost tho. I just received the 100v Monster and preordered the 16x which brings my grant total to......4 wheels. 12 more and I can begin to understand your world Marty.
  7. i hope more details emerge. I go to therapy in NYC, its a 30 minute session each month and I can't help but have some doubts about the story. so the rider rode the wheel to the office and powers off the wheel at the front door. He trolleys the kingsong through the lobby (probably rode the elevator) and proceeds to the office where he registers his arrival at reception without issue. After sitting in the waiting room for a few minutes, the therapist is ready to see him and then....? I'm curious where the wheel at this point since I trolley the tesla/msx into my session and its in my sight the entire time because the receptionist job description doesn't include being responsible for patient's valuables. If it was going to blow up, there was plenty of time to blow up between the lobby and the start of the session and nobody noticed a thing until the sudden explosion? there's seems to be a huge gap in the timeline.... If NYC medical offices have a message board/chat group and are talking about this, it will be extremely frustrating trying to calm the fears each time we step into one.
  8. I don't have a 16s, however the Tesla was my first wheel and it's quite scratched up (might have to put the baby bumpers if that concerns you). The Tesla acceleration is great, top speed of 31 mph at 100% is awesome too. The design eliminates any needs of a mudflap but I suspect that design also makes it terrible at handling bumps or large rocks (had a night accident that required a motor change as the rim dented from climbing over / into a potato-sized rock at 18mph). The Tesla is a great commuter wheel but after riding the MSX, I realized the Tesla's pedals are a bit short which makes it difficult to make quick sharp turns without scrapping the pedals. If the 16s pedals are higher and top speed isn't an issue perhaps the 16s is a better option? My tesla pedals are hideous. Note, replacing the v1 Tesla tire is quite frustrating. It requires the entire wheel to be split apart. hope this helps
  9. I ride on northern blvd near the cross island every weekend (bayside to little neck). where do you guys ride to? I'm on a MSX for now.
  10. I hope the z10 rider is okay. The wobbles started as he exited the turn. Maybe people had luck correctly wheel wobbles with increased speed but i don't think it helped in this situation. The rider also oversteered prior to the last final which leads me to believe that he's not that experienced corning at higher speeds? His body seems extremely stiff the entire time and his arm placements .....i would never keep my arms in front a la t-rex / zombie style. It's too hard to counter balance with your arms positioned that way.
  11. I really like this bag’s size and features. Easy to clip on led lights or speakers and straps to keep the weight close to the body https://lbbjkt.com/the-peloton-eclipse The things that aren’t so good is 1. The price (u pay for quality stitching and material) 2. The weight (I carry spare camera batteries, usb battery pack, portable pumps, MacBook Pro 15 inch, two Bose soundlink micro and the weight is close to 15lbs.) 3. They sell a version that uses hooks instead of buckles. Spare yourself the headache.
  12. i noticed the same thing happened to me recently within the past 2 weeks
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