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  1. Someone said they were coming this Saturday to check it out. Will update after Saturday on status. Thanks
  2. I bought this wheel used about 2 weeks ago. I have been using it for my last mile commute to and from work and it has performed flawlessly. For me, this is the ultimate commuting machine. Reason for the sale, my friend is selling me his newer KS 16s (less mileage and less scratched up) at a really good price. So this one has to go!!! This wheel has been used and has the mileage to show it. There are scratches (please see pic). Battery still holds a good charge. Will come with original charger. *ISSUE* 1 of 4 led strips is not functionally properly, it will not turn on, but if i press on the strip it will come on but will not follow the lighting patterns of the other 3 lights while riding, only stays green. I'm sure the strip can be replaced, if that bothers you. This does not affect the ride at all. Would like to do a local sale. Pickup in Down town Los Angeles or Walnut CA
  3. BSLrider

    Who else is waiting for the new 16 inch models?

    I was interested in getting a new kingsong 16" or at least wait for the new model. Out of curiosity I emailed Kingsong if they are coming out with one soon. They responded and recommended me to get the ks16s because a new moedel will not be coming out anytime soon, at least that was what Tina Wong from kingsong said.