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  1. Sorry autocorrect, tried to type fast while driving 21700 cells 100v
  2. How fast is it when it's in follow mode? I want to get it to let it follow me while I ride my unicycle
  3. I'm intrested in Vegas Can you post pics
  4. Han Vo

    MSuper Pro?

    I'm in Las Vegas, raginggrandpa is correct where I got this
  5. Han Vo

    MSuper Pro?

    Msp is such an amazing machine. The speed, the torque , the power
  6. Han Vo

    I got an MSuper Pro

    How much andis it hard to install
  7. Well tmoats had a inmotion v8 for sale 200 on face book but it went fast EUCO.COM has king song 16x instock I have a 100 dollar off coupon code if you want it
  8. Han Vo

    MTen3 Arrived

    Heres what you do. Buy the mten for yourself, you ride the mten while your supporting her on the 18l. Tell her and show her how you can reduce the top speed of the 18l to 10mph so it doesnt freak her out. The mten is easy to stay up right at low speed so your not going to be strained when shes trying to go slow on the 18l.
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