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  1. Isnt the location supposed to be included in the title?
  2. Any time brother cant wait to ride with you
  3. well loved, about 900 miles on it. This is the v2 with 2400wh battery. Shell has been well loved but a new one from ewheels is about 300. Selling for 1400, batteries alone would cost this much so I'm firm on price. I'd like to do a local deal Las Vegas Text me if intrested +17025189986
  4. Is it possible to convert my 84 v monster to 100?
  5. God I miss edmonton. Spent my 20s there and had a blast.
  6. He said they hope to release around end of Feb beginning of March. Yes Rose at EUCO did interview inmotion CEO but I have no information.
  7. Han Vo

    MSuper Pro?

    I wonder if they make battery packs for Nikola. Do you have a website?
  8. Han Vo

    MSuper Pro?

    What's Green Fashion?
  9. EUCO set up a fun ride with locals and the inmotion guys including @Liamfind. i got him to share some details but promised I'll keep it to myself. But he did say the name hasn't been picked yet. It could be called anything at this moment. One thing I will share is it will have the traditional scorpion tail style handle.
  10. Han Vo

    MSuper Pro?

    Watch them come out with the msx pro plus a month later, with 50 percent more battery
  11. Does it support the samsung watch like wheellog did?
  12. Anyone hear any news of new wheels for this year?
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