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  1. Han Vo

    King song 14s white

    Yes it is
  2. Han Vo

    King song 14s white

    It is but has be used now for a bit with some bumps and bruises So I can lower it to 700
  3. Han Vo

    Job Opening: Help Wanted @ eWheels

    I live in Vegas and would be interested. I already telling everyone who ask where I get my gear, I might as well be paid to sell them.
  4. Han Vo

    King Song KS18XL

    Wait is Jason rolling out the battery pack trade program right now? Or did you just buy a new 18xl
  5. Han Vo

    King Song KS18XL

    I cant wait for you to offer this. I want to upgrade and change mynhousimg to the matte black finish.
  6. Han Vo

    KS-16S 1.07 Firmware bricked my EUC

    I'm having the exact same issue. Just sent @US69 a message.
  7. Han Vo

    Mten3 questions

    Crazy thing is in Vegas the bike paths are rarely used so its smooth as hell and none is on them. So the tire has a flat profile and would veer to the slope of the road? That kinda sucks because the trails that follow the rain washes out here are pretty sloped. The 14s do well and you don't feel the angle at all
  8. Han Vo

    Mten3 questions

    Hi guys, I'm looking to possibly order either the mten or a different wheel. I like to know from users if it can sustain 20mph cruising. I have a king song 14s and that'd go to my daughter. The 14s has a speed of 18mph on full battery and steps down the max speed as battery depletes . I want to be at least as fast to keep up with the 14s but also want something that goes a bit faster if I'm buying a new wheel. I really like the fact that it's so small and portable. I ride mostly bike paths/trails so not worried about going over rocks. Specs says 25mph cruising but can we ever believe 100 percent the specs. Marty if you can chime in I know you love yours.
  9. Han Vo

    King song 14s white

    Back to the top
  10. I'm in for anything after 7. Work all day
  11. Han Vo

    King song 14s white

    Also this is the largest battery pack options. It has the slim padding installed and the original ones are included too Correction I paid $1175 from Jason
  12. Selling my kingsong 14s. Bought it last month from Jason at ewheels,I can include the sales receipt to prove it. Selling to get a faster wheel. No major wideouts, peddle scratches from laying it down on ground when resting at park. About 200 miles on it Located in Las Vegas I bought this wheel for $1150 from Jason. FTf deal 950. Email me for faster response damienvo@gmail.com
  13. New member here and appreciate the response
  14. Han Vo

    GOTWAY ACM16 v2 680wh

    Price location and battery size?