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  1. I follow video instructions very well. Written with all those wires everywhere makes me hesitate
  2. God I hope someone does a video for the unelectrically inclined. I don't want to mess it up
  3. I saw this also, that's why I'm waiting How did you get it to work
  4. I got a FedEx confirmation of shipment from ewheels. Must be the new control board
  5. @Marty Backe hopefully the new board wont beep like a bullhorn when you turn it on 😁
  6. Is @Jason McNeil sending out to all of us that got the first batch
  7. Exactly why we buy from him. Ive been riding around 15 to 20 mph not daring to push it too hard in Vegas hot summer weather. I take mostly bike trails and paths but also some bike lanes that shares with cars. These cars are already riding close to me to see what the hell im riding. It would suck to have a mosfet burned out at that moment.
  8. Will they be sending these out to all Nikola first adopters? Or do i have to burn out and faceplant at 20mph first?
  9. And this is why i chose to buy from @Jason McNeil. It might be my last Gotway but not my last purchase from Ewheels with this level of customer service. Thanks to @Marty Backe for such a thorough analysis of the problem.
  10. Well this is very disturbing. 2000 dollars and i cant trust the thing. Looks like this might be my first and last Gotway
  11. Id be intrested to know the cost of the new upgraded board for us early adopters of the Nikola. I live in Vegas and one of my favorites trails is the 35 mile River Mountains loop trail. Theres some seriously steep hills out there, especially if your going off road. Now im worried about burning a board at 25mph, faceplanting then dragging it back maybe 15 miles to the car depending on where in the loop it failed. Temps here in summer gets to 115 out side.
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