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  1. More battery = more weight, I don't want more battery. S18 XL later maybe? But they need to launch S18 first.
  2. Well, it seems prices are a bit different from Russian dealer. Here you can pre-order either a 2100 Wh 84V Nikola or 1845 Wh 100V Nikola or 1800 Wh 100V MSuper PRO HS for almost the same price as V11. Or you can get a 1600 Wh 84V Nikola 30% cheaper than V11. Actually I am not a Gotway guy either. I'm completely satisfied with my 1036Wh KS18L and I never ride faster than 30 mph. That's why even V11 is a bit of an overkill for me. What I'm trying to say is that if additional safety and comfort outweighs specs difference for you, and for me it definitely does, I see no reason not to sacrifice even more specs for more comfort and safety. For me this is by far the least worked out dimension in EUCs in general and from what I can see even S18 suspension is far from perfect.
  3. Still I think people really downplay the difference in suspensions. It's kinda expected since we still don't have a single real direct comparison between S18 and V11, only a separate reviews and 3 seconds of poorly synchronized footage from different videos. But recently I got the feeling that everyone happily forgot that we are discussing 2k$ wheels there. And that suspension is the ONLY answer to why we are even discussing these heavily overpriced and far too heavy wheels with lots of potential problems. So waiting for actual direct comparisons and refraining from shitposting until then is is one thing, but saying "even if V11 suspension turns out to be far worse than S18, it doesn't matter, since the wheel overall is better" feels really strange. The wheel overall is garbage for its money. I mean seriously, look at the MSX or Nicola specs and then look at V11 or S18 specs again, keep price tags in mind. If one suspension really is much better than another, it's an obvious deal breaker.
  4. KingSong tends to fix and improve their products after the release, turning owners of the first batch units into beta-testers of sort. However, all of the recent KingSong wheels were pretty decent at the time of release. Yes, KS-18L had a nice long history of fixes and improvements and the 2019 KS18L V2 is clearly superior compared to the first batch 2018 KS18L (I personally owned both versions), however even the first batch KS-18L was by no means inferior to the V10F for example. V10F receiving no after-release improvements doesn't mean that Inmotion better polish their products so there is nothing to improve after release — it just means that KingSong strive to make their wheels even better and Inmotion don't. Frustration over owning a first batch KingSong wheel that becomes outdated is just an unfortunate, but nessecary side effect of a generally positive phenomenon. Getting your wheel earlier is already enough of a compensation for that.
  5. I'm afraid that with all the recent EUC legislation "progress" wheels like this will soon become illegal in most of the world.
  6. I'm very impressed how Kuji was able to ride down the stairs on both V11 and S18. It looks like suspension really makes wonders. Or maybe Kuji's riding & balancing skills are out of this world. I wonder if an ordinary rider can ride down the stairs on suspension EUC.
  7. US69, you must be "the German guy" Gookgai told me about. I also bought the last KS-18L from him yesterday. The wheel surely is very useful for riding in Bangkok.
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