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  1. It's funny. I learned on a KS14D, which is also pretty twitchy. It took me a long time to ride it smoothly with accuracy. I recently just bought an 18L, and it feels like I have to re-learn some things, especially turning. I"m having a heck of a time doing slow speed tight turns on it! It's definitely easy to ride it straight though!
  2. I"m in San Jose during the week for work (occasionally weekends) and would be up for a ride during lunch if you can tolerate a wobbly newb on a limited range/speed 14D. I also wouldn't mind any pointers in my technique. I'm having the darnedest time with tight turns!
  3. It's interesting that the production units will make their ways to customer hands before the pre-production unit has finished it's tour of the US. Is it still in NY? It still has to go to FL ( @Duf), CO (Chooch), and CA ( @Marty Backe)?
  4. Check your email. Jason just sent out an update.
  5. I can relate! It’s taking me much longer to learn than I thought it would! I initially mounted the wheel while supporting myself on something. After mounting this way for a few weeks, I tried mounting without the support and found I was able to do it 1out of 3 times. Now I can mount it reliably. It still took me a few weeks to ride with any accuracy as I zig zagged all over the place while flailing my arms wildly 😄. It was a bit discouraging that I wasn’t making the progress as quickly as I thought I should but I was making steady progress. I’m much less wobbly now but still have some troub
  6. Thanks! I was hoping to find something locally as that would be easier. That said, I'm thinking maybe I should just pony up the extra money for the 18XL. It's only $370 more than the 18L's pre-tariff price for 50% more battery, and it comes with the larger pedals. I"m still trying to wrap my head around paying $2K+ for a wheel when my used 14D was $450.
  7. Good point. I’ll likely just buy one from Jason but thought I’d throw it out there in case someone local was on the fence. Thanks! Thanks meepmeep. I’ll look into it.
  8. Surely someone in the bay area is looking to upgrade to an 18XL from an 18L?
  9. I plan to keep the 14D. I like it's portable size and fun factor.
  10. I"m looking for my second wheel. My 14D has been fun to learn on (and has the scars to prove it!) but now I'm ready to try something bigger. The 18L is at the top of my list. Before I hit the E-wheels buy button on a new 18L, I figure there may be someone in the SF Bay Area, looking to upgrade their 18L to an 18XL. I prefer a wheel bought from Jason. I may also consider a Z10. Anyone? -steve
  11. I saw that putting bigger tires will add a little extra top end. I think someone even found really large diameter wheels that somehow bolt onto the existing wheel and hub motor. I guess there’s also some Russian hackers that have hacked the firmware to raise the limit but you have to send them the computer for them to update it. This all sounds like a hassle and it would be easier to get a faster EUC. It’s funny but I thought the MiniPro would be fast enough as they look quick when people zip around on them, but within minutes of riding mine (once I rode the kilometer to raise the limi
  12. I recently bought a MiniPro and am having a blast on it except it’s just not fast enough. It’s fine for the main use of getting around the camp resort I frequent, but now I’m itching for an EUC with an eye toward a 16S or maybe 14S to save money. I’m 53 and reasonably coordinated and would like the challenge of riding a single wheel. I’d also use it for the 5 mile commute to work and occasional grass and dirt road usage at the resort. I rode the MiniPro a couple of times to work and back but it takes too long ?. Has anyone else started off on a MiniPro before moving to an EUC? T
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