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  1. as i came from elec scooter to EUC, its no going back what so ever...some falls or what not, enjoyement of flying thru surface is.... here is my little fail https://streamable.com/n510xa
  2. service said it was fault of software, so you guys know now, if things go wild like that, its software, without changing 'motherboard' i think, you helpless
  3. it doesnt, i even opened 1 side and separated power wire, tought it will help but it didnt..
  4. Hi there, so i was just browsing news on the internet, when suddenly my MSP lights turned on, power button wont react, i dont know what is going on, later on it shutted down and like couple minutes later it again turned on, it connects to EUC world but there is no stat showing, also it can connect to bluetooth speakers.... also here is a video, thanks for help. Video
  5. well it says in official website - https://shop.segway.com/ie-en/50/-ninebot-by-segway-kickscooter-second-battery-pack-black "The KickScooter battery can be used on both KickScooter ES1 and ES2 and will expand the range to 45 km and for the ES2 it increases the speed to a maximum 30 km/h. On the ES1 the speed will be increased to 25 km/h. The battery can easily be attached to the stem of the product." as for firmware it shows that its latest version... thanks for reply!
  6. hi, so i just got extra battery for ninebot es1, program on mobilephone shows extra battery, everything is fine but it doesnt add promised +5kms to top speed, anyone maybe knows whats up?
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