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  1. Hey everyone, I have a ninebot z10. Was my first and is my only wheel. I know many people experienced issues with their z10s. But i never had a real issue with mine. Unfortunately i have not ridden in a long time due to life being too busy. I tried to charge my wheel up the other day amd it doesn't respond. The charger light stays green. I tried disconnecting the battery but that didnt work. I tried charging the battery directly with a cable connected to the charger. But that hasn't work. I am going to retry this with different wires because they might not be connecting. Doe
  2. Hey Everyone, i upgraded my ks14s to version 1.09. did not realize there should have been caution in doing this and now the wheel is acting very strange. When you turn the wheel on it remains loose and does not stand upright, then it starts to go crazy on its own, the wheel starts spinning out of control at an angle, simillarily to how it would spin if you were holding the wheel off the ground. Nothing stops it other than turning it off. Cant find any way to fix this, does anyone know how i can fix it or revert back to previous version of the wheel. (i am new to riding and the comm
  3. I just ordered My first wheel, which happens to be the ninebot. Jason got it for me pretty quickly but now that i am reading this post i am very worried. Hopefully my unit is ok.
  4. Thanks RockyTop. what do you mean by a moving blanket cover?
  5. This has been extremely helpful! ive searched online and came up empty handed as most charts that i saw did not give an indication of rider weight. but this is very thorough. thank you for all the advice. now to make some decisions!
  6. Hey everyone. I JUST found kut about the existence of EUCs this week and have been on youtube ever since. Im really interested in buying one... Correction i am DEFINITELY buying one. But was wondering which one would work for me. There a couple of things i have to consider: 1. I am 6ft 5 and i weight almost 290 lbs. Working on dropping some lbs but dnt want to wait that long to get. Lol. 2. I dont know if i should spend a whole lot on my first wheel as i see some ppl say its best to buy a cheap wheel to learn on then upgrade later. 3. I live in the cayman islands and will like
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