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  1. bluewheel

    EUC Liability insurance

    In France Allianz is insuring EUCs - see below link: https://www.allianz.fr/assurance-autres-vehicules/nouvelles-mobilites/
  2. bluewheel

    UK police wanting to contact me

    Im very disappointed in the lack on involvement of the EUCs sellers in the UK. It seems that for them making a quick buck is more important than helping the riders. Not cool 😢
  3. bluewheel

    UK police wanting to contact me

    We ride safely in Ireland thanks to this guy 😂
  4. bluewheel

    Dublin - Ireland

    Hi guys - may I just ask a few questions please. I am about to receive my EUC next week and I was wondering what is the local legislation as regards to EUCs in Ireland? Have any of you had any interaction and/or been questioned by the Gards yet? Where are you riding? Bicycle lines/roads/side walks? Thanks a lot and I am looking forward to meet you guys for a ride around Dublin sometime. Cheers! 😂
  5. bluewheel

    100V MSuper X ... check it out!

    People are so concentrated on the high speeds and I still don't understand why to be honest. Falling from the wheel at thigh speeds is very dangerous and it can have life-long consequences. My understanding of EUC concept is that you should enjoy it and not target high speeds from various reasons: one - safety and two legislation. I can only envision if few accidents will happen as a result of some folks who jump on the wheel and ride irresponsibly, we will all end up suffering. Yes, I am taking about legislation, and the gray area we are still let (or tolerated) to ride today. I bet that regulators are looking for a ''one step too far'' and the chance that we will all park our EUC in the shed is nearing. My feeling is we are just a few breaking news (accidents that I am referring to) away from awaking the legislators on the high speeds an EUC could generate. And that would be it for us all. I would only say that we should ride responsibly and don't push the boundaries . If you want speed buy a car or a motorcycle, they are already regulated and if you are caught breaking the law you won't pull anyone down with you. Ride responsibly guys..and God bless! 😉
  6. bluewheel

    100V MSuper X ... check it out!

    That would be great indeed. Would you do the similar test for the 85V version please? It would be interesting to see the range differences between 1600vs 1200! Thanks! 😂
  7. bluewheel

    100V MSuper X ... check it out!

    ...and perhaps lower range?
  8. bluewheel

    100V MSuper X ... check it out!

    My seller confirmed that my wheel (shipped already) is indeed the 1600 Wh. I agree with Marty but at the end, I hope that someone will make a side to side comparison on the range (84 vs 100) as only facts can confirm these changes. I can only assume that the Monster 100V has a bigger battery to compensate for the range? Im not an expert at all but even if the 100V wheel would run more efficiently, then I doubt that this efficiency would compensate for the 400V difference? And even if it would, what is the added value then? Im not discounting that innovating and exploring is a bad thing, but I would have been happier if somehow the innovation would had resulted in a 1600 or bigger battery with 100V inside the same shell, which in my opinion, this setup could be accommodated with few internal design/reorganizing space changes. To me, the 100V version is a bit of a gamble for the 1200 battery size, while we have the Monster on 100v with an even bigger battery on the market already. At the end, Im not convinced of the added value of this change - but sure, let's see the head to head comparison of the two (84/1600 vs 100/1200) on the road as theory is nothing without facts, right? 😏
  9. bluewheel

    100V MSuper X ... check it out!

    Thanks, I hope mine would still be the 1600Wh as to me, range is most important. I sent a message to the seller asking the config of mine..waiting for reply 😃
  10. bluewheel

    100V MSuper X ... check it out!

    So...lower WH...lower Range?
  11. bluewheel

    100V MSuper X ... check it out!

    My wheel is about to be delivered via AliExpress and Im looking forward for it. Just a question though - it would also be possible the config be 100V with 1600WH? Why is the config 1200WH (red somewhere in the forum) - would a lower battery not affect the range?
  12. bluewheel

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Thanks so much Electroman, I really appreciate your reply. I was about to send a message to the Seller when Ive red within the product description the following:'' [Green Fashion] Aliexpress professional EUC sales shop, all the goods for the latest goods, not overstock inventory, do not sell products of quality problems. The best service shops are highly valued in international forums. Here, you buy, rest assured. Battery:1600WH This is the second batch of MSX in the factory. There is no problem and you can order it with confidence.'' So, it is the second batch alright. May I ask a silly question as well please...in terms of batteries..are they safe? Ive heard a few horror stories about catching fire (not on the electric unicycles) - just in general..So I was wondering are you keeping an eye on the wheel when charging or are you worried leaving it in the house? Sorry..maybe I worry too much... Thanks!
  13. bluewheel

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Hi guys, new here, great forum! My MSuperX is on way from China (ordered via AliExpress but Im not sure what batch number it may be? Is there a way to know for sure? Thanks!