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  1. Alex_from_NZ

    How stable is the Z10 on its stand?

    No i understand, i did not see the telescoping parts were flat plate previously and thought those were steel rods (what i was referring too). I never actually noticed the actual rods from under the pedal hangers.. What were the telescoping parts from? Window or door runners or something similar or just a part from somewhere else? The more i think about it, the more i think a bar you simply attach with a couple of clips is the way to go...
  2. Alex_from_NZ

    How stable is the Z10 on its stand?

    I was thinking some rubber feet to stop it slipping. Will either be on tile or carpet in the ferry so should not slide with a couple of rubber feet I think. The suction cups are an interesting idea as well, would work well on the tiles.. Not worried about it lying in a pool of water, rather the water from riding in the rain up in the wheel well will not have a way to drain once I put it on its side, so will pool inside the unit if you understand what I mean.. Leaving it standing will allow any water to drain out during the 1hr commute. I am very keen to find a solution as this will be my commute everyday. At the moment I bring the mini pro in the ferry, but it is made to leave on its side so is easy, albeit bulky and awkward shaped.
  3. Thank you @jojo33 , Paris in may is looking definite now. I must start learning some French!
  4. The same people can do the same thing right now by buying the motherboard or CPU and downloading the firmware using a j-tag type device. You cannot protect against everything, and the same level of protection for the developers could also be given by using a S/N licence system. I feel perhaps the problem is not the privacy but the ability to update via Bluetooth to custom firmware instead? In any case, they could sell many more software licenses than CPU's or motherboards while giving the community an easy solution that works for many more people, with considerably less physical work and cost for the developers themselves (no posting anything, flashing anything, packaging etc) Problem with humans the world over.. I promise to stay and say thank you, many many times. But more-so, i am happy to pay $100 USD
  5. I am grateful also mate, just wish it was a solution that worked for me, and that the best solution was not stopped by a piracy concern.
  6. I appreciate the work of people in the community who have worked on this project, and understand their concerns about piracy but personally feel they are unfounded. Limit the app to a single IMEI number or Ninebot Battery serial number per license if this is the problem. To be honest, the motherboard at $200 USD + Shipping is too expensive for me in my currency, and soldering the CPU is not something I am capable of (nor anyone I know), its also much more hazardous and I would be afraid of damaging the motherboard in the process. I would love to unlock the speed potential of the MiniPro but I believe the only way for me is a software option like in use for the EUCs. The best would be an App for Andriod phones that can update over Bluetooth. I would happily pay $100USD for this. Alternatively a program for windows I can use j-tag flash to update (this would need to be cheaper - $50USD approx). I hope this is something the developers will consider. Thank you, Alex.
  7. Alex_from_NZ

    How stable is the Z10 on its stand?

    I wonder if something simple is the answer.. Keep the bottom bar from the unit, even though once the mudguard is shortened (something I am planning to do, because badass!) the bar is ugly as sin I think anything less than a 3d printed part is going to look just as ugly and potentially not work as well anyway. So.. Maybe two clips (low profile, quick slide in with locking mechanism - like go pro mount clips) on either end of the bottom of the bracket, square pipe of adequate length with rubber feet for anti slip as the stability base with the male clips attached. Clip it in when needed, carry it when don't? Doesn't need to be long so not hard to put in my bag and will be more than strong enough if the clips hold. Thoughts?
  8. Alex_from_NZ

    How stable is the Z10 on its stand?

    This is awesome!! Love someone else has had the same idea! What were you using as the telescoping support? Looks like a thin steel bar? Was it very strong or had a bit of flex? The z10 bottom bracket looks like it offers a good spot and a bit of width to allow something a bit more solid I am hoping. Just not sure what exactly yet!
  9. Alex_from_NZ

    How stable is the Z10 on its stand?

    If it were as wide as the unit is tall then I would think it should be pretty stable, no? The weight would be to its advantage.. I understand your point but will be engineered to not open easily so don't believe that to be a concern. Would also be no wider when closed than the unit itself. My concern is the strength of a telescoping part when the weight of the unit shifts, if the ends of the telescoping bar receive the weight they will likely fail. A strong steel tube using a ball bearing keeper would do it, but don't know how you could make it compact enough to fit.. Alternative I thought about was a bar, telescopic or not, that clipped in the same spot somehow. That way could just carry it with me. Not keen to leave the wheel on its side, I've heard that is not good when it may be wet. Best to let it stand up to drain any water..? Unfortunatly no narrow space it can easily be tucked. Next best thing would be strapping it to the railing outside but don't really want to do that either..
  10. Alex_from_NZ

    How stable is the Z10 on its stand?

    Hi team, Im planning ahead and thinking how i will stop the z10 falling over while i am on the Ferry during my commute every day. Ideally, I don't want to lie it down as occasionally it will be wet when i do so from riding in the rain.. Assuming its not a good idea to leave it wet on its side...? The stand itself does not look like it offers much stability from side to side motion like i will get on the boat (sometimes its pretty rough weather). I don't want to leave it outside tied to a rail like the bike guys do because salt water... And i don't really want to leave it standing between my legs for the 1hr trip. There is a spot i can put it, but not close to where i sit and nothing to tie it too to stop it tipping over... I have seen the bottom bracket of the stand looks like it could lend itself to something a little wider providing that extra bit of stability and was wondering if anyone had done something similar, or has a similar situation? The best i think would be a replacement bracket that had a small telescoping bit that could come out of each side with rubber end feet, to give a wider platform and more grip. Any info or ideas muchly appreciated! Alex.
  11. Ive had a mate do that before, ended up at the clinic. Would not recommend.
  12. Alex_from_NZ

    MSX 100v VS MSX 84v

    You could use a 12v Bluetooth transmitter. It picks up the audio signal and sends it via Bluetooth to your headphones or stereo or whatever.. Splice the speaker cables and add a 3.5mm jack, plug it in and connect to your headphones via Bluetooth and the beeps should come through. I have been thinking about doing something similar as i have been looking at Bluetooth receivers to make my own Bluetooth helmet for music and phone calls and seen some transmitters as well..
  13. Alex_from_NZ

    MSX 100v VS MSX 84v

    For those who had trouble reading it like me, i thought it worth doing this as it was a very good post i thought and worth the read.