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  1. Alex_from_NZ

    The Photo Thread

    First ride down to the local park 😁
  2. This has seemingly rectified most of my speed wobbles, thanking you muchly. Still cant pigeon foot it, but am now parallel footed rather than toes out and have about 1/3 my foot hanging off each edge so i can supinate my feet on the pedals - although i haven't dared try that while riding yet lol.
  3. Alex_from_NZ

    Ninebot Article in Bloomberg News

    Very interesting article! So, 120k units * $200 bulk order cost per unit * 12months = $288m Thats not small potatoes Wonder what the actual build cost would be per unit..
  4. Thank you for the help, i will be giving it some work this evening and the next few days. I think part of my problem is i cant straighten one leg out fully, so im trying to find my medium at the moment.. I will persist.
  5. I learned a new word today! OK, i am 6ft 1 and about 70kgs (155lbs) and have a US size 10 hiking boot. It hangs off every edge but ive been favouring having my heels in and toes out, with the heels lightly touching the side of the unit, so quite close in and my toes hanging off the pedals, so quite wide.. I have tried to move my heels further out, but it doesn't feel as stable yet and ive now tried the pidgeon foot thing but i have no idea how you do that, my legs dont bend that way even bringing them straight on feels weird.. Im running around 30psi i think, the bike gauge isnt the best and the valveless extender it comes with is ratshit. I will persist.
  6. So when turning your leg is not pushing the side of the wheel over? Rather you are using the pressure applied to each leg/foot to tilt the unit?
  7. I am very curious how wide we are talking here.. my feet hang off all ends of the pedals and im trying all different positions at the moment.
  8. Alex_from_NZ

    Wrapping a wheel

    Hey Team, Just wanted to know if anyone has attempted this so far? I have the z10 and have a friend who does vinal wraps on cars. Am thinking of asking him to vinal wrap the z10 in some army green. Thinking it will look cool, and add a little bit more scratch protection.. Thoughts? Cheers, Alex.
  9. Alex_from_NZ

    How long did you keep on using the belt?

    I would want it to kill power at any speed i think. Slow speeds im not worried about, its the runaway wheel in congested settings that would worry me. Having a 2m long curled leash would give enough room for it to not be pulled while your riding it. Only if it gets more than 2 meters away from you would it be pulled and kill power is my thinking. I use these kill switches all the time in the marine industry, never had an issue with them tbh.
  10. Alex_from_NZ

    How long did you keep on using the belt?

    Kill switch isnt going to take you down with the wheel. Its going to kill power to the wheel when your already on your way down.
  11. Alex_from_NZ

    How long did you keep on using the belt?

    Has anyone done this? With the bung leg, running after the wheel is the last thing i will be able to do lol.
  12. Alex_from_NZ

    Gotway Monster Received and Oh My God

    I was reading through these latest posts on this thread and was going to ask what soft mode was, but reading further. And please correct me if i am wrong.. its how much the pedals angle with pressure? Ie, dip and shit.. I have only just got comfortable on my first wheel (the z10) and am on like day 5 of actually riding the thing, but i played with the settings on the slider and couldnt notice anything myself (perhaps due to my inexperience) so have left it on 0.. Is the soft mode like putting the slider to 4? If so i must try it again.. I thought it was more akin to responsiveness when i played with it i must admit, hence leaving it to 0 (what i thought would be the most responsive..) I do get sore feet though and have tonight started using a hard soled hiking boot to alleviate the foot ache which has helped, but this soft mode idea is intriguing. I do notice the brake assist though, downhill for sure it helps me keep under control. Turning it off i fly down the driveway and have to push the unit quite forward like a snowboard stop almost to slow her down. With brake assist its much more mellow for me.
  13. Alex_from_NZ

    Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    It's not just you. Youtube recommended me this video just the other day. Gotta say, YouTube knows me pretty well, 10/10 watch.
  14. Thanks man. I was really worried after I hurt myself I had made a mistake with this pursuit, and after two weeks of it festering in my head and against my wife's wishes, stubborn determination got the better of me. The first day back on I was still using a crutch to walk. Getting on and off was the hardest part. I would spend about 30 mins going up and down the fence line before taking a break for 30 mins, then back at it again. I did about 7 or 8 of these sessions before starting to move away from the fence and back to it, allowing me to practise turning both ways. I'm on my 5th day now and can go up the road and back pretty comfortably. I switched up my shoes to hiking boots tonight and my foot pain disappeared, as well as some of the speed wobbles. Although they didn't provide the same grip on the pedals it was a much nicer ride overall. It's been a ton of fun learning, although wish I didn't damage myself on day one as I feel it's really hampering my stop starts which I need to nail down before trying to venture to work with it.