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  1. Alex_from_NZ

    Turning with the Z10

    At speed for aggressive turning you definitely have to throw your body into it to lean the wheel over. i am more curious how many do this with their leg pressing against the wheel or their foot applying weight to the pedal?
  2. Alex_from_NZ

    Turning with the Z10

    Cool video, i do a similar thing to get tight circles when needed
  3. Alex_from_NZ

    The Photo Thread

    Group ride on the weekend in Auckland, New Zealand. Awesome turnout with 10 EUC riders, 4 boarders and 2 on scooters. Great to meet Mrs TFU and TFU also!
  4. Alex_from_NZ

    Updated Z10 headlight on eBay

    Nah, wont be $20k.. Note: This is the new unicycle from GotWay, and it's no on sale now, and the price isn't the final price,we will change the price once the item on sale. They may charge you $40k instead...
  5. Alex_from_NZ

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    What @houseofjob said x 10. Wide stance so you can suppinate your feet on the outside edges of the pedals. I dont do the pigeon foot thing (toes in, heels out) cos i cant get used to it, instead im more parallel or slightly toe out. My legs never touch the sides of the unit, i use weight position to complete all my turns, never pushing it over with my leg. Hips and Shoulders lead every turn i complete. Because my feet hang off the sides i scrape them before i scrape pedals, its a nice little warning before i get into a position i could catch a pedal on the ground.
  6. Alex_from_NZ

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    The only negative vibes ive gotten from people were from Cyclists, and they wear Lycra so....
  7. Alex_from_NZ

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    Im curious to learn how long it took to teach some extras, or if they were EUC riders beforehand...
  8. Alex_from_NZ

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    Your still cool, pigeon footed or not No seriously though, that kid you and Tishawn ride past in one of the first z10 videos.. His jaw was on the ground. He thought it was cool. Infact, ive never met a kid or teenager, or cool dude (cool people can tell who else is cool naturally) who sent out an y negative vibes. All have been positive, many want to chat, girls want to make out so much its becoming a problem in my marriage, and im pretty sure there are 3 or 4 official fan clubs on facebook about the cool guy on the Wheel in town. edit: forgot the emojis!
  9. Alex_from_NZ

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    All you talking about how uncool you are might need to consider its just you.. Im super frickin cool, always have been. The kids say im Chill AF which im lead to believe is a good thing.. Real talk.. I think its just most of you are riding uncool wheels, you need to get the z10, its super cool, after all, its what i ride.. And the kids, they love it, LOVE IT always want to know what it is and chase after me like a diabetic chasing insulin . The esk8rs i ride with... they have seen that before, its meh now . Cool is a state of mind, and a z10. Get yours now! (emois help too) The video they made with the Braille skate guys was fucking awesome, watched it so many times now!
  10. Alex_from_NZ

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    From a need for speed. It is my commuter, but realistically i could commute on anything. The reality is I bought a $3k unicycle to go fast on
  11. What will be the top speed for the Mini with the hacked firmware? 28kph? I got sick of waiting so bought a z10 instead, now the MiniPro gathers dust as its just a kids toy in comparison, but for $50 i might be tempted to make it go faster for when someone wants to have a play around.. Bit expensive for modified firmware though if im honest...
  12. Alex_from_NZ

    The Photo Thread

    Took the long way from work back to the ferry today.
  13. Alex_from_NZ

    Tickets to San Francisco booked

    So I will be in Oakland I have no idea if that is close to anywhere but figure I can Uber if need be. Would be super keen to go on a group ride, that would be amazing if timings worked out. Happy to pay euc rental fees etc. Seeing the area with a few locals sounds epic. Thank your everyone!
  14. Alex_from_NZ

    Tickets to San Francisco booked

    Sorry, im not sure where they are now living, i just know it is San Fran in the Bay Area. I will ask for the exact locale
  15. Kiaora Team, Just wondering if any locals can give me some pointers. I have a little over a week in San Fran next may where i will be staying with some friends down in the Bay area. They will be working and my wife will be shopping and i will be looking for trouble while i am bored.. What options are there for renting PEVs or something to get around? I ride a EUC but guessing there is little opportunity to rent one out just yet. Lime scooters dont interest me in the slightest (slightly repelled even). If by some miracle i get my hands on something decent where is good to check out? I loved telegraph street last time i was there and the Berkeley area was pretty chill, but everything was seen by car or with shopping bags in hand and thats just not the right way to experience things. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers mates,