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  1. What is the current unlocked speed? Also what is recommended by those who have tried it? Mine is currently unlocked to 34.8 MPH or 56 Km/h. Sorry I didn't read through everything because the posts are all over the place.
  2. If you are seriously considering unlocking your S2 and @MRN76 already has an unlock for it over his app, then unlocking this method would be much cheaper if you already have an Android device you can use. This is unless you already have the $80+ J-Link and all the soldering equipment. I unlocked the S2 over J-Link, and it is worth it, but I would much rather have had an over-the-air method.
  3. Sure. I have settled my property insurance claim, but I am still handling medical.
  4. I thought I had answered that in a PM. That is the same reasoning I went with the soft muzzle as opposed to the full face helm. Sub-30mph is a lot less likely to screw you up than 60mph+ on a motorcycle. I feel much more secure with the muzzle as opposed to not having it. At the very least, it would provide excellent protection against road rash, but a direct impact could still cause injury. I found scrapes on mine after the crash, but no damage to my face, so I am glad it was there, or else I might still have scars. I have crashed on my face on my E+ and still have scars on my chin. Not great, especially for facial hair.
  5. The Z10 was not broken. After about a month, the support bracket became so worn down from the scraping that I was able to buy a replacement bracket and pedal from @Jason McNeil. It ran fine for about a day, and then I got the shaking malfunction. I had not tighened the bracket hard enough. Last night I cranked it down extra hard. I am not experiancing any of those issues at the moment. Hope it doesn't loosen again. I am still working with insurance for medical issues. They paid for the cost of the Z10, but I was able to replace most the parts to make it rideable again for much less. I have since started wearing a reflective flashing light vest if I ride after dark. I have continued riding, but due to the holidays and rain and cold weather, I have not been out as much. Thanks for the support. -Daniel
  6. Fourtunately there was an Uber driver that was behind me and saw the whole thing to stop and file a report. I am very lucky about that, and glad that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I would also suggest putting reflective tape on the sides of the Z10. Perhaps the black reflective would keep it still stylish. Thank you for all the support. I learned a good lesson of trying to find backroads to avoid traffic, and never forget how unpredicable drivers can be.
  7. I want to briefly share my experiance from last night on my Z10. I was riding in Tampa, FL and a car ran a red light and accelerated into me while turning into the far lane. I was moving to avoid him, but he accelerated to about 20-30mph directly at me. Long story short, I fell to the road and my Z10 became lodged under his car until the local PD recovered it. I just want to stress the importance of riding gear during these situations. I was wearing adequate lifesaving protection, but not enough to shield me completely. This was at night and I was wearing multiple visibility devices and had all the Z10 lights on. I was wearing a full face helm with reflective rear (not chin gaurd, but soft muzzle), padded gloves, full leather jacket, reflective LED wrist bands, and a reflective backpack. I can tell you now that all the gear I was wearing helped keep me safer than otherwise. I did impact on helmet, jacket, and hands. Unfortunately, my legs sustained injuries. See picture for the gear I was wearing (what I always wear on the Z10). Please do not ask for additional details, as I will likely be filing a claim for damages.
  8. It also separated two of the inset screw holes for the top section. I was able to put them back in, but not nearly as secure. I was going less than 20 in an open parking lot and it barely went 10 feet. I figured I’d ask to buy the part on here since it will be a few months likely, and I know there are many people very against the Z10 accessories.
  9. It was retracted while riding and from the markings, looks like it might have made a direct hit on the handle, not sure. I don’t remember how it was broken orginally. It was extended out after it fell and one of the arms was broken, with the other was bent and hanging. I snapped it off because it wouldn’t retract like that and needed it off to go home. That was my first fall, perhaps it fell in an unlucky manner? This picture was taken after I disconnected the remaining peices from the bottom. It is to just show a broken handle. I have since screwed the non-functioning handle back on, so it looks like a standard trolley (will protect the handle and function as a stand).
  10. I got a lot of use out of the trolley handle. I would use it in stores, and when it was on the stand, I could put my helmet on it. Any of you anti-tolley handle folks want to sell me theirs, since spare parts are not yet on the market (link me if I am wrong)? For the record, this was my first tumble, so I wasn’t too impressed with the quality. It snapped right off and was completely retracted.
  11. I want to share a method which requires less modification in case anyone is interested. Rather than changing the orientation of the lights, I experimented more with the light itself. They put a frame and lens to direct the light, but I ended up just removing the lens after my tests. Here are pictures showing different light configurations. I took the 4 screws out to open the headlight. Without the lens or frame, the light is very bright, but blasts out in all directions, also the headlight does not look as nice with DRLs. This could be a very good option if you are night riding on trails or through fields and need to see in all directions. I tried just tiling the lens downward, but the result wasn't worth it. I would have had to glue the lens into place. Pros: More light shines on the ground in front of you Light is brighter over a larger area No permanent modifications to wheel (Lens is difficult to take out. Don't use anything sharp) Cons: More light can shine higher. (This could be more annoying to drivers, however the higher light isn't as bright) Light is not as directed forwards and can spread more horizontally I hope someone else finds this mod useful, and I will be testing it once the hurricane here passes.
  12. At the very least, a tether would help mitigate the wheel damage. Also a brain would help stop the wreckage altogether.
  13. I have always used my spare E+ for beginners. Had my friends and cousins learn to ride. I don’t see myself going back to the E+ since my S1 is my lightweight, slightly faster and more maneuverable wheel. It is good for legal air travel and casual rides under 10 miles. Honestly though, we will see when I get over the intial Z10 awe.
  14. My opinion is that the pad should have just been built in and soft to begin with. I know many of the people who are gaga over the aestetics of the naked wheel will disagree. Also, I don’t know if you got different mounting pads or didn’t mess with them enough, but they are not velcro. Mine are just a strong double-sided adhesive. They don’t stick the best, so I used some Gorilla tape double sided and a little glue. You might not like the idea of ‘modifying’ the wheel this much, but I often use the method of pushing against the wheel to turn; I could only imagine the feeling without the cushion support.
  15. I will say that I also have many negatives with this wheel, but you’re not being completely fair in your analysis. I have owned 3 NB1E+ and 1 NB1S1 (modded 18mph 10m range). We are nearly the same in weight and build (135-140lbs) Biggest complaint is loss of enjoyability of ride and handling make it just less comfortable. I loved the aestetic of the 4in tubeless, but also think it is the biggest factor in making it a more difficult wheel. I think even a 3in tube tire like the Gotway MSX would have made for a great ride. I have never owned another brand, but I am basing this off reviews. I also disagree with people who say that the Z10 has better low speed handling because minor adjustments are more difficult. I was so in tune with my other Ninebots that I could easily go slower than walking pace and feel confident in my wheel control. I have a few issues with your review: I don’t remember you saying how much you have ridin the wheel. I have had over 100miles already and still am trying to get used the to the handling. I also put on the pads first thing and haven’t looked back once. That is one of those comfort vs aesetic things, and since you are concerned so much about comfort, you can only give a fair review if you use the PROVIDED leg cushioning. Also, the trolley handle is to help compensate for the weight, so if weight is an issue, the trolley is also a must. I too dread the lifting into the car compared to my other wheels, so I agree with you on the insane weight. I also very much agree on the power button issue as well. I think the BIGGEST downside of the Z10 is this though: You cannot easily switch between it and older Ninebots. Once you get used to the Z10 handling, riding the S1 or E+ is not the same. the years I spent mastering these wheels have to be relearned and overall confidence level is lowered. I can see usage cases for both wheels, but this borderline dangerous transition between them is very negative, because it is far from a seamless transition. I am glad you’ve highlighted some of the negatives about this wheel, but I too will reserve final judgements until I get many more miles on this wheel. After 400+ more miles if my opinion doesn’t change, I MAY feel happier going back to my S1 18mph ride for a more casual ride. I did find that the 10mile modded range was a big downside with it, however. I don’t ride my E+ anymore because the speed seems so slow to me after 18-26mph rides.
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