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  1. Download installed firmware is not posible by security reasons. But i have most of ogriginal firmwares in my base and it is posible to install it back, replacing modded firmware. Also i can save your bot configuration and activation status.
  2. Yes, i know that ninebot app lyes with a speed values. All numbers, that i mention in my posts is from applicaton. The "real" speed will be smaller. My app do not shows the speed or any othe parameters. It's only a flashing tool. Firmware is still compatible with Ninebot mobile application.
  3. Hi again I want to give you some technical details about firmware, as i promised. Let's start with a regular "safe" firmware. Looking at the firmware line of mini/Pro i see only one strategy line: "Let's make a good product at start and then kill it with firmware after one or two years to force the user to buy new model". The other thing is that all products designed with a better characteristics than you will get as a regular user. For example, you can become a "super user" just changing only one condition in firmware settings and get 20 km/h on fully charged battery. It's a regul
  4. Hi to all mini/Pro riders I surprised, how fast and how far the news about SwallowBot can go. @Atharif, i'm also surprised that you know about my M365 mods. So, you can find a little bit of information about SwallowBot firmware at https://mimod.ru Direct link is https://mimod.ru/en_US/swallowbot-firmware/ Before you make a decision to install this firmware for "brave and a little foolish" you must choose of two options coffee machine or toaster, there is no option for both, sorry A little bit later i'll try to write another post with some technical details re
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