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  1. Let's shoot Marty for not going to the doctor after his faceplant with an injury where he can barely raise his arm. Other than that, can we move off of the gun topic? Thanks @Unventor for getting back to EUC talk.
  2. Marty, Take it from an old guy that has a high tolerance for pain, go get some x-rays. I would be surprised if you don't have a cracked bone or two from the sounds of it. I had a crash 1.5 years ago, before I wore wrist guards and knee pads. Got x-rayed/mri'ed and had a cracked ulna and small wrist bone. Not too bad and only required immobilization for 6 weeks. Which, of course, I didn't do ... so it took more like 16 weeks to heal.
  3. Are you talking about both items? I agree that the current iOS app doesn't show current speed or speed control setting on the main page, but the "Turning and Forwarding Adjustment" seems to work and keeps the wheel from tipping forward while turning. At least it did for my V10F after I recently upgraded the firmware to 2.2.28 It would be nice for the iOS app to be fixed though. Another annoying issue with it is when I go to Vehicle Information, it disconnects from Bluetooth.
  4. You need to do a "Turning and Forwarding Adjustment." It is under "Vehicle Correction" and called "Turning and Forwarding Adjustment" on IOS. Make sure that your V10 is perpendicular to the ground before correction. As shown here:https://image.ibb.co/cU649J/140_B78_D5_31_E5_4561_9162_4_D4_F49_EA2779.png)"
  5. Hey Rehab, What brand industrial grip tape did you use? Is it staying well?
  6. I second the InMotion. I'm sorry. I'm weak. I just couldn't resist.
  7. I have the iPhone app and it has always shown imperial "miles" on the "first" screen and metric "miles" on the "second" screen. The app just wrongly uses the terms "mi" and "mileage" instead of "km" and "kilometers". Everyone knows to multiple miles by .6 to convert kilometers to miles (very close anyway). So 250 "miles" really is 150 "miles" on the iPhone App. I know I should keep my mouth shut, but I just can't. @novazeus, take a breath. I'm sure your original V10F is just fine. I know what a pain in the ass it has to be for you and Bob but the issue really doesn't add up to a refund or new wheel. I think @Jeffrey Scott Will and his team have been great dealing with this huge warranty/recall situation. It's not easy for a very small company like InMotionUSA to step up and perform like they have.
  8. Nils, what was your battery level when these happened? I wonder if there are two kinds of Overloads ... one due to long, steep climbs in hot weather (overheating) ... another, "pushing" hard into hills but at lower battery levels? The two times that I got an Overload was for the latter. I've tried to duplicate one of the Overloads by pushing hard up the same steep hill with a lot of battery reserve and I couldn't get it to Overload. I tend to keep my wheel highly charged but maybe I'll let the charge dwindle and try the same hill at below 40% battery level to see if Overloads again.
  9. @kjon12 No. I went over the 520 Bridge. I've done it twice so far. Both times in beautiful weather with no wind. I imagine the I-90 bridge would be nice as well.
  10. We definitely get cheated out of sunshine here but today was 88 F. and I just did a 14 mile trip up and down some pretty steep hills. Still no overheat/overload. Maybe the V10F is a "weightist" and doesn't like little guys. LOL I'm 220+ lbs and don't feel cheated at all. ?
  11. @dw8928 My V8 was a super commuting wheel. The only problem was its limitation for range. My V10F is GREAT. Plenty fast, long range, smooth ride and it takes me everywhere I want to go in Seattle. I've even taken it from Belltown to Bellevue Square and back on a single charge with juice left over (27 miles). And I'm 220+ lbs, with gear. I'm now running 2.2.8 firmware. I've tried, but I haven't been able to get it to overload on me yet. It is a super stable wheel. I've also been pleasantly surprised (actually grateful) with how the wheel has saved me from being pitched forward and off the wheel, while going over potholes, dips and drops, at speed (20+ mph) with no time to avoid. In other words, at "clenching" moments, the wheel has performed incredibly. I wear gear (wrist, knee and helmet) but it's never pleasant to get thrown off, regardless. If I was in Southern California, in 90 F., and doing long and steep, uphill off-roading, my experience (and opinion) might be different. But DAMN, this V10F is one nice machine. I ride it every day and rarely use my car any longer. Seattle is great that way in that everything is pretty much within a 5-mile radius. That Z10 is an awesome looking wheel though. I'd love to be able to test drive one. But in the meantime, I don't feel "cheated" by the V10F in any way.
  12. Hey guys. Let's keep focused on InMotion/EUC's and leave the political comments for other venues ... PLEASE!
  13. I'm 220+ lbs (with gear) and ride up and down all the steep hills in Seattle with no problems. Running 2.2.8 now. I tend to push pretty hard up the hills. Yesterday, a short ride at temps of 87 degrees I hit a Max. Power of 2256 watts and 22.7 mph with no overload. Of course, my ride was only a 2.3 mile round trip (maybe 6 minutes each way), up and down medium steep hills. Like @maltocs, I really love the ride of this machine. Over the past three years my wheels have been the Xtreme and the V8. I loved my V8 too. My motherboard temperature showed 111 F. The "main board" temperature on my app doesn't work. According to that, I'm at dry ice temperature of -98 F. I'm running iOS. Does anyone have a fix for this temperature reading problem? I've deleted and reloaded the app to no avail.
  14. JerryR

    Ninebot Z10

    Careful Marty. Some Californian excise tax person might see your post and come after you to pay the use tax (plus penalties and interest) on all the wheels you've ever purchased. ?
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